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Amused - Smiling, evidently

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Amused - Smiling, evidently Amused - Smiling, for now Amused - Tickled Amused - Good for a laugh? Amused - Smiling, perhaps Amused - Entertained Amused - Kept entertained Amused - Kept from frowning Amused - Spread the joy Amused - Got a grin out of Amused - Brought a smile to Amused - Tickled pink Amused - 'we are not ___': queen victoria Amused - Caused to chuckle Amused - Funny the way i'm in employment Amused - It'd make you laugh the way i'm employed Amused - Funny the way i'm employed to give a start to 20 down Amused - Funny sort of way for the morning to be employed Amused - I'm accustomed to laugh at this Amused - Funny how one gets employed Amused - How a thought of being unlike queen victoria Amused - Funny the way i'm employed Amused - You'd laugh at the way i'm employed Amused - I'm in employment, but victoria wasn't Amused - You'd laugh to know how i'm employed Amused - Funny the sort of employment i've got Amused - I'm accustomed to find that funny Amused - You'd laugh at the way i'm in employment Amused - A. pondered about why he found this so funny Amused - Seems that my employment is to keep them laughing Amused - You'd laugh at the way i have found employment Amused - You'd laugh the way i'm employed Amused - You'd find it funny the way i'm employed Amused - Diverted, entertained Amused - Kept someone entertained Amused - It's enough to make you laugh to have me employed like this, perhaps Amused - Found it a funny way for me to be employed Amused - Mildly diverted or entertained Amused - Entertained, diverted Amused - Mildly diverted Amused - Mildly entertained by medusa Amused - Mildly entertained or diverted Amused - I'm accustomed to be this by 8 across Amused - Funy how one of nine can get to five hundred Amused - I'm accustomed to having made them laugh Amused - I'm fnding it funny to have got to 14 down Amused - The way i'm employed would have you in fits Amused - You'd have laughed at how i'm employed Amused - Victoria was not employed for the morning Amused - Found it funny the way i'm employed Amused - Made to smile by a thought? Amused - An inspiration in modern times, unlike victoria Amused - Victoria was not posh spice initially (synthetically made exterior) Amused - Diverted scholar getting over being exploited Amused - Tickled to find inspiration in commercial Amused - Tickled in the morning, then taken advantage of Amused - Entertained a thought Amused - Pm still available? victoria was not Amused - Queen victoria wasn't! Amused - Pleasantly diverted Amused - Medusa (anag) Amused - Got a chuckle out of Amused - Kept occupied Amused - Made one laugh Amused - Bill admits clio, one of nine, is entertained Amused - A hindrance crossing river brings alarm Amused - Calliope, perhaps, seen by a daughter, was entertaining Amused - Beguiled Amused - Diverted Amused - A road vehicle headed off into sea, being diverted Amused - Homely, like king's animal Amused - A goddess dionysus initially entertained Amused - Claim to be exploited? queen victoria was not! Amused - A maiden managed to get tickled Amused - Tickled to find source of artistic inspiration stopping commercial Amused - Made (someone) laugh Amused - Have become cat's-paw: enjoyed it? Amused - Pm still available then to be entertained? Amused - Morning spent being entertained Amused - Pleasantly occupied Amused - Entertained, as i have employment Amused - Tickled by a thought Amused - A jocular 'i get taken advantage of' Amused - A leading man familiar with being entertained Amused - America's head considered distracted Amused - Diverted around, you think, now Amused - Medusa (anag.) Amused - A goddess duke entertained Amused - Victoria, allegedly, wasn't one to reflect on germany Amused - One queen famously wasn't a maiden to get exploited Amused - A second-hand mobile previously diverted Amused - A maiden accustomed to be tickled Amused - 'we are not --', a quotation attributed to queen victoria Amused - Cheered upper-class damsel endlessly in distress Amused - Diverted by a thought? Amused - Diverted in midstream, use discretion Amused - When letter from athens comes in, editor's kept busy Amused - A duke keeping goddess entertained Amused - Exhibiting a smirk, perhaps Amused - Charmed by medusa production Amused - Made smile Amused - Article thought to have entertained Amused - Played the card well Amused - A source of inspiration, daughter venturing a smile? Amused - Delighted, american introduced to remarkable dame