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Amen - 'you said it!'

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Amen - Revival word Amen - 'you said it, brother!' Amen - 'right on, brother!' Amen - 'you said it!' Amen - Prayer closer Amen - Word said before opening the eyes Amen - 'you can say that again!' Amen - Mass assent Amen - Church response Amen - Word said with vigorous nodding Amen - The final word Amen - 'right on!' Amen - Revival meeting cry Amen - ___ corner (church area) Amen - 'couldn't have said it better myself' Amen - Last word in the new testament Amen - End of grace Amen - So be it Amen - 'you got that right!' Amen - Assent Amen - Sermon closer Amen - Revival cry Amen - Brother's word? Amen - Word of agreement Amen - Emphatic agreement Amen - Hymn word Amen - Answer from the flock Amen - Evangelical's cry Amen - 'you said it, sister!' Amen - "--- to that!" Amen - Act of contrition ender Amen - Benediction closer Amen - "i hope so!" Amen - Grace period? Amen - Last thing said before dinner? Amen - Mass response Amen - Congregational response Amen - One kind of corner Amen - Congregation response Amen - Revelation ender Amen - "my sentiments exactly!" Amen - You can say that again! Amen - "lilies of the field" song Amen - 'absolutely!' Amen - Congregation affirmation Amen - Congregational cry Amen - Encouraging word Amen - Sunday sound Amen - Last word in church Amen - "so be it" Amen - So be it! Amen - 'i agree!' Amen - Worshipper's word Amen - The final word, to theologists Amen - 'that's how i see it, too' Amen - Top 10 hit for the impressions, 1964 Amen - "i agree!" Amen - The end of grace? Amen - 'i agree completely!' Amen - Famous last word Amen - Word of hearty concurrence Amen - End of a prayer Amen - Pre-meal word, perhaps Amen - Word said just before opening the eyes Amen - The last word on sunday Amen - 'i'll say!' Amen - Flock's response Amen - I second that! Amen - Prayerful approval Amen - Pastor's word Amen - Mass exodus preceder? Amen - Prayer closing Amen - Last word in prayer Amen - Prayer-closing word Amen - "right, reverend!" Amen - 'indeed!' Amen - It may be said before meals Amen - Last word of the bible Amen - Congregation word Amen - Sunday whisper Amen - Supplicant's conclusion Amen - "i'll say!" Amen - Flock's reply Amen - Graceful ending? Amen - Word shouted or whispered at church Amen - 1965 hit for the impressions Amen - Sermon punctuator Amen - Service approval Amen - Word spoken often on sundays Amen - 'grace'-ful finale Amen - Word said before looking up Amen - An end to prayers Amen - Prayer ending word Amen - Word from bishop t.d. jakes Amen - An ending to grace Amen - Prayer's end Amen - Final word Amen - Service sign-off Amen - Parishioner's line Amen - Word said with closed eyes, often Amen - Congregational conclusion Amen - Prayer ender Amen - Last word in bibles Amen - "i couldn't have said it better myself" Amen - Grace finale Amen - "preach!" Amen - Word of approval Amen - 1965 top 10 hit for the impressions Amen - "you said it!" Amen - You said it! Amen - "that goes for me, too!" Amen - Father's word Amen - Prayer conclusion Amen - Concluding shout Amen - Parishioner's shout Amen - Sunday finale Amen - Second from the flock Amen - "my thoughts exactly!" Amen - 'lilies of the field' song Amen - Sunday utterance Amen - "absolutely!" Amen - Congregation's response Amen - Church affirmation Amen - Cry from the pews Amen - Solemn assent Amen - Sunday wrap Amen - Word spoken before looking up Amen - "i second that!" Amen - Line of parishioners? Amen - Parishioner's word Amen - Last word spoken at night, for many Amen - Father's conclusion Amen - Corner for ardent followers Amen - The last word in worship Amen - Word of strong agreement Amen - "i'm with you!" Amen - 'so be it' Amen - '___, brother!' Amen - Communicant's word Amen - Service call? Amen - Act of contrition finale Amen - Cry from the congregation Amen - Sermon finale Amen - Church corner Amen - Call from the flock Amen - Affirming word Amen - "my feelings exactly!" Amen - Revival meeting shout Amen - 'right, reverend!' Amen - 'couldn'ta said it better myself!' Amen - 'ain't that the truth!' Amen - "so be it!" Amen - Believer's comment Amen - "preach on, brother!" Amen - Prayer ending Amen - Service line? Amen - 'you got that!' Amen - Response to a brother? Amen - Word said before a meal, perhaps Amen - "may it be so" Amen - Service ender Amen - Word often said while kneeling Amen - "right on!" Amen - Word from the pews Amen - Hit from the impressions Amen - Refrain from church Amen - Last word Amen - Sunday whisper or shout Amen - Grace finisher Amen - Church agreement Amen - Word said just before opening eyes Amen - Prayer finale Amen - Response from the congregation Amen - "you said it, brother!" Amen - "roger that!" Amen - "preach on!" Amen - Church signoff Amen - Congregation comeback Amen - Hymn ending Amen - Prayer's last word Amen - __ corner Amen - Congregation's conclusion Amen - 'you said a mouthful!' Amen - Sunday wrap-up Amen - "you got that right!" Amen - Prayer period? Amen - Shout of agreement Amen - 'i agree with that!' Amen - "i agree" Amen - It is so! Amen - "what he said!" Amen - Mass utterance Amen - Last word, sometimes Amen - Church chorus Amen - Liturgical affirmation Amen - Mass conclusion Amen - Verily Amen - Hymn finisher Amen - Father's conclusion? Amen - 'so be it!' Amen - Meal preceder, perhaps Amen - Grace ending Amen - "you can say that again!" Amen - 'that's what i'm talking about!' Amen - "couldn't have said it better myself" Amen - "you said a mouthful!" Amen - "i concur" Amen - Type of corner in church Amen - Parishioner's "i agree!" Amen - Grace-ful finale Amen - Mass declaration Amen - Comment of concurrence Amen - Truly Amen - Hymn signoff Amen - 'you are so right!' Amen - "let the church say ___" Amen - Affirmation exclamation Amen - Hymn ender Amen - Sherman hemsley series Amen - It closes on sunday Amen - "i hear ya, brother!" Amen - Hemsley sitcom Amen - Parishioner's response Amen - "so true!" Amen - Word said before rising? Amen - Congregational "yes!" Amen - Word often said with vigorous nodding Amen - Sermon respose Amen - 'you said it ...' Amen - It's said before eating, often Amen - Congregation's affirmation Amen - Word shouted at church Amen - Period of prayer? Amen - Congregation call Amen - "i'm in total agreement" Amen - Mass-produced answer? Amen - Last word of handel's "messiah" Amen - "truly!" Amen - Yea verily Amen - "that's a wrap," in church Amen - Word of concurrence Amen - Mass-produced response? Amen - Sunday sign-off Amen - Parishioner's "yes!" Amen - Congregation cry Amen - Worshiper's "so be it!" Amen - Flock's "absolutely!" Amen - It comes between praying and eating Amen - Word of agreement, in church Amen - Grace ender Amen - Grace closing Amen - Last word in the bible Amen - "i couldn't agree with you more!" Amen - It's often said with the eyes closed Amen - "i agree," to a preacher Amen - Word for the masses Amen - Music to a minister's ears Amen - Worshipper's "so be it!" Amen - 'what they said!' Amen - Sunday sermon sign-off Amen - "what she said!" Amen - Word for 9-across Amen - 'this is true' Amen - Service closer Amen - Follower of 'for ever and ever' Amen - Shout in church Amen - Church approval Amen - Prayer-ending word Amen - 'so true!' Amen - Agreement from the flock Amen - 'ditto!' Amen - Sherman hemsley sitcom Amen - Service finale Amen - 'that's so true!' Amen - Sermon ending Amen - "you got that right" in church Amen - 'i hear ya, sister' Amen - Sermon response Amen - 71 across ender Amen - The ___ break (much-sampled hip-hop beat) Amen - “i wholeheartedly agree” Amen - *sermon closer Amen - Enthusiastic agreement Amen - “you said it!” Amen - "__ to that!" Amen - "i wholeheartedly agree" Amen - Biblical affirmation Amen - Congregational yes Amen - Word heard in church Amen - End of a 45 across Amen - Solemn agreement Amen - Church shout Amen - "truer words were never spoken" Amen - Pre-meal word Amen - Hymn finish Amen - Prayer end Amen - Church reply Amen - Church answer Amen - Hymn end Amen - Word from the flock Amen - Hymn close Amen - Reply from the pews Amen - Flock reply Amen - Hymn closer Amen - Hymn end Amen - Sermon end Amen - Flock response Amen - Congregational cheer Amen - Congregation's cry Amen - Church-based sitcom Amen - Congregational shout Amen - Congregation's