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Corner - Safe place in the ring

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  • Corner - Letter on C
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  • 5 - st. word E
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Corner - Safe place in the ring Corner - Timeout spot Corner - Tree Corner - Dog-eared piece Corner - Where ends meet Corner - Timeout place Corner - Take over, as the market Corner - Neutral territory? Corner - Rook's starting place Corner - Meeting place Corner - It's not straight, more like a grain, it seems Corner - Can one get around 'er with the grain? Corner - Might little jack turn this to get 'er under the grain? Corner - Not a straight grain with 'er Corner - One might get around the grain with 'er Corner - An angle for more of an end to 5 down, perhaps Corner - Angle for this, but for 14 down Corner - Perhaps more than a grain of this to angle with Corner - Where two walls meet Corner - Point where two lines meet Corner - Point where two walls meet Corner - Where two lines meet Corner - Angular projection Corner - Where two lines or walls meet Corner - Angle where two lines meet Corner - Got to turn round this if you want to be more like grain, perhaps Corner - Not straight, but with more of a grain to it, perhaps Corner - A grain might turn around this over 'er Corner - Where hollywood meets vine? Corner - 19 across intersection Corner - Dunce's place Corner - Yours is a safe place in a boxing ring Corner - See 5 Corner - See 14 Corner - Crook is heartless public official Corner - Where seconds do the work of a minute Corner - Trap heartless public official Corner - Investigator misses nothing in a crook Corner - Angle Corner - Where rook starts on the chess board Corner - See 11 Corner - Where hollywood meets vine Corner - Position at which an angle is formed Corner - Fifth and main, e.g Corner - Wall intersection Corner - Gain control of pressure spot in hospital ward Corner - Castle's place, initially Corner - Meeting place? Corner - Tree in which rook sits before moving Corner - Intersection Corner - Gaming establishment Corner - Difficult position; angle Corner - Establish exclusive control of set-piece Corner - Piece of bacon and pickle Corner - Where rook is immobilised, initially, in trap Corner - Angle; nook Corner - Medical examiner forgets oxygen - an embarrassing position Corner - Predicament when sneering person puts off leader Corner - Monopolise Corner - Angle somewhat banal for the queen Corner - Trap care of queen taking rook and knight Corner - Nook Corner - Incident in football match in which sides meet Corner - See 1 across Corner - See 22 down Corner - Control care of queen taking rook and knight Corner - See 6 down Corner - Bend Corner - Rook's initial place Corner - Where two lines meet to form an angle Corner - ____ gas (where peterson starred as oscar Corner - Awkward position Corner - See 12 Corner - Drugstore location, often Corner - Angle from which a goal may be headed in Corner - With 41-across, corporate status symbol ... and a hint to the circled letters Corner - Genesis "man on the ___" Corner - Run to ground in ring? Corner - 'precisely!' Corner - Trap large bird in flight; inert, remove skin Corner - Angle formed by two meeting walls