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Paar - Carson's predecessor at nbc

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Paar - Jack of 50's-60's tv Paar - Carson's predecessor at nbc Paar - 'i kid you not' autobiographer Paar - Onetime late-night host jack Paar - Pioneer talk show host Paar - Punnily titled 1952 quiz show 'up to ___' Paar - Late-night pioneer Paar - Old tv host jack Paar - He quarreled with winchell Paar - Carson's predecessor Paar - Early talk show host Paar - Tv's jack Paar - 1952 quiz show 'up to ___' Paar - Host before carson Paar - Former tv host jack Paar - Tv host with the instrumental theme 'i-m-4-u' Paar - Early late-night name Paar - Carson predecessor Paar - Jack of old tv Paar - Late night tv pioneer Paar - 'i kid you not' speaker Paar - One-time late-night host jack Paar - Early late-night television host Paar - Subject of the documentary 'as i was saying' Paar - Carson's predecessor on 'the tonight show' Paar - Legendary late-night name Paar - Old late-night host Paar - Early tv host Paar - Hugh downs was his announcer Paar - "i kid you not" personality Paar - Jack before johnny Paar - Old talk show name Paar - Early late-night host Paar - Famous name in tv talk Paar - The jack before johnny Paar - Early tonight show host Paar - Allen contemporary Paar - '60s tv host Paar - Early "tonight" host Paar - Erstwhile tonight show host Paar - "i kid you not" autobiographer Paar - Onetime host of 'the morning show' and 'the tonight show' Paar - Carson's "tonight show" predecessor Paar - Early late-night icon Paar - Erstwhile host jack Paar - 1950s tv talk-show host Paar - "smart television" subject Paar - Former 'tonight show' host Paar - Tv talk pioneer Paar - "i haven't got any troubles i can't tell standing up" speaker Paar - Jack of old late-night Paar - Talk show host who wrote "my saber is bent" Paar - 'i kid you not' author Paar - Jack who preceded carson Paar - Jack of early late-night tv Paar - Talk pioneer Paar - Allen successor Paar - Tv talk show pioneer Paar - Early tv host jack Paar - Carson's tv predecessor Paar - One of leno's forerunners Paar - Early talk show name Paar - Former late-night host Paar - Host noted for a 1960 on-air resignation Paar - Jack who pioneered late-night talk Paar - Jack who quipped 'a funny thing happened to my mother one day: me' Paar - 1950s-'70s tv host Paar - Castro interviewer in '59 Paar - Host who said 'i kid you not' Paar - "tonight show" host of yore Paar - "i kid you not" author Paar - See 6-across Paar - Late-night talk pioneer jack Paar - Jack who once hosted 'the tonight show' Paar - Early late night host Paar - Early late-night host jack Paar - 1950s-'60s nbc host Paar - Subject of the documentary 'smart television' Paar - Historic name in tv talk Paar - Late-night host, once Paar - Jack benny's '47 summer replacement Paar - Johnny carson predecessor Paar - 'up to ___,' 1952 game show Paar - "i kid you not" host Paar - Talk show great jack Paar - Jack of tv Paar - Talk-show great jack Paar - Tv host before carson Paar - Jack of early talk tv Paar - Jack of old talk tv Paar - Downs announced for him Paar - Onetime host of 'the tonight show' Paar - Carson's late-night predecessor Paar - Jack of late-night tv Paar - Carson followed him Paar - Early late show host jack Paar - Talk show pioneer jack Paar - Allen's successor on "the tonight show" Paar - 'up to ___' (1952 game show) Paar - Early 'tonight show' host Paar - Host of 1950s tv's 'bank on the stars' Paar - Onetime host of cbs's 'the morning show' Paar - Allen's successor on late-night tv Paar - One of fallon's forerunners Paar - Tv pioneer jack Paar - Allen's successor Paar - Jack of early tv Paar - Carson served as one of his guest hosts Paar - Jack in the box, once? Paar - Host of radio's 'the $64 question' Paar - Pioneering late-night host Paar - Late-night host before carson Paar - He preceded carson as host of 'the tonight show' Paar - Early name in late tv Paar - Host after allen Paar - Late-night tv pioneer Paar - Former host of 'the tonight show' Paar - Jack up at night, once Paar - Carson forerunner Paar - Jack who wrote 'i kid you not' Paar - Jack of the old 'tonight show' Paar - Taking the place (of) Paar - One of fallon's predecessors Paar - Allen's replacement on 'the tonight show' Paar - Forerunner of carson and leno Paar - Forerunner of carson and leno