call Amen - Congregational call Amen - Congregant's cry Amen - Churchly cry Amen - Church cry Amen - Revival yell Amen - Cry in church Amen - "i totally agree!" Amen - 'yes!' Amen - This might get able to makeone responsive in a masculine sort of way Amen - With myself about, there's just only water there Amen - Not a womanly sort of response Amen - Grace finish Amen - With this response one may get able to be docile Amen - End to prayer Amen - Might get able to make the response more docile Amen - Prayerful last word Amen - Will the first letter get people to come at the end? Amen - It could ber a bit of a bloomer for this come at the end of a st Amen - Response in the mail, by the sound of it Amen - Is the response able to make one not fo inflexible? Amen - That's a male sort of a response at last Amen - How a masculine matter comes at last Amen - Comes at the end in a male manner Amen - A start not for the ladies at last Amen - That's the last thing to be said for anything so male Amen - What a masculine ending! Amen - Not a feminine ending Amen - There's an end in a masculine sort of way Amen - And how, pray, can one get such a masculine thing at the end? Amen - A finish for 30 across for the finish Amen - At last one might get able to be docile Amen - A human response Amen - Not a feminine response? Amen - The sort of response you'd expect from a masculine congregation Amen - So male so be it at last Amen - A sound of the mail at last Amen - A masculine response comes at last Amen - A more masculine sort of a response Amen - This will never give you a start Amen - Ah, that sounds masculine at last Amen - In the end is this able to be obedient? Amen - A masculine thing at last Amen - Comes at last in a masculine manner Amen - At last it is said in a masculine manner Amen - A human response at last Amen - In the end, a masculine response Amen - In the end it seems a masculine sort of response Amen - So be it, at the end Amen - Name for end to prayer Amen - Name for the end of prayer Amen - Name for end of prayer Amen - Name for prayer's end Amen - Put name to end of payer Amen - Supplication termination Amen - Name for an end to prayer Amen - Faithful's response Amen - Word said before looking up, sometimes Amen - So be it in prayer Amen - A name for prayer's end Amen - "messiah" end Amen - An end to prayer Amen - '80s sitcom with deacon frye Amen - It is so Amen - The last word Amen - A masculine finish in church Amen - What a masculine way to bring things to a close! Amen - In the end it's a masculine response Amen - A masculine response Amen - Hardly a female response Amen - Comes last in a masculine manner Amen - Not a sort of masculine response Amen - Sounds like the end of the womens' prayer Amen - Following this response one might get able to be willing Amen - Coming at the end it may get able to be open to reason Amen - 'a last response, but not for the ladies (4)' Amen - A male response comes at last Amen - 15 across gets twisted at last Amen - "it is so" Amen - Cry of support Amen - Pastor's last word Amen - Andy and amos, not bart and bob, get the last word Amen - Shouted affirmation Amen - That last word is the heart of the lament Amen - "yes!" Amen - Shout from the congregation Amen - Solemn affirmation Amen - "affirmative!" Amen - 'exactly right!' Amen - Word said in churches Amen - Prayer closing word Amen - Premeal word, often Amen - "well said!" Amen - Doxology conclusion Amen - "i'm all for that!" Amen - Word before eating, perhaps Amen - Nicene creed conclusion Amen - The bible's last word Amen - The end of the new testament Amen - Being awkward, mean to get the last word Amen - Article about compiler giving the last word Amen - Name has to be changed? so be it Amen - 'morning' in french is a word of prayer Amen - Possibly mean to have the last word Amen - Short-change with word of approval Amen - Response from team entry in 11 and 14 Amen - I agree! Amen - So be it (at end of prayer) Amen - Conclusion of prayer Amen - Last part of handel's 'messiah' Amen - 'that's right!' Amen - 'oh yes, pastor' Amen - It may follow 'forever and ever' Amen - Word frequently heard in church Amen - "i'll second that" Amen - End of the lord's