Star - Headliner

Word by letter:
  • Star - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word T
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word R

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Star - Headliner Star - Dallas cowboy's emblem Star - Hollywood boulevard sight Star - Award of merit Star - Play the lead Star - Antares, for one Star - 'flaming ___' (1960 elvis movie) Star - School reward Star - Lead Star - Asterisk Star - Headline Star - One telephone button Star - Wishing spot Star - Celebrated Star - Alpha, e.g Star - Astronomer's sighting Star - Canopus or aldebaran Star - Symbol on a cowboy's helmet Star - Polaris, e.g Star - Ratings unit Star - General acquisition Star - Night light Star - Award for a good student Star - Common flag feature Star - Military award Star - Symbol on a phone button Star - Film's lead Star - Lower-left phone button Star - Milky way unit Star - Nighttime twinkler Star - Top banana Star - Destiny Star - Celeb Star - Capital symbol Star - Good student's reward Star - Marquee performer Star - Self-luminous body Star - Texaco trademark Star - Type of witness Star - Kansas city daily Star - Part of a constellation Star - * Star - Criticâs bestowal Star - Marquee-name entertainer Star - Something to wish upon Star - Constellation part Star - Phone button below the 7 Star - The sun, for one Star - "--- wars" Star - Box office draw Star - Outstanding player Star - See 55-across Star - Kind of billing Star - Polaris, for one Star - Pentagram Star - Have the lead Star - It may shine or fall Star - Polaris Star - See 34-down Star - Heavenly sight Star - Dallas cowboys' emblem Star - Reviewer's unit Star - Take the lead Star - Shape of fort mchenry Star - Banner spangler Star - Principal Star - Betelgeuse, e.g Star - Phone button Star - Big name Star - Constellation component Star - Sky light Star - Kindergarten award Star - Magi guide Star - Prominent player Star - Deneb or mizar Star - One assigned to a bomb? Star - Magi's interest Star - Tannenbaum topper, perhaps Star - See 48-across Star - Luminary Star - See 125-across Star - Kind of witness Star - Toronto paper Star - Great ball of fire Star - Rating unit Star - Dwarf or giant? Star - Castor or pollux Star - "the evening ___" (1996) Star - National enquirer rival Star - Rigel or deneb Star - Tannenbaum object Star - With 34d, a mariner's guide Star - One with a print outside grauman's chinese theatre Star - Common flag symbol Star - Cowboy's emblem Star - Christmas tree topper Star - Christmas cookie shape Star - Diva, e.g Star - Celebrity Star - Top of the cast Star - Child's reward, perhaps Star - Night twinkler Star - Movie rating unit Star - Hollywood walk of fame figure Star - Standout Star - The sun is one Star - Lead player Star - Walk of fame honor Star - Flag feature Star - "and i will give him the morning ___" (rev. 2:28) Star - Talented one Star - Wishing object Star - Betelgeuse or vega Star - Texaco symbol Star - Heineken symbol Star - Critic's unit Star - Old glory unit Star - Magic wand tip Star - Galactic bit Star - Cowboys' emblem Star - Paparazzi target Star - General decoration Star - Commendation Star - Leading actor Star - Capital indicator Star - General's accrual Star - Walk of fame attraction Star - One who shines Star - One may be assigned to a bomb Star - Reviewer's award Star - Marquee name Star - Telephone button Star - Not seen on dark nights Star - First one to be billed Star - Deneb or mizar, e.g Star - Marquee topper Star - Have top billing Star - Kansas city newspaper Star - General indicator Star - Prominent Star - Reviewer's handout Star - Hexagram Star - Word with "movie" or "shooting" Star - Part of orion's belt Star - With 23-across, winner of seven oscars Star - Magic wand feature Star - Main attraction Star - Grade schooler's reward Star - Top-billed actor Star - Highlight? Star - Play a big part Star - Geppetto wished on one Star - Galaxy unit Star - Walk of fame sight Star - Tabloid near "ok!" and "the enquirer" Star - Head the bill Star - Hollywood sighting, sometimes Star - Phone key Star - Any wimbledon winner, in the tennis world Star - Top-billed performer Star - Symbol on vietnam's flag Star - Shiner Star - Word that could precede the last word in 21, 26, 43 and 50-across Star - Phone button symbol Star - Dial phone's lack Star - Critic's bestowal Star - Top name on a marquee Star - Hollywood headliner Star - Big dipper unit Star - Kansas city paper Star - It twinkles Star - Leading performer Star - Critic's award Star - Penn or law, e.g Star - Play a big part? Star - Sheriff's badge shape Star - Pentagram shape Star - Lead the