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Typist - Key employee?

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Typist - Key employee? Typist - Temp, often Typist - Author's assistant Typist - Secretarial role Typist - Kin of 65-across Typist - A key employee? Typist - Key personnel? Typist - Pool worker Typist - Keyboard operator Typist - Keyboard pro Typist - Key worker? Typist - One does a handy type of work Typist - The old-style secretary, for one Typist - One uses an old-fashioned keyboard Typist - Operator of a machine that prints one character at a time Typist - Pity the st. whose fingers do all the work Typist - Key worker playing i-spy during race Typist - Office worker reported siamese drunk Typist - Office worker from bangkok is tight, they say Typist - Asian drunk, reported office worker Typist - … asian fuddled in speech, key worker Typist - In the times i spy product of a key worker Typist - Person at keyboard Typist - Keyboard user Typist - Someone paid to copy using a keyboard Typist - Data entry clerk Typist - Data entry pro Typist - Key worker with psychiatrist missing chairs Typist - Data-entry person Typist - One who writes depressing letters? Typist - Key worker in the office Typist - Office worker Typist - Key worker's terribly tipsy after a short time Typist - One using keyboard Typist - Asian announced good way to become office worker Typist - Worker taken from pool, perhaps, getting unusually tipsy after short time Typist - Person who does character-forming work mechanically Typist - One's work's depressing, following dictator? Typist - Key figure? Typist - One of those in the pool is a key worker Typist - Stenographer Typist - I'm your private secretary transcribing tapes initially if ordered Typist - Person in pool, perhaps, who executes key strokes without a break Typist - Office worker tucked into salty pistachios Typist - Pre-computer office worker Typist - Pool worker starts to take you paddling in swimming trunks Typist - Skilled keyboarder Typist - It's pity that saved one swimming pool worker Typist - Worker in a pool, perhaps Typist - Document preparer Typist - Temporarily having vacancy, tips off office worker Typist - One doing a job for "the pool" isn't likely to put pen to paper in the office