prayer Amen - 'so right!' Amen - "you said it, preacher!" Amen - ___ corner Amen - Choir assent Amen - 'how true!' Amen - Response from the faithful Amen - Response to a sermon Amen - Last word of the epistle to the romans Amen - Word between praying and eating Amen - 'that's the truth!' Amen - At last, benjamen, at last Amen - "i couldn't agree more!" Amen - The answer to a preacher's prayers? Amen - Hebrew word in mass Amen - "you said it, sister!" Amen - Is this the a-team? so be it Amen - 40 down conclusion Amen - Prayer finisher Amen - "couldn't agree more" Amen - The last word in steam engines Amen - Word between grace and eating Amen - Closing word Amen - "i agree completely!" Amen - "you got that right, brother!" Amen - Cry from churchgoers Amen - Last word of a prayer Amen - 'right on, preacher' Amen - Prayer's ending Amen - One of hemsley's sitcoms Amen - Final word of boundless sorrow Amen - "you're so right!" Amen - Word many say after "in jesus' name" Amen - Last word in sermons Amen - 'you've got that right!' Amen - Word from among the congregation Amen - Father's finish Amen - Congregational concurrence Amen - Type of "corner" in a church Amen - 'you sure got that right!' Amen - Prayer word Amen - "hear, hear!" Amen - Clifton davis sitcom Amen - Word from the congregation Amen - 'agreed!' Amen - 'praise be!' Amen - Devotional period? Amen - New testament ender Amen - Revival shout Amen - Prayer closure Amen - Sermon's final word Amen - "i couldn't agree more" Amen - 'absolutely right!' Amen - 'preach on' Amen - "let it be so!" Amen - Shout of approval Amen - Common word for a pastor Amen - "agreed!" Amen - Call from the pews Amen - 'i'm with you!' Amen - Word of consent Amen - Hymn finale Amen - Prayerful assent Amen - Last word before dinner, often Amen - Embarrassed name repeatedly read out at mass Amen - An response to prayer Amen - A word of approval in first letter to the chaps Amen - Response to prayer Amen - Whatever and ever ---- (ben folds five) Amen - Having the last word, alter the title Amen - Techno outfit whose latest album is titled sheath Amen - A corner of augusta Amen - Corner that makes golfers cross! Amen - Final word in prayer Amen - Name a famous golf corner Amen - Corner that mused if paradise is half as nice Amen - Corner that brings golfers to their knees! Amen - A mean augusta corner! Amen - Flight crew forgets irish prayer's ending Amen - A corner of baldwin's work Amen - Last word to change, incomplete Amen - Workers in need of answer get the last word Amen - Answer given by people Amen - It's also tube exit, if you stick to the right Amen - Grace's final word is mean, to boot Amen - First-class chaps and i agree Amen - Word of approval detailing change Amen - "___ to that!" Amen - Blessing ender Amen - Sunday assent Amen - Prayer finish Amen - Word said before eating, often Amen - 'couldn't agree with you more' Amen - New testament's last word Amen - Revival response Amen - Word said at an altar Amen - Flock's cry Amen - It's shouted on sundays Amen - Temple affirmation Amen - Solemn approval Amen - The last word for name change Amen - Amateur players getting the last word Amen - Last word of prayer Amen - A soldiers last word? Amen - So let it be Amen - Have the last word here Amen - Adult males have the last word Amen - Last word from alpha males Amen - So may it be adult workforce? Amen - 4's closing, so let it be Amen - The last word! Amen - End of prayer Amen - Assent to a change of name Amen - Last word in steam engines Amen - Article's about yours truly, i conclude? Amen - Feature of dream ending -- after this there's no more to be said Amen - A list of courses university ultimately dropped, as agreed! Amen - The last word to change almost completely Amen - A graceful ending? Amen - So be it, at prayer's end Amen - Revival tent shout Amen - Change name for the older generation? so be it! Amen - Many prayers end with it Amen - ___ corner (church part) Amen - Extremist Amen - Word from a pastor Amen - 'hear, hear!' Amen - 'i totally agree!' Amen - Religiously 11, as here Amen - "absolutely!" on sundays Amen - 'absolutely, brother!' Amen - Last word of revelation Amen - Church goer's interjection