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Design - Plan Design - Creative work Design - Plot Design - Scheme Design - Couturier's work Design - Create, as fashions Design - Create fashions Design - Excogitation Design - Blueprint Design - Decorator's job Design - First row Design - Motif Design - Draft Design - Fabricate Design - Model Design - Blueprint, sketch Design - It's the turn of the editor to put his name to such a plan (6) Design - Blueprint, pattern Design - Plan, blueprint Design - Preliminary sketch or plan Design - Signed off on blueprint Design - Pattern, plan Design - Devise, dreate, make out a plan Design - Signed up for fashion plan Design - Bluepriint, pattern Design - Sketch a plan Design - Signed off on plan Design - A specific plan or purpose Design - Devise, create, make out a plan Design - Sketch, outline Design - Draw a plan or scheme Design - One would get by this on purpose Design - Signed this on purpose Design - Draw up plans for Design - Without mother, made to autograph sketch Design - Plan to bring back soldiers in retreat Design - See 20 Design - Condescend to include second arrangement of lines or shapes Design - Plan for specific purpose Design - Contrive Design - Create Design - Onset of doubt ends salvation in god - not what was intended Design - Architect's task Design - Decorator's study Design - Prepare a plan for something to be made Design - Develop a drawing or model Design - Develop or prepare a plan Design - Decorator's expertise Design - Signed off by model Design - Harris leaves hairdressing blueprint Design - Marks out dressmaking pattern Design - Condescend to accept direction in project Design - Condescend to accept son's drawing Design - Purpose, pattern Design - Pattern; plan Design - Pattern Design - Make stoop round ankles, ultimately Design - Plan to withdraw subscription? Design - Remove one's name from plan? Design - Plan; pattern Design - Withdraw authorisation from plan? Design - Plan retreat, rounding soldiers up Design - Be condescending about son's plan Design - Plan to lock soldiers up in private room Design - Plan, drawing Design - Do architectural work Design - Condescend to accept his final plan Design - Plan to publish study about retired servicemen Design - Plan to remove your name from? Design - Singed (anag.) Design - Plan to get the soldiers back in the end, somehow Design - The purpose of french to communicate non-verbally Design - See fit to accept second plan Design - Sketch of french emblem Design - Condescend to include scottish leader in representation Design - Plan to produce a decorative pattern Design - Plan haunt to accommodate revolutionary soldiers Design - Consent including scottish leader's plot Design - Draw Design - Plan withdrawal of us troops in retreat Design - Be condescending about son's intention Design - Signed revised plan Design - Plan to uplift us soldiers in retreat Design - Purpose Design - Provide blueprint for rear half of wide house? Design - Architect's offering Design - Decorative pattern Design - Signed out with drawing Design - Focus of the cooper-hewitt museum Design - Plan to uplift soldiers in retreat Design - Prepare a drawing or model Design - Album artwork Design - Pattern - plan Design - Plan to remove authorisation? Design - Create, as clothing Design - See 7 down Design - Create chic fashions Design - Map discovered by soldiers going back into cave Design - Drawing before an object is made