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Lure - Fishing item

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Lure - 'decoy, bait (4)' Lure - 'entice, tempt (4)' Lure - 'it's tempting, as a rule (4)' Lure - A fly is a common one Lure - Act as a siren Lure - Act the femme fatale Lure - Act the pied piper Lure - Act the siren Lure - Ad, basically Lure - Angler's artificial fly, e.g Lure - Angler's attachment Lure - Angler's attraction Lure - Angler's buy Lure - Angler's decoy Lure - Angler's enticement Lure - Angler's fly, for one Lure - Angler's gadget Lure - Angler's item Lure - Angler's need Lure - Angler's purchase Lure - Angling aid Lure - Artificial bait Lure - As a rule this will catch one Lure - Attract Lure - Attract with a bait-and-switch Lure - Attract with bait Lure - Attract, as fish Lure - Attraction Lure - Bait Lure - Bait and line cast on river Lure - Bait from line hovering over river Lure - Bait left on river Lure - Bait on a fishing hook Lure - Bait with honey Lure - Bait, decoy Lure - Bait, sometimes Lure - Barker's job Lure - Be tempting Lure - Beguile Lure - Bit of fishing gear Lure - Bit of tackle Lure - Bonus upon signing, e.g Lure - Carrot on a stick, e.g Lure - Carrot, on occasion Lure - Come-on Lure - Custom is to swap sides, resulting in draw Lure - Dangle a carrot Lure - Dangle a carrot in front of Lure - Dangle a carrot in front of, so to speak Lure - Dangler for an angler Lure - Dangling carrot, e.g Lure - Decoy Lure - Decoy, bait Lure - Decoy, for instance Lure - Draw Lure - Draw cleverly Lure - Draw in Lure - Dropped handkerchief, perhaps Lure - End-of-the-line item Lure - Entice Lure - Entice, bait Lure - Entice, tempt Lure - Enticement Lure - Falconry requirement Lure - Fish attraction Lure - Fish attractor Lure - Fish deceiver Lure - Fish tempter Lure - Fish's downfall, perhaps Lure - Fisher's plug Lure - Fisherman's attachment Lure - Fisherman's device Lure - Fisherman's enticer Lure - Fisherman's fly, e.g Lure - Fisherman's gadget Lure - Fishhook attachment Lure - Fishing aid Lure - Fishing attachment Lure - Fishing bait Lure - Fishing decoy Lure - Fishing device Lure - Fishing item Lure - Fishing line attachment Lure - Fishing necessity Lure - Fishing need Lure - Fishing tool Lure - Fishing-line attachment Lure - Fly fisherman's fly Lure - Fly in a lake Lure - Fly in a river Lure - Fly on a hook Lure - Fly on a hook, e.g Lure - Fly on a hook, perhaps Lure - Fly on a hook, to bass Lure - Fly on a lake, maybe Lure - Fly on a line Lure - Fly on a line, e.g Lure - Fly on the river, perhaps Lure - Fly or worm, on occasion Lure - Fly, at times Lure - Fly, commonly Lure - Fly, e.g Lure - Fly, to trout Lure - Hand-tied fly Lure - Hook Lure - Imitation fish food Lure - Induce the french to go round ancient city Lure - Inducement Lure - Inveigle Lure - It attracts fish Lure - It may be at the end of the line Lure - It may be found at the end of the line Lure - It may be on the line Lure - It might be at the end of the line Lure - It'll help you get a bite Lure - It's at the end of the line Lure - It's blown by scandinavian decoy Lure - It's on the line Lure - It's used to attract fish Lure - Lead on Lure - Light, to a moth Lure - Loss leader, e.g Lure - Metallic thread not unknown in angler's fly Lure - Metaphorical carrot Lure - Money conservative shelled out as enticement Lure - Neon sign, e.g Lure - New rule of attraction Lure - One might attract mullets Lure - Part of an angler's arsenal Lure - Plastic worm, at times Lure - Plastic worm, e.g Lure - Play the siren Lure - Play the siren to Lure - Play the temptress Lure - Rule out temptation Lure - Seduce Lure - Siren Lure - Sole attraction? Lure - Spinner, for one Lure - Spoon or spinner Lure - Tackle box gadget Lure - Tackle box item Lure - Tackle box sight Lure - Tackle item Lure - Tackle-box item Lure - Tacklebox item Lure - Taking a hundred out of filthy money for an inducement Lure - Tempt Lure - Tempt as with bait Lure - Tempt government to swap sides Lure - Tempt invoking rule Lure - Tempt with bait Lure - Tempt with some kind of reward Lure - Tempt; bait Lure - Temptation Lure - Temptation to change rule Lure - Temptation to make money? the heart has gone out of it Lure - The attraction of misrule Lure - The temptation of misrule Lure - Thing in a tackle box Lure - Thing on a bob Lure - This might be at the end of the line Lure - Trout tempter Lure - Try to catch Lure - Type of bait Lure - Use a worm in the water Lure - Welcome with bedroom eyes Lure - What a siren does Lure - What a siren does best Lure - What barkers do Lure - What catnip is to a cat Lure - Women's beauty magazine Lure - Work as a barker Lure - Work as a barker, e.g Lure - Worm, often