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Awake - 'up!'

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Awake - Open-eyed Awake - 'up!' Awake - Conscious Awake - Out of dreamland Awake - Suffering from insomnia Awake - Come alive (to) Awake - '___ and sing!' (1935 play by 65-across) Awake - Back from dreamland Awake - Not out Awake - Battling insomnia Awake - Opposite of 'out' Awake - Not in dreamland Awake - Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Awake - Like an insomniac Awake - Up Awake - No longer out Awake - With eyes open Awake - Not nodding off Awake - Up and at it Awake - No longer under Awake - Hardly oblivious Awake - Up and open-eyed Awake - Up and about Awake - Start the day Awake - React to an alarm Awake - No longer dozing Awake - On one's toes Awake - Out of the sack Awake - Not sleeping Awake - Not dormant Awake - 'are you ___?' Awake - Not asleep Awake - Not just stirring Awake - Ready for the day Awake - Not dozing Awake - Not napping Awake - Caffeinated? Awake - Cognizant Awake - Fully conscious Awake - Perhaps what may be held after a 28 across, or after a sleep Awake - Not dead asleep for the dead Awake - Rouse one for dead Awake - What they do of late the late can't do Awake - Alive and alert Awake - Not in the land of nod Awake - Patriotic song 'the west's .....' Awake - No 15 across for those that 1 down Awake - Now get up Awake - 'a good thing to have, for one that's late (5)' Awake - Benefiting from vivarin Awake - With eyes open for a boat trailer? Awake - A festivity for one 13 that's not 13? Awake - On the lookout for a watch Awake - A backwater that's far from sleepy? Awake - Come to a farewell party Awake - Conscious and (usually) open-eyed Awake - Stirring Awake - Not out for a party for someone who definitely is? Awake - Not in the realm of morpheus Awake - No sleep at the end Awake - On the ball Awake - Up for going to heaven! Awake - Stop sleeping Awake - Up and just before going down? Awake - No longer sleeping Awake - Vigilant Awake - Ready to rise Awake - Up for a celebration of one's former life Awake - A king in fear must be vigilant Awake - Tossing and turning in a patch of rough water Awake - Rouse; vigilant Awake - Conscious of an area of disturbed air Awake - The cocteau twins filled it with bluebells Awake - Cease sleeping Awake - Make active again Awake - Rouse Awake - Conscious wonder when going round alaska Awake - Come to area, following track Awake - Become active again Awake - A vigil recorded by rodgers? Awake - Up for providing last goodbyes Awake - Conscious of a sign of nautical progress Awake - Alert Awake - Vigilant, a king in dread Awake - Alive, giving something for the dead? Awake - Unable to sleep after a farewell party Awake - Come to a vigil Awake - Unable to sleep because of an all-night party? Awake - A wash gets you mentally alert Awake - 'christians --' (carol) Awake - Alert for what a ship may leave behind Awake - Up after being down? Awake - Up a trail Awake - Done dozing Awake - Not out, but not necessarily up Awake - Up from bed Awake - '09 skillet "monster" album Awake - Skillet album with insomnia? Awake - Conscious of a send-off Awake - Unable to sleep needing a wash Awake - Back from slumberland Awake - Residents of okinawa keep alive Awake - Now up Awake - Completely conscious Awake - On the ball? Awake - Regular sightings of narwhal? keep vigilant Awake - No longer asleep — needing a wash?