Amen - Revival reply Amen - 'it's true!' Amen - Change name from roman times? so be it! Amen - Blessing closing Amen - "you said it" Amen - New testament last word Amen - "i'm so glad you said that" Amen - 'true dat!' Amen - Sitcom in which sherman hemsley played a deacon Amen - Sermon ender Amen - 'my thoughts exactly!' Amen - Reply from the congregation Amen - Word at the end of a prayer Amen - Word said on one's knees Amen - 'i couldn't agree more!' Amen - Somewhat lamentable end to a prayer Amen - Last word of grace Amen - Shout from a congregation Amen - "as we all hope!" Amen - Grace conclusion Amen - Church call Amen - Call from the congregation Amen - Grace period perhaps for academy workers Amen - Augusta national's __ corner Amen - End of revelation Amen - 'i'm with you on that!' Amen - 'word!' Amen - "let's all hope so!" Amen - "i hear you!" Amen - Grace closer Amen - Some parliamentary conclusion by minister? Amen - Last word in churches Amen - 'can i get an ___?' Amen - Cry to a preacher Amen - "i heartily agree" Amen - 'when you're right, you're right!' Amen - Congregation's positive reply Amen - "we agree completely!" Amen - Sermon sign-off Amen - "very true!" Amen - Religious agreement? Amen - Grace's final word Amen - "that's the truth!" Amen - Cry of assent Amen - Listener's agreement Amen - Termine une prière chrétienne Amen - "thank you, jesus!" Amen - Prayer wrap-up Amen - Response from the pews Amen - Call in church Amen - 'i'll second that, brother!' Amen - "totally!" Amen - Prayer response Amen - Kid rock song that's the final word? Amen - Ben folds five "whatever and ever ___" Amen - Kid rock anthem Amen - Kid rock song for the end of a prayer? Amen - Holy kid rock song? Amen - Said at end of gospel show Amen - Pod's final word, perhaps? Amen - Hallelujah-inspired kid rock song? Amen - Devout meek mill song? Amen - Said at end of gospel show, perhaps Amen - Said at end of pod show, perhaps Amen - Ben harper "___ omen" Amen - Churchy kid rock song? Amen - Religious kid rock song? Amen - Drum solo ___ break Amen - Righteous kid rock anthem? Amen - Religious otis redding song? Amen - Kid rock song for the lord? Amen - Kid rock song for praying? Amen - Said after spiritual show? Amen - Gospel-themed kid rock song? Amen - Religious hardcore punk band? Amen - Meek milk song about final prayer? Amen - Meek mill song about prayer? Amen - Casey chaos band Amen - Meek mill song about final prayer word? Amen - Word of agreement in church Amen - Strong assent Amen - Jewel song about prayer? Amen - Comment to a brother or sister Amen - "that's so true!" Amen - Sermon interrupter, maybe Amen - Chorus from the pews Amen - "truly" alternative Amen - "i agree, pastor" Amen - "too true!" Amen - Service close Amen - "i'm with you, brother!" Amen - Congregational "absolutely!" Amen - 'well said!' Amen - New testament's final word Amen - 'no doubt about it!' Amen - Leonard cohen "tell me that you want me then, ___" Amen - '99 paula cole album for grace? Amen - "ain't that the truth!" Amen - Cry from the flock Amen - Word of agreement on sundays Amen - 'i concur!' Amen - Conclusion from the flock Amen - 'damn right!' Amen - Word of prayer Amen - Palm fern, regularly used after prayer Amen - Call to the preacher Amen - End of 12 deuteronomy verses Amen - The last word? Amen - Final word at church Amen - A final word Amen - Answer by people that indicates agreement Amen - Piece of propaganda mentioned indication of mass agreement Amen - "i'll second that," in church Amen - 'truer words have never been spoken!' Amen - "i agree, pastor!" Amen - Kid rock song for the end of grace? Amen - Revelation finish Amen - The last word from me in a note? Amen - Church word Amen - Old tv show set in a church Amen - Welsh politician with energy, supported by north, gets approval Amen - Word in "take me to church" Amen - 'preach!' Amen - 'i'll second that!' Amen - The last word from leader of assamese soldiers, ... Amen - A loveless sign? so be it! Amen - Churchly "right on" Amen - Congregant's agreement Amen - 'i'll second that' Amen - Ainsi soit-il Amen - Churchgoer's assent? Amen - Kid rock song that's the final word at a sermon? Amen - "right on, preacher!"