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Donut - Glazed food item

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  • Donut - Letter on D
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Donut - Glazed food item Donut - Cruller's cousin Donut - Coffee break snack Donut - Coffee insert, perhaps Donut - Dunkable treat Donut - Food with a hole in the middle Donut - Brief coffee go-with, perhaps Donut - Stereotypical snack for cops Donut - Cop's snack, humorously Donut - Breakfast treat, informally Donut - Bear claw alternative Donut - Breakfast item Donut - Stereotypical snack for cops, briefly Donut - Stereotypical snack for cops (var.) Donut - Cruller relative, briefly Donut - Toroidal treat Donut - Breakfast takeout Donut - Jelly container, perhaps Donut - Krispy kreme product Donut - Krispy kreme offering Donut - Glazed item, informally Donut - Bear claw's cousin Donut - Oft-dunked snack Donut - Stereotypical snack for cops, informally Donut - Diner dessert Donut - Order with a glass of milk Donut - It's often glazed, informally Donut - Oft-glazed snack Donut - Drool-inducer for homer simpson Donut - Glazed item, briefly Donut - Coffee mate? Donut - Dunker's delight, informally Donut - Glazed breakfast item, often Donut - Coffee-break snack Donut - Dunked snack Donut - Coffee break snack, informally Donut - Cruller cousin Donut - Bakery offering Donut - Sinker Donut - Drool inducer for homer Donut - Stereotypical snack for a cop Donut - Pastry with a hole Donut - Treat in a grease-stained bag Donut - Sweet snack with coffee Donut - Ring for breakfast Donut - Edible ring Donut - Sweet ring Donut - Cruller's kin Donut - Dunkable ring Donut - 'sinker' Donut - Treat for homer simpson Donut - Object of homer's desire Donut - Popular dunker (var.) Donut - Dunkable item Donut - Glazed or powdered item Donut - Breakfast sweet Donut - One of a box of 13, perhaps Donut - Cake for the party freak Donut - The same fruit pastry Donut - Breakfast pastry Donut - Fast food snack Donut - Coffee go-with Donut - Breakfast treat Donut - Force feed? Donut - Food with an inedible center? Donut - Holey dessert Donut - One may be turned in a lot Donut - One of a dozen, sometimes Donut - Oft-dunked treat Donut - Oft-glazed treat, briefly Donut - Powder holder Donut - Make loaf and cake in the american way Donut - Make fruit cake, american-style Donut - See red ring coming across the atlantic Donut - Refrain from eating initially unappetising american pastry Donut - Food recently crossed with a croissant Donut - Sugary deep-fried cake Donut - Us doughnut Donut - What calms homer's rage? Donut - It may start as a flat ring Donut - Cruller kin Donut - Sugary ring Donut - Popular pastry for dunkin' Donut - American spelling for a small fried cake Donut - Fried treat Donut - Cop's treat in stereotypes Donut - Treat shaped like a 14-across Donut - Party with loaf and cake, especially for americans Donut - Maple bar or apple fritter Donut - Coffee shop offering Donut - Fave food for homer simpson Donut - Bakery item with some shortening? Donut - Party aficionado's american cake Donut - In the us, a sinker in leading edges of drag or net under trawler Donut - In the us, a sinker in leading edges of drag or net under trawler Donut - #8