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Lies - Propaganda, often Lies - Prevaricates Lies - All hogwash Lies - 'fairy tales' Lies - Accused's retort Lies - Equivocator's forte Lies - Inventions, so to speak Lies - Falsehoods Lies - More than fudges Lies - Polygraph detections Lies - Baloney Lies - Too tall tales Lies - Some campaign promises Lies - Some pinocchio pronouncements Lies - Statements in a pack? Lies - Intentional untruths Lies - Is prone Lies - Pinocchio's undoing Lies - They may be little and white Lies - Tells it like it isn't Lies - 'hogwash!' Lies - Creates fiction in the courtroom Lies - Creates a fantasy Lies - A "pack" of hogwash Lies - Not just evasions Lies - Cry before and after 'all' Lies - Is positioned Lies - They may come in a pack Lies - Inventions Lies - Fiction collection Lies - Reposes Lies - Polygraph hiccups, presumably Lies - "never!" Lies - Needles' partner Lies - Prepares to do sit-ups Lies - Epitaph word Lies - Isn't straight with Lies - Title start of a 2003 al franken best seller Lies - "no i never!" Lies - Pack contents? Lies - Some disinformation Lies - Sprawls Lies - Links positions Lies - Baloney contents? Lies - Taradiddles Lies - Big fibs Lies - Too-tall tales Lies - Duplicities Lies - Some alibis Lies - Empty promises Lies - Partner of sex and videotape Lies - Untruths Lies - Epitaph word, perhaps Lies - Tall tales Lies - Doesn't tell the truth Lies - Rests Lies - Some sins Lies - Falsities Lies - Trust eroders Lies - Isn't truthful Lies - Creates fiction Lies - Tells tales Lies - Isn't sincere Lies - Tales that are too tall Lies - Bses Lies - Stays flat Lies - Covers one's tracks, maybe Lies - Stretches the truth Lies - Fibs Lies - 'here ___ ...' Lies - Tells stories Lies - Is deceitful Lies - Disinformation Lies - False stories Lies - Cry of vehement denial Lies - Canards Lies - Things that set pants ablaze? Lies - Prevarications Lies - White ones are harmless Lies - "i don't believe any of it!" Lies - Storyteller's pack Lies - Fish stories Lies - Is situated Lies - Whoppers of a sort Lies - Much propaganda Lies - Positions at pebble beach Lies - Yarn material? Lies - Incredible stuff Lies - Tells a fib Lies - Some excuses Lies - Phony alibis, e.g Lies - Denier's shout Lies - Misleads Lies - Isn't forthright Lies - Deceives Lies - White ones are little Lies - Whoppers Lies - Isn't straight Lies - Isn't honest Lies - They often come in packs Lies - Fabrications Lies - Slices of baloney? Lies - Tells it like it ain't? Lies - Fabulist's output Lies - “the cruelest ___ are often told in silence”: robert louis stevenson Lies - Tells untruths Lies - 'that's all false, and you know it!' Lies - Prevaricator's pack Lies - Tells falsehoods Lies - Bad things to tell Lies - Avoids honesty Lies - Deception Lies - Some stories Lies - Polygraph blips Lies - 'true --' Lies - Commits perjury Lies - False statements Lies - Nose lengtheners? Lies - Polygraph finds Lies - Tells a whopper Lies - Untrue tales Lies - 'all untrue!' Lies - Here they would be true in a grave way Lies - Here this would not be false about the late Lies - If here over the late, they're to be believed Lies - Here with this it is grave Lies - Perversions of the truth Lies - Is deceptive, in a way Lies - Falsehoods and prevarications Lies - Oxymoronic movie title, "true ___" Lies - One is not truly prone to follow 30 across Lies - Here they are to be believed of the dead Lies - Here they tell the truth over the dead Lies - Tells a falsehood Lies - Emphatic denial Lies - They're not true Lies - "hogwash!" Lies - Is supine Lies - What polygraphs detect Lies - See 14 Lies - Woollies half removed, revealing whoppers! Lies - Is on the level? yes and no Lies - More than stretches Lies - Is less than honest Lies - They sometimes come in a pack Lies - Terminological inexactitudes Lies - Claims to have a nonexistent girlfriend, say Lies - Tells whoppers Lies - Baloney ingredients Lies - More than fudges the facts Lies - Alibis, sometimes Lies - 'debts and ___ are generally mixed together': rabelais Lies - Whoppers? Lies - Creates an account? Lies - Fictional accounts Lies - 'it's a crock!' Lies - "it's a crock!" Lies - Rests, with "by" Lies - Stretches the truth to rest stokes initially Lies - Bends the truth Lies - Is dishonest, in a way Lies - Tells a completely different story? Lies - False tales Lies - Stretches the truth for lowlifes releasing wolf Lies - "true ___" (curtis film) Lies - Fleetwood mac's were little Lies - Falsehood Lies - The golf ball truly settles Lies - Golfers' concerns Lies - Promises the moon, say Lies - Churchill's "categorical inexactitude" Lies - Tells a tall tale Lies - Reclines Lies - Stories of heartless school punishment? Lies - Insects ignoring piece of food? never! Lies - Pretends fiction is nonfiction Lies - A bunch of baloney Lies - Fibber's forte Lies - Storyteller's creations Lies - Isle mix-up results in untruths Lies - Not just deception Lies - Is prone to untruths? Lies - "it's all false!" Lies - Golf positions Lies - They made pinocchio's nose grow Lies - Isn't being truthful Lies - Tells a tale Lies - 'that's utter slander!' Lies - 'don't trust that person!!!' Lies - Pack of ___ (hogwash) Lies - All baloney Lies - Is found Lies - Tales of fiction Lies - Twists the truth Lies - Heated denial Lies - Loads of bull Lies - 'i deny all that!' Lies - Literally, commits perjury Lies - Shout of denial Lies - Polygraph blips, perhaps Lies - "none of it is true!" Lies - Assemblés Lies - Dishonest thompson twins song? Lies - Elton john "love ___ bleeding" Lies - Gnr's post-"appetite" tideover Lies - Guns and roses "patience" album Lies - Untrustworthy elton john song? Lies - Green day "cause it's just one of my ___!" Lies - Golf ball positions Lies - Joints Lies - Polygraph spikes, presumably Lies - Perjures oneself Lies - Doral positions Lies - Total fabrications Lies - Attachés Lies - Alternative facts Lies - Bits of dishonesty Lies - Video game count Lies - Fish tales Lies - Deceptions Lies - Strong denial Lies - What alibis may be Lies - Changers of pinocchio's physiognomy Lies - Tweaks the truth Lies - Extract from willie shoemaker's selection of fiction Lies - 'hope ___ to mortals / and most believe her': housman Lies - Apparent to leslie stephen from pieces of fiction Lies - Rat pack? Lies - See 1 down Lies - See 1 down Lies - What alibis often are
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'fairy tales' (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - 'fairy tales'. word on "L". 1 - st. letter L. 2 - st. letter I. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter S.

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