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Lend - Advance

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Lend - "... countrymen, __ ..." Lend - "borrow" antonym Lend - "__ me your ears and i'll sing you a song" Lend - 'i'm giving up the past tense for ___' Lend - -- -lease Lend - -- a hand Lend - Act like a library Lend - Act the pawnbroker Lend - Act the shark Lend - Act the shark (example #2) Lend - Act the shylock Lend - Advance Lend - Advance credit to Lend - Advance due to the demise of the left? Lend - Advance on credit Lend - Advance recording money Lend - Advance with interest Lend - Advance, as cash Lend - Advance, as money Lend - Afford Lend - Allow temporary use of Lend - Allow to borrow Lend - Allow to use Lend - Allow to use for a while Lend - At length, aim to contribute Lend - Be a banker Lend - Bestow temporarily Lend - Borrow's opposite Lend - Circulate, as library books Lend - Conditionally give Lend - Contribute Lend - Do a bank job? Lend - Do a banker's job Lend - Do a credit union's job Lend - Do a shylock's work Lend - Do banker's work Lend - Do banking work Lend - Emulate household finance Lend - Emulate shylock Lend - Encouraged to contain northern advance Lend - Expect back Lend - Extend credit Lend - Finish line put in first, in advance Lend - First verb in antony's big speech Lend - Front funds Lend - Front the money Lend - Function as a bank Lend - Furnish Lend - Furnish for a time Lend - Furnish for now Lend - Furnish temporarily Lend - Generate interest, in a way Lend - Give (a quality) to Lend - Give a hand, say Lend - Give away temporarily Lend - Give but want back Lend - Give conditionally Lend - Give credit for the pound's demise Lend - Give for a bit Lend - Give for a time Lend - Give for a while Lend - Give for the nonce Lend - Give obligingily Lend - Give obligingly Lend - Give on a temporary basis Lend - Give on condition Lend - Give on condition of return Lend - Give out, as library books Lend - Give someone a book that they'll 'give back to you when they're done reading,' as i did with 'the wind-up bird chronicle' over three years ago Lend - Give temporarily Lend - Give temporary use Lend - Give the use of for a time Lend - Give up for a while Lend - Give, but expect back Lend - Give, for now Lend - Grant a mortgage, e.g Lend - Grant temporary use of Lend - Have an interest in interest Lend - Help out a borrower Lend - Ignore polonius' advice Lend - Ignore the advice of polonius Lend - Impart Lend - Impart for a while Lend - Impart temporarily Lend - Impart, as flavor Lend - Lease starter? Lend - Let borrow Lend - Let go for a while Lend - Let someone borrow Lend - Let someone use what's union with bee we hear Lend - Let use for now Lend - Libraries do it Lend - Loan Lend - Loan out Lend - Make a 32-across Lend - Make a loan Lend - Make advances Lend - Make advances, of sorts Lend - Make advances? Lend - Make like a shark Lend - Mix together without leader and advance Lend - Not the way to give half a hundred at last Lend - Oblige a borrower Lend - Offer mortgages Lend - Offer perhaps pounds to gain objective Lend - Offer temporarily Lend - One way to share Lend - Play shylock Lend - Play shylock from classic fable that's heartless Lend - Play the pawnbroker Lend - Plea to romans Lend - Provide for a while Lend - Provide pro tem Lend - Provide temporarily Lend - Provide temporary use Lend - Provide with for a time Lend - Put an ear to this and you'll get an advance Lend - Put up, as money Lend - Serb leaves blenders in advance Lend - Skynyrd "___ a helpin' hand" Lend - Stop supporting student grant Lend - Supply (money) at interest Lend - Supply short-term Lend - Supply temporarily Lend - Temporarily allow use of Lend - To do that will not do 8 down Lend - Trust with, temporarily Lend - Verb from mark antony Lend - What a bank does Lend - What libraries do Lend - What usurers do Lend - Work in a pawnshop Lend - Work in pawnbrokery Lend - __ a hand