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Cope - Handle the situation

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Cope - 'carry on constable' goes over expert's head Cope - And 22: archaic word for a companion or accomplice Cope - Bear up Cope - Bear up, get by Cope - British musician julian Cope - Can the clergy manage to get on with it? Cope - Can the clergy manage to get this on? Cope - Can the clergy manage with anything so wearing? Cope - Can the clergy manage with this? Cope - Can the cleric manage to get it on? Cope - Carry on habit? Cope - Clerical vestment; to deal (with) Cope - Come to grips with firm exercise Cope - Constable is on to drug deal Cope - Contend Cope - Contend (with) Cope - Contend with difficulties Cope - Contend with ecclesiastical cover Cope - Cut a cloak Cope - Deal Cope - Deal (with) Cope - Deal effectively (with a difficulty) Cope - Deal effectively (with something difficult) Cope - Deal effectively (with something) Cope - Deal well with difficulties Cope - Deal with a situation Cope - Deal with adversity Cope - Deal with company to get record when retiring Cope - Deal with difficulties Cope - Deal with hoodie Cope - Deal with it Cope - Deal with loser of prestonpans Cope - Deal with misfortune Cope - Deal with problems Cope - Deal with problems successfully Cope - Deal with successfully Cope - Deal with the cloak Cope - Deal with things Cope - Deal with tough times Cope - Deal with, manage ok Cope - Deal with, manage successfully Cope - Don't crack Cope - Ecclesiastical vestment Cope - Endure Cope - Episcopal cloak Cope - Firmly based (in) Cope - Get along Cope - Get by Cope - Get by policeman close to entrance Cope - Get by policeman, last in line Cope - Get by somehow Cope - Get by with service dress? Cope - Get through tough times Cope - Guard gumshoe finally to survive Cope - Hack it Cope - Handle Cope - Handle a situation Cope - Handle adversity Cope - Handle difficulties Cope - Handle grief, say Cope - Handle hardship Cope - Handle hassles Cope - Handle it Cope - Handle it as well as one can Cope - Handle problems Cope - Handle the situation Cope - Handle things Cope - Handle trouble Cope - Hold one's own Cope - How can the church manage with anything so wearing? Cope - It's so wearing for the priest to have to deal with this Cope - Juggle conflicting demands Cope - Long cloak for a priest Cope - Make do Cope - Make do somehow Cope - Make do, somehow Cope - Make needed adjustments Cope - Manage Cope - Manage - poet, first name 18 Cope - Manage - vestment Cope - Manage business with quiet efficiency, initially Cope - Manage company drills Cope - Manage company training Cope - Manage exercises to support firm Cope - Manage firm with record turnover Cope - Manage it Cope - Manage officer's exercises Cope - Manage ok Cope - Manage range needing no introduction Cope - Manage somehow Cope - Manage to catch by one's tail Cope - Manage to deal (with) Cope - Manage to deal with the vestment Cope - Manage to find some clothing for the priest Cope - Manage to find special cloak Cope - Manage to find work in church Cope - Manage to get note supporting policeman Cope - Manage to get part in comic opera Cope - Manage to get work in church Cope - Manage to put together odds for croupier Cope - Manage to put top on wall Cope - Manage to retire a period of years after losing husband Cope - Manage to secure a part in comic opera Cope - Manage to seize illegal drug Cope - Manage to send policeman to gravesend Cope - Manage to turn back time, not hard Cope - Manage, come to terms with Cope - Manage, deal with Cope - Manage, make do Cope - Manage, somehow Cope - Manage, subsist Cope - Manage; a vestment Cope - Manage; deal Cope - Manage; vestment Cope - Mange to get something for priest to wear Cope - Mourn, in a way Cope - Overcome difficulties Cope - Overcome trials Cope - Overcome trouble Cope - Persevere Cope - Priest's ceremonial cloak Cope - Priest's cloak; deal (with) Cope - Priestly robe to get by Cope - Rise to the occasion Cope - Roll with the punches Cope - Service dress Cope - She combines with it to be poetic Cope - So wearing for the priest to have to manage this Cope - Solemn when turning round in church vestment Cope - Stay 1-across Cope - Successfully contend with difficulties Cope - Survive Cope - The clergy can get on with it Cope - The clergy manage to be so addressed, perhaps Cope - Top course manager does this Cope - Vestment he lost at prestonpans Cope - Vestment; get along Cope - Wall topper Cope - Weather the storm Cope - What functioning rocker will do with stress Cope - Work in church and you may wear it Cope - Work in church making vestment Cope - Work put into church vestment Cope - Writer/producer citizen __