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Ruhr - Essen's river

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  • Ruhr - Letter on R
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Ruhr - Essen's river Ruhr - German industrial region Ruhr - German industrial locale Ruhr - Essen basin Ruhr - German industrial valley Ruhr - River to the rhine Ruhr - Essen's region Ruhr - Remscheid's region Ruhr - Where wuppertal is Ruhr - European coal area Ruhr - German valley Ruhr - Its principal city is essen Ruhr - Western germany's river to the rhine Ruhr - Duisburg's locale Ruhr - Steel-producing valley Ruhr - German river Ruhr - River of germany's steel-making region Ruhr - German mining region Ruhr - Rhine valley region Ruhr - Where essen is Ruhr - See 70-across Ruhr - German region Ruhr - Region bordering the rhine Ruhr - River through mülheim and dortmund Ruhr - Essen valley Ruhr - Essen's basin Ruhr - European industrial valley Ruhr - River past dortmund Ruhr - Rhine tributary Ruhr - River that passes through essen, germany Ruhr - German industrial area Ruhr - Essen's valley Ruhr - German coal valley Ruhr - Arnsberg is on it Ruhr - Essen's area Ruhr - Mülheim an der ___, germany Ruhr - Where dortmund is Ruhr - German industrial center Ruhr - German region occupied by france and belgium from 1923-25 Ruhr - River that passes by essen, germany Ruhr - Industrial region of germany Ruhr - Germany's ___ valley Ruhr - Rhine feeder Ruhr - Tributary of the rhine Ruhr - River of germany's steelmaking region Ruhr - Historic mining region of germany Ruhr - German industrial district Ruhr - River originating near winterberg Ruhr - Industrial area is rougher with characters regularly getting bumped off Ruhr - Traditional region of german heavy industry Ruhr - River and industrial region of northwest germany Ruhr - Region near düsseldorf Ruhr - European coal center Ruhr - Dortmund's region Ruhr - German coal region Ruhr - Valley of essen Ruhr - German industrial city Ruhr - German river flowing into the rhine Ruhr - Oberhausen's region Ruhr - German industrial zone, river Ruhr - Rhine tributary, coal district Ruhr - Robotic play set around hard industrial valley Ruhr - Ger. industrial region Ruhr - Industrial area rather hurt, held in recession Ruhr - River past duisburg Ruhr - Germany's ___ basin Ruhr - Herman industrial area Ruhr - Industrial area, oddly rough and ready at first Ruhr - Chief coalmining region of germany Ruhr - Jockey's unseated at start of 4 o'clock in german urban area Ruhr - Chief coalmining and industrial region of germany Ruhr - Industrial region in germany Ruhr - German region of coal mining and heavy industry Ruhr - ___ valley, european steelmaking region Ruhr - Builder hurriedly erected housing area in germany Ruhr - Rhine tributary in germany Ruhr - Upper class henry entering bishop's address here in germany Ruhr - Dortmund river Ruhr - Game personnel getting one running between german banks Ruhr - River through germany's steel region Ruhr - Begs to leave burghers from german industrial region Ruhr - 44 down's region Ruhr - Germany's rhine-__ region Ruhr - Region with dozens of autobahns Ruhr - German river that flows into the rhine Ruhr - River near blankenstein castle Ruhr - Visitor hurries round to take in industrial germany Ruhr - West-side tributary of the rhine Ruhr - Region in western germany Ruhr - Major industrial region of north-west germany Ruhr - Industrial area of western germany Ruhr - Major industrial region of germany Ruhr - Germany's largest urban region Ruhr - Chief industrial region in germany Ruhr - German coal area