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Qatar - Mideast nation

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Qatar - Persian gulf nation Qatar - Its capital is doha Qatar - Mideast nation Qatar - Doha's land Qatar - Gulf emirate Qatar - Where to spend dirhams Qatar - Oil-rich land Qatar - Oil emirate Qatar - Persian gulf state Qatar - Al jazeera's base Qatar - Doha is its capital Qatar - Arab league member Qatar - Al jazeera headquarters Qatar - Gulf state Qatar - Al jazeera's home Qatar - Monarchy ruled by the al-thani family Qatar - Persian gulf country Qatar - Arab country Qatar - Nation where al jazeera is headquartered Qatar - Home to al jazeera Qatar - Persian gulf emirate Qatar - Land of wahhabis Qatar - Peninsular nation Qatar - Doha's domain Qatar - Middle eastern state since 1971 Qatar - Land on a peninsula Qatar - Persian gulf land Qatar - Oil-exporting emirate Qatar - Country with no income tax Qatar - Country home to al jazeera Qatar - Persian gulf peninsula Qatar - Rich middle eastern state Qatar - Host of the 2006 asian games Qatar - Smallest opec member Qatar - Saudi arabia neighbor Qatar - Doha's country Qatar - Sheikdom on the persian gulf Qatar - One of the gulf states Qatar - Home of al jazeera Qatar - Al jazeera's country Qatar - Queen meeting a sailor in the country Qatar - Gulf sheikhdom Qatar - Doha's sheikhdom Qatar - 2022 world cup host Qatar - Country once known for pearl diving Qatar - Site of the world's largest single reservoir of natural gas Qatar - It juts into the persian gulf Qatar - Home to al-jazeera Qatar - Sheikhdom due to host the 2022 world cup Qatar - Queen heard brief word of thanks, touring a former british protectorate Qatar - Question given to a sailor: who won the cup in 2010? Qatar - Autonomous republic behind stimulant for emirate Qatar - Arabian peninsula nation Qatar - Hot state's reportedly showing sign of cold Qatar - Tiny gulf state Qatar - Question one with preservative found by the persian gulf Qatar - Arab peninsula Qatar - Persian gulf sheikhdom Qatar - Drug ends drear state Qatar - A sheikhdom Qatar - Scheduled 2022 fifa world cup host Qatar - Where al jazeera is based Qatar - Its national anthem is 'peace to the emir' Qatar - Peninsular mideast nation Qatar - Ushered out of headquarters by saudi neighbour Qatar - Only u.n. member whose name comes alphabetically between p and r Qatar - World cup hosts in question a focus of attack? get away! Qatar - Smallest opec nation Qatar - Persian gulf monarchy Qatar - Emirate sometimes pronounced "cutter" Qatar - It has the world's highest per capita income Qatar - Question desert area retreating in place with lots of sand Qatar - Question desert area retreating in place with lots of sand