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Rim - Pacific ___

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Rim - 'brim, lip (3)' Rim - 'pacific ___' (2013 summer flick) Rim - A "swish" misses it? Rim - A dunker may grab it Rim - A golf ball often runs round it Rim - A lens fits in it Rim - A putt often runs round it Rim - A swish misses it Rim - Air balls miss it Rim - Al b. sure! was on "above the ___" soundtrack Rim - An air ball misses this Rim - An edge, canyon or cup Rim - Backboard attachment Rim - Barely miss, as the golf cup Rim - Basket feature Rim - Basket holder Rim - Basketball backboard attachment Rim - Basketball blackboard attachment Rim - Basketball goaltending locale Rim - Basketball hoop Rim - Basketball hoop part Rim - Basketball net holder Rim - Basketball net supporter Rim - Blackberry maker Rim - Border Rim - Border of a cup Rim - Boundary Rim - Brim, edge Rim - Brim, lip Rim - Brink Rim - Canyon area Rim - Canyon edge Rim - Canyon feature Rim - Canyon part Rim - Canyon perimeter Rim - Canyon viewing spot Rim - Canyon viewpoint Rim - Canyon's edge Rim - Circular edge Rim - Circular outer edge Rim - Circumference Rim - Coin feature Rim - Confines Rim - Court hangover? Rim - Court target Rim - Crater border Rim - Crater edge Rim - Crater feature Rim - Crater part Rim - Crater's edge Rim - Crime center? Rim - Cup border Rim - Cup edge Rim - Cup lip Rim - Cup part Rim - Cup top Rim - Cup's edge Rim - Curved edge Rim - Drum edge Rim - Drum part Rim - Edge Rim - Edge - lip Rim - Edge of a canyon Rim - Edge of a cup Rim - Edge of a glass Rim - Edge of a golf hole Rim - Edge of a hoop Rim - Edge on the basketball court Rim - Edge one into a little room Rim - Edge or lip Rim - Edge or margin Rim - Erykah badu "___shot" Rim - Fixed circle above a center? Rim - Fixed circle above a moving center? Rim - Flange Rim - For the cockney, that's a hedge Rim - Fringe Rim - Glass component Rim - Glass edge Rim - Glass part Rim - Glass top Rim - Glasses part Rim - Go around, but not quite go in Rim - Goblet part Rim - Grand canyon area Rim - Grand canyon feature Rim - Grand canyon observation point Rim - Grand canyon part Rim - Grand canyon spot Rim - Grand canyon viewing area Rim - Grand canyon viewing spot Rim - Grand canyon viewpoint Rim - Hanging on it can be a technical foul Rim - Hoop edge Rim - Hoop part Rim - Hoop's hoop? Rim - Hoop's outer edge Rim - Hub's opposite Rim - Hubcap holder Rim - Icy coating Rim - It holds the net Rim - It's inside the tire Rim - It's the crime center? Rim - Just miss a cup Rim - Just miss, as a golf hole Rim - Lens holder Rim - Lip Rim - Lip of the cup Rim - Lip, edge Rim - Margin Rim - Might one place an ant on top of it? Rim - Monocle part Rim - Mug feature Rim - Net adjunct Rim - Net holder Rim - Net holder, on a court Rim - Net support Rim - Net support on a court Rim - Net supporter Rim - Not quite make the putt, with 'out' Rim - Obnoxious sevendust song Rim - Old justice hides international leader in border Rim - Outer edge Rim - Outer edge of a wheel Rim - Outer limit Rim - Outer margin Rim - Overflow point Rim - Pacific ___ Rim - Part of a basketball hoop Rim - Part of a coffee mug Rim - Part of a crater Rim - Part of a drum Rim - Part of a golf cup Rim - Part of a margarita glass Rim - Part of most eyeglasses Rim - Part of our army securing island's border Rim - Part of the canyon Rim - Perimeter Rim - Peripheral ring Rim - Periphery Rim - Place for a basketball net Rim - Place for a margarita's salt Rim - Place for salt on a margarita glass Rim - Projecting edge Rim - Putter's dread Rim - Raised edge Rim - Raised edge of a round object Rim - Salt setting in a margarita Rim - Salt's place on a margarita glass Rim - Salt's place, in a margarita Rim - Salted part of a margarita glass Rim - Salty part of a margarita glass Rim - Salty spot on a margarita glass Rim - Sevendust song on the edge (with "the") Rim - Skirt taken in by sister immaculately Rim - Slam-dunk circle Rim - Slam-dunk handhold Rim - Somewhat grimy section of wheel Rim - Spare part Rim - Spot for a margarita's salt Rim - Swishes and airballs miss this Rim - Tease, when bachelor's married, is borderline? Rim - That has one all on edge Rim - The hoop in hoops Rim - Tire holder Rim - Tire support Rim - Top edge Rim - Top of a cup Rim - Tumbler top Rim - Upper edge Rim - Upper or outer edge Rim - Viewing point at the grand canyon Rim - Volcanic edge Rim - Volcano edge Rim - Volcano feature Rim - Volcano part Rim - What a 'swish' basketball shot doesn't touch Rim - What a basketball net attaches to Rim - What a swish misses Rim - What a swish shot doesn't touch Rim - What a tire fits around Rim - What airballs miss Rim - What an air ball doesn't touch Rim - What an air ball misses Rim - What swish shots miss Rim - What you hit when almost famous? Rim - What you hit when you're signed, then shelved? Rim - Wheel edge Rim - Wheel part Rim - Wheel's edge Rim - Where cups overflow Rim - Wine glass part Rim - __ shot Rim - ___ shot (bad joke punctuation) Rim - ___ shot (drummer's quickie) Rim - ___ shot (joke follow-up) Rim - ___ shot (punchline follow-up)