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Pope - 'windsor forest' poet Pope - 'essay on man' author Pope - Innocent, e.g Pope - St. peter's square figure Pope - Bishop of rome Pope - 'the dunciad' poet Pope - John paul ii, e.g Pope - 'an essay on criticism' writer Pope - The swiss guards guard him Pope - Cardinals' manager? Pope - It can precede or follow alexander Pope - 'an essay on criticism' author Pope - 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread' writer Pope - Vicar of christ Pope - St. peter was the first Pope - Bull issuer Pope - The bishop of rome Pope - Tiara wearer Pope - John or paul but not george or ringo Pope - 'an essay on criticism' essayist Pope - Castel gandolfo resident Pope - Wearer of a famous ring Pope - Vatican leader Pope - Vatican election of 2005 Pope - Urban, e.g Pope - Calixtus iii, for example Pope - Leader of the masses? Pope - Urban, for example Pope - Poet who wrote 'to err is human …' Pope - __ benedict xvi Pope - Pius or john Pope - John or paul Pope - Any of 16 benedicts Pope - The most recent one was inaugurated in 2005 Pope - Urban, for one Pope - 18th-century translator of homer Pope - Pontiff Pope - Innocent, for one Pope - Vatican city leader Pope - "essay on man" writer Pope - He sometimes stays at castel gandolfo Pope - Ring of the fisherman wearer Pope - 18th-century poet alexander Pope - Successor of st. peter Pope - One of six pauls, e.g Pope - Benedict xvi, e.g Pope - Benedict xvi, for one Pope - Poet who wrote 'hope springs eternal in the human breast' Pope - The swiss guards serve him Pope - Wearer of a triple tiara Pope - Holy see resident Pope - Fisherman's ring wearer Pope - Benedict, e.g Pope - Whom the swiss guard guards Pope - Conclave choice Pope - "an essay on man" poet alexander Pope - John paul ii's title Pope - Vatican city vip Pope - Venerated visitor Pope - Head of the holy see Pope - Tiara-wearing man who's not entirely comfortable with homosexuality Pope - Whom the swiss guards guard Pope - Writer who popularized the saying 'to err is human, to forgive divine' Pope - Apostolic palace resident Pope - Vatican head Pope - Benedict i, e.g Pope - Vatican vip Pope - Church leader Pope - Urban or innocent Pope - Benedict xiv, e.g Pope - Innocent or urban Pope - Benedict, for one Pope - Pius i, e.g Pope - This poet was a very high churchman Pope - Head of the roman catholic church Pope - St peter was the first Pope - See somebody? Pope - 'pastorals' poet Pope - Linesman sees another holding his head Pope - Go off english church leader Pope - Fish, such as eleven named in this puzzle Pope - Poet finds novelist burying his head Pope - Sailor you once left for a poet Pope - Head of roman catholic church Pope - Poet - religious leader Pope - English poet, d. 1744 Pope - Roman catholic leader Pope - "fools rush in" source Pope - John or paul, but not ringo Pope - John, paul or john paul Pope - Fabian, for one Pope - John or julius Pope - One of five nicholases Pope - Source of infallible teachings Pope - Source of the line 'hope springs eternal ...' Pope - Francis or john paul ii, e.g Pope - Church leader is innocent - one of thirteen Pope - Religious leader as father figure, ultimately Pope - Head of the roman catholic church Pope - World leader with an eponymous 'mobile' Pope - Francis, e.g Pope - Francis, for one Pope - Historic resignee of 2013 Pope - Leader who wears the ring of the fisherman Pope - With 78-down, seventh-century pontiff Pope - Poet is man of great authority Pope - Fish served in the vatican Pope - Predecessor or successor of alexander Pope - Fish, as fisherman's successor Pope - Writer prompted to write odd bits Pope - Well-versed man for pontiff Pope - Alexander's predecessor as religious leader, successor as poet Pope - Course at oxford includes old poet Pope - Poet produced pages full of old english Pope - Catholic leader Pope - Page with work by english author Pope - Head of catholic church Pope - Poet inclined to pontificate? Pope - Catholic church head Pope - Bull producer Pope - Religious leader associated with the ends of the four longest puzzle answers Pope - Alexander - - , brilliant satirist of the augustan period Pope - A poet at the vatican Pope - Head of rc church Pope - A pontiff Pope - Poet has work displayed in gym Pope - Alexander --, english poet (1688-1744) Pope - Poet's page to begin poetically Pope - The leading catholic essayist Pope - Alexander, poet or religious leader? depends on order Pope - Old man, english poet Pope - Alexander --, poet, author of 'the rape of the lock' Pope - Essayist or place in saskatchewan Pope - Innocent, possibly, as a satirist Pope - José martí international airport vip of 2015 Pope - Vicar of christ, more familiarly Pope - Shea visitor in 1979 Pope - Poet as deliverer of annual christmas message Pope - Francis or benedict, e.g Pope - Big man at the vatican Pope - One with a mass audience? Pope - Vitalian, for one Pope - Vatican a-lister Pope - Roman leader's attempt to get back in senate Pope - Word before or after alexander Pope - Pious or benedict Pope - Whom the swiss guard guard Pope - St. peter's square speaker Pope - John or paul, but not george or ringo Pope - Leader protected by the swiss guards Pope - Swiss guard's charge Pope - Issuer of bulls Pope - Speaker overlooking st. peter's square Pope - Prêtre de l'église orthodoxe slave Pope - Leader chosen by cardinals Pope - Speaker from st. peter's basilica Pope - Speaker from st. peter's basilica