cast Star - Xmas tree topper Star - Guide for the magi Star - Walk of fame insignia Star - State indicator Star - Walk of fame embedment Star - High light Star - Texas flag feature Star - Consellation component Star - Tree topper Star - Quality unit Star - Dressing room door figure Star - It's left of zero Star - Chinese checkers board shape Star - Leading Star - Have the lead role Star - Actor with top billing Star - Deneb, for one Star - Lead performer Star - Play a leading role Star - Antares, e.g Star - Heineken bottle symbol Star - Grade-schooler's reward Star - Movie player? Star - Rigel, for one Star - Dipper part Star - Texas flag symbol Star - Leading man Star - Touted one Star - Idol Star - General's symbol Star - ___ witness Star - Sirius is one Star - Shiner? Star - Paparazzi prey Star - Altair or antares Star - Rat's reversal? Star - Lead actor Star - Walk of fame implant Star - Twinkling sky sight Star - Team leader Star - Symbol of achievement Star - The one assigned to a bomb? Star - Film rater's unit Star - Each state, symbolically Star - Betelgeuse, for one Star - Wisher's sight or site Star - Non-numerical phone button Star - Sun, for one Star - Smv word Star - Piece of orion's belt Star - General acquisition? Star - Walk of fame symbol Star - Big shot Star - Asterisk, to a phone dialer Star - Dipper component Star - Restaurant review symbol Star - Dwarf or giant, maybe Star - Sky sight Star - Take top billing Star - Proxima centauri, e.g Star - Milky way component Star - A telephone button Star - Head the cast Star - Macy's logo Star - Part of old glory Star - Cast header Star - Phone button below 7 Star - Celestial body Star - Sky twinkler Star - Play a big role Star - Walk of fame figure Star - Representation of a state on the u.s. flag Star - Scrabble board symbol Star - Heavenly body Star - It may be seen before 69 Star - It can be silver or bronze Star - Have the main role Star - Type of power Star - Michelin guide symbol Star - Hollywood honcho Star - Polaris or sirius Star - A film might receive one Star - Astrology item Star - Balthazar's guide Star - Apostrophe in macy's logo Star - Hot ball of gas Star - Film headliner Star - 'notch' on orion's belt Star - Milky way ingredient? Star - Cowboy's symbol Star - Walk of fame feature Star - Galaxy standout Star - Symbol on a top gun jet Star - Red giant or white dwarf Star - Old glory feature Star - Astro's cap insignia Star - Kindergarten 'grade' Star - Badge shape Star - ___ quality Star - Big dipper point Star - Night sight Star - Box-office draw Star - Symbol in the center of a scrabble board Star - Pentacle, e.g Star - Type of chamber or quality Star - Make the marquee? Star - Lebron or leonardo, e.g Star - Sheriff-badge shape Star - Indianapolis newspaper Star - Draw in a picture? Star - Head a cast Star - Sol, for one Star - One of seven in the big dipper Star - Toronto daily Star - Wisher's sight Star - Stand out Star - "a ___ is born" Star - Alpha, beta or gamma Star - Uncontrolled nuclear fusion site Star - Top the marquee Star - Item on a diva's door Star - Galaxy component Star - Headline (in) Star - Be billed first Star - Night sky sight Star - Pound alternative Star - Brigadier general's insignia Star - Paparazzi's target Star - Cross: christianity :: ___ : judaism Star - Dallas cowboys emblem Star - Rater's unit Star - Shape of the board in chinese checkers Star - Grade-school reward Star - Bronze __ Star - First name on a marquee Star - Have the biggest role Star - Night-sky light Star - Symbol on a flag Star - 'you are here' symbol Star - Play the leading role Star - Dallas cowboys helmet feature Star - See 34-across Star - Sirius, e.g Star - 83 across, e.g Star - Thing to wish upon Star - Walk of fame piece Star - Dressing-room door symbol Star - Gossip-column subject Star - Rock or tin follower Star - Hollywood walk of fame symbol Star - One with top billing Star - Hollywood success Star - Play the lead role Star - General symbol Star - The sun, e.g Star - Movie reviewer's unit Star - Old glory detail Star - Symbol on the hollywood walk of fame Star - Astronomy figure Star - It often goes out with a bang Star - Ninja projectile Star - Make the marquee Star - Name above the title Star - Symbolic telephone button Star - Betelgeuse or sirius Star - Big tabloid Star - See 26-across Star - Marquee luminary Star - Excel Star - Teacher's reward Star - Night light? Star - Marshal's badge Star - Sheriff's badge Star - Sirius or polaris Star - Wise men's beacon Star - Reward from the teacher Star - Jones of 'the view' Star - Cohort of meredith and joy Star - Lumi-nary Star - Walk of fame emblem Star - Walk of fame decoration Star - Magi's guide Star - Flag symbol Star - Film-rating symbol Star - Even the beastliest of beasts may turn up in heaven Star - Bright enough to get the pestsback Star - The principal part of 6 down Star - Celestial point of light Star - A heavenly body or film favourite Star - The right board on board Star - The sort of board that's all right on board Star - The best part of the pests are up to it Star - Hoe heavenly to get them back! Star - How heavenly to get them gnawing up here Star - Even the best of players may turn miserable Star - That's all right on board Star - This might get a turn at the top Star - The best part of the pests turn up Star - How heavenly for the lead part! Star - It might take oscar to get the pests up Star - That would be all right and light on board Star - The sort of board that's all right Star - For the main part this gets the pests back Star - It's right to have one on board Star - This board is all right on board Star - How heavenly to get the pests back! Star - For the main part one will get the pests up here Star - Bright enough to be in the lead Star - Drawing card Star - Five-pointed celestial body Star - Celestial body of hot gases Star - Five-pointed figure Star - Celebrity in the world of entertainment Star - Board right on board Star - So back the pests for the main part Star - Point of light in the heavens Star - Review unit Star - The leading player is heavenly Star - Reviewer's reward Star - Sign of a leading performer Star - Principal actor in a film Star - Hollywood heavyweight Star - Five- or six-pointed figure Star - A .... called henry (roddy doyle) Star - General indicator? Star - Constellation member Star - Magic wand tip, sometimes Star - Be top banana Star - They gnaw their way up for the most part Star - This is far from being all right on board Star - This tout might set off in space Star - This board gets right and is bright Star - For the most part, all right on board Star - Lead in theatre Star - Heavens, how the pests turn back there! (4) Star - Pests return to make them twinkle Star - The main player gets right on board in a heavenly way Star - They gnaw their way back to the heavens Star - How heavenly to have it on board all right Star - How heavenly to get the pests up Star - This board is right on board Star - The best part of being right on board Star - This board right on board Star - No extra that's bright right on board Star - This board on board? right! Star - Will they gnaw their way up to the heavens? Star - It's up there; pest's up there Star - Pests turn up to begin 30 across Star - Hollywood walk of fame feature Star - "twinkle, twinkle, little ..." (children's song) Star - Principal film actor Star - Be featured (in) Star - A feature of old glory Star - Nova, for one Star - Proxima centauri, for one Star - Tree decoration Star - Magic wand feature, often Star - The _____weekly Star - It may twinkle Star - Symbol on morocco's flag Star - Cast topper Star - Kid's reward, maybe Star - Sign that an answer is spelled trickily Star - Rodents raised to take the lead Star - A twinkling celestial body Star - One at the top of the bill Star - What this puzzle's central phenomenon may have once been Star - Rock __ Star - Reviewer's symbol Star - Outstanding actors' horoscope Star - See 10 Star - Principal gives up deserters Star - This celebrity participates in dishonest arguments Star - Starter rearranged kirk's first journey Star - Animals raised by celebrity Star - The highlight of the nativity Star - Big name appears nightly Star - A leading light in vermin turnaround Star - It may guide the traveller over deserts Star - After 8 12, go back to square 1 and spring up ('ow-d'ye-do, lynn) with profit Star - It may give direction to a sailor Star - See 6 Star - Big name in the performing arts Star - Impressive performance having to open vessel Star - Carmichael's beginning to impress duke and the guardian Star - Celebrity bass, armed in the main? Star - 7's drugs regularly taken during birth Star - See 1 across Star - Picture what the cooking connoisseur would never serve up? sloppy starter Star - Prince, for example, getting 20% in statistics and arithmetic Star - Body on board is right Star - Dramatist arranging central part for top actor Star - Personality that radiates energy Star - Bending over, i'm upset to see the principal Star - Horse's blaze of celebrity Star - See 16 Star - Astronomer - dreamer Star - Celebrated actor - heavenly body! Star - Heavenly body - leading actress? Star - Celebrated performer Star - Brilliant performer Star - Sun Star - See 5 Star - Celebrity - shining light Star - