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Paddle - Punish, perhaps

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Paddle - A canoeist would be lost without it Paddle - After parking, go off and have a row Paddle - Auction bidder's prop Paddle - Auction handout Paddle - Auction prop Paddle - Become confused after parking row Paddle - Blade for rowing Paddle - Blade of a water wheel Paddle - Blade theologian used in fencing Paddle - Blade to propel Paddle - Canoe blade Paddle - Canoe mover Paddle - Canoe need Paddle - Canoe oar Paddle - Canoe propeller Paddle - Canoe propeller? Paddle - Club for wayward youths Paddle - Club for wayward youths? Paddle - Emulate a dog in a pool Paddle - Following pressure to go off, row ensues Paddle - Get more than one foot into the water and make it go bad in the end Paddle - Get muddled after initially playing spade Paddle - Get the canoe going Paddle - Go by canoe and get your feet wet Paddle - Go by canoe and get your feet wet Paddle - How divine to be in a canoe in a pale sort of way Paddle - How one might get one's feet wet in a canoe Paddle - However soft to make it bad, it'll get you through the water Paddle - In the canoe there's a divine in a rather colourless way Paddle - Kayak mover Paddle - Make the canoe go and go bad at last Paddle - Manual propeller for canoe Paddle - Move a canoe Paddle - Not ruddy well, about the divine doctor in the canoe Paddle - Oar Paddle - Oar for a canoe Paddle - Oar to make progress in shallow water Paddle - Oar's cousin Paddle - Oar; walk in water Paddle - One might lose one's head and go to the bad in a canoe Paddle - Ping-pong ball whacker Paddle - Ping-pong need Paddle - Ping-pong player's need Paddle - Propel (a canoe) Paddle - Propeller for canoe Paddle - Punish, perhaps Paddle - Quietly go off and dabble in the water Paddle - Row Paddle - Row of dates surrounded by fence Paddle - Row, row, row your boat Paddle - Rowing implement for canoe Paddle - Scull Paddle - Short light oar Paddle - Short oar Paddle - Short oar with broad blade Paddle - Small oar for canoe Paddle - Small oar to propel canoe Paddle - Small propeller for canoe Paddle - Soft enough to go bad in water Paddle - Something to 7 down with Paddle - Sounds like cushion will get a bit wet Paddle - Spank Paddle - Splash out at home locally on half of kindle Paddle - Swim like a dog Paddle - Table tennis item Paddle - Table tennis need Paddle - Table-tennis implement Paddle - Table-tennis racket Paddle - That's enough to get your feet wet in the canoe Paddle - The way to be not ruddy well about the divine for the canoe Paddle - There's nothing ruddy about the divine for the canoe Paddle - To be dipped in water may make it go bad at last Paddle - To move canoe, you have to get your feet wet Paddle - Twin daughters in light clothing take a little dip Paddle - Two daughters in white splash about Paddle - Wade - the theologian in old part of ireland Paddle - Wade in water Paddle - Wade with spade or blade Paddle - Walk by the shore, as theologian looking unwell getting about Paddle - Walk in shallow water Paddle - Walk in water Paddle - Walk with bare feet in shallow water Paddle - Water wheel component Paddle - Will the piano go bad if you get it two feet into the water Paddle - Without it, one could be up the creek