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Award - Honor Award - Obie, for one Award - Blue ribbon or gold star Award - Edgar, e.g Award - O. henry, in the literary world Award - Oscar or tony Award - Star or ribbon Award - Manager-of-the-month, e.g Award - Blue ribbon, perhaps Award - Peabody or polk Award - Emmy or oscar, e.g Award - Tony, e.g Award - Gold star Award - Obie or edgar Award - Hugo, e.g Award - Grant Award - Accolade Award - Blue ribbon, e.g Award - Medal or trophy Award - Edgar or hugo Award - Tony, for one Award - Judge's decision Award - Tony, oscar or hugo Award - Hugo, for one Award - 32-across, e.g Award - Blue or red ribbon Award - Emmy, e.g Award - Judge's decision, perhaps Award - Pulitzer or tony, as for 57-across Award - Bestow upon Award - Purse or cup, e.g Award - Judge's decision, sometimes Award - Clio or hugo, e.g Award - Endow Award - Academy offering Award - Pin or cup, e.g Award - Judgment payout Award - Trophy, e.g Award - Oscar or emmy Award - Bestow an honor upon Award - Judicial decision, perhaps Award - Tony or edgar Award - Star or cross Award - Tony or oscar Award - Success symbol Award - Bestow Award - Prize Award - Tony or cy young, e.g Award - Cy young, e.g Award - Trophy, for one Award - Judicial decision Award - Oscar or edgar Award - Emmy or oscar Award - Trophy or medal Award - Blue ribbon or gold star, e.g Award - Confer an honor Award - Hugo or tony Award - 6 across, for one Award - Oscar, e.g Award - Grammy, e.g Award - Nobel prize, for one Award - Plaque or trophy Award - Tony or emmy Award - Certificate on a wall, maybe Award - Trophy Award - Cup, perhaps Award - Serfs' bosses Award - Trophy, for instance Award - Scholarship, e.g Award - Give the prize for being in hospital Award - Honour, distinction Award - Perhaps atrophy for the hospital Award - The prize of the hospital? Award - Given to fighting in the present age Award - Might this be won by a sister in there? Award - This may be won while one is in hospital (5) Award - May be won by a bit of the hospital with a sister there Award - Official prize in a draw Award - Grant, confer Award - Prize in hospital Award - They are disinclined to work Award - Honour, accolade Award - Speech prompter, perhaps Award - Honour, prize Award - Grant made by a court of law Award - Give officially as prize or payment Award - Court bestowal Award - Blue ribbon or oscar Award - Injury-case result, perhaps Award - Grant made by a law court Award - Tony or edgar, e.g Award - Prize or grant Award - To get a prize you may have to go to hospital Award - Prize for one in hospital Award - Presentation Award - A conflict with old penny and grant Award - Golden raspberry, e.g Award - A charge leads to a verdict Award - Judgement on conflict in modern times Award - Assign a key part Award - A minor trophy Award - Old guard going after first prize Award - A minor scholarship Award - Prize poster brought about considerable hostility Award - A minor settlement Award - Prize for one being protected Award - Present - prize Award - Gong Award - Grant - prize Award - Adjudge Award - Banquet handout Award - Scout's honor Award - Edgar or tony Award - Clio, edgar, hugo, oscar or tony Award - Medal, for example Award - Court determination Award - Prize or other mark of recognition Award - O. henry is known for one Award - Cup, maybe Award - One is in hospital with purple heart? Award - Ribbon, perhaps Award - Prize in recognition of achievement Award - Badge, maybe Award - You can get this in court for winning? Award - Confer right to come into a large sum of money Award - Grant provided by an administrative district Award - Write up to attract a grant Award - Allotment has two areas Award - Grant, prize Award - Give (prize) Award - A bundle of notes rex accepted as prize Award - A minor grant Award - Wayne rooney collected one last week Award - Prize causing conflict in time Award - Ronaldinho collected a european one in paris on monday Award - A lot of cash about right for settlement Award - A conflict with land ultimately the prize Award - Prize; grant Award - Arbitrator's decision a disadvantage? Award - A drawback, but not for a struggling writer Award - Room for improvement? recognition of achievement Award - A returned lottery prize Award - A flipping tie may help one to get a prize Award - Endow part of a hospital Award - Tony, for example, a child under the care of a court Award - Present Award - Oscar is one given notice about conflict Award - A conflict initially deserving medal, perhaps Award - Maybe damages a child who should be looked after Award - Accolade for a part of hospital Award - Give a level game up Award - Grant; prize Award - Turning to pick out a prize Award - Conflict in modern times brings medal, say Award - A raffle raised, giving prize Award - Give, grant Award - Present hostility in austria and germany Award - Eg oscar wilde initially occupying rescuers on road Award - A drawback, though perhaps not for a struggling writer Award - Tony, say, died after a struggle Award - Sweep up after a presentation Award - Tony is one taking a sister's place Award - Hope for a nominee Award - Reward for merit Award - Tangible symbol signifying approval Award - Prize given to a child in care Award - Prize won by a lottery backer Award - One taking custody of the prize Award - Grant it's not as nice as a private room Award - Ace pupil's grant Award - Grant given to a section of a hospital Award - Part of a hospital grant Award - An oscar for �the big fight,� now screening? Award - Present american leader with battle dead... Award - Give to, for a charge Award - Academy pupil's grant Award - Struggle to get in commercial payment? Award - Tangible symbol signifying distinction Award - A contest ending in grand prize Award - Prize for a raffle is raised Award - See 6 across Award - A person protected by another honour Award - Medal for conflict in our time Award - A minor prize Award - E.g. oscar Award - Present prize Award - Produce picture with a backing that produces oscar, say Award - Give a pencil back Award - Adult attraction turning up for prize Award - A tie put back presentation Award - Bill pockets combat medal Award - John madden's turkey leg, e.g Award - Oscar, for one Award - Oscar, maybe Award - One of four in an egot Award - Tony, say, a minor under court's protection Award - Judge's determination Award - Gold star or silver medal Award - The cy young ___ Award - Nominee's hope Award - Tony or hugo Award - Emmy or espy Award - A lottery returned prize Award - Record of the year, e.g Award - Trophy or medal, for example Award - 13-down, e.g Award - Fought to be heard alongside a gong? Award - Agatha or edgar Award - Emmy or edgar Award - Settlement sought in court Award - Espy or emmy Award - Pen/faulkner, for one Award - "judge judy" decision Award - Tangible honor Award - Edgar, oscar or tony Award - A no-win situation upset oscar, for one Award - Bestow by decree Award - Thing for a hero Award - Pulitzer, e.g Award - Rookie of the year, e.g Award - Banquet bestowal, perhaps