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Cuff - Sleeve's end

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Cuff - Sleeve's end Cuff - Trouser turnup Cuff - Give a hand? Cuff - What some comments are off of Cuff - Many a leg's end Cuff - It may have a link Cuff - Slap Cuff - Link type Cuff - Type of link Cuff - Link site Cuff - Shirt piece Cuff - End of a shirt arm Cuff - Take into custody Cuff - Put the bracelets on Cuff - Clothing fold Cuff - Shirt part Cuff - What some comments are off of (with "the") Cuff - Shirt feature Cuff - Link site (h) Cuff - Dress-shirt feature Cuff - Take into custody, in a way Cuff - Copper bracelet? Cuff - Arrest Cuff - Slap the bracelets on Cuff - Place for a missing link? Cuff - Sleeve end Cuff - Apprehend Cuff - A blow on the wrist Cuff - End of sleeve Cuff - Turned-up fold Cuff - Blow that could be shot Cuff - A slap on the wrist Cuff - Copper leaves beat Cuff - A smack on the wrist Cuff - Blow - on the wrist? Cuff - Blow - it's on shirt! Cuff - Part of garment covering wrist Cuff - Wrist end of sleeve Cuff - Part of a shirt sleeve - hit Cuff - Part of a shirt Cuff - One may be linked Cuff - Hit with the hand Cuff - Bit of a blow at arms length Cuff - Belt as part of a shirt Cuff - Fashionable fold Cuff - Place for a link Cuff - Smack; moonstone sergeant Cuff - End of arm used to deliver blow Cuff - End part of sleeve Cuff - Strike by one hand Cuff - It has a link with a punch Cuff - There may be a link with this minor assault Cuff - Put one's hands together for hit band Cuff - One on hand, or just above Cuff - Strike off this, it's unplanned Cuff - Blow Cuff - Smack; end of shirt sleeve Cuff - Blow; end of sleeve Cuff - Double force on copper's beat Cuff - May have a button - or a clip Cuff - Copper joining force with force supplying part of his equipment Cuff - Strike Cuff - Slap on the wrist? Cuff - Blow with hand or part of arm Cuff - Copper has very strong clout Cuff - Box that should be kept at arm's length? Cuff - Light blow with the open hand Cuff - Make train sound, less hard to beat Cuff - Copper leads force, following strike Cuff - Sleeve section Cuff - Link setting Cuff - Softly, softly? certainly not when copper's on beat Cuff - Swat Cuff - Turned-back hem to sleeve Cuff - Rocker bracelet? Cuff - Cut off both sides on sleeve Cuff - Strike sharply Cuff - Heartlessly disconnected -- that's a blow Cuff - Restraining device used by police in strike Cuff - Covering for the wrist Cuff - Sleeve feature Cuff - Hit with the flat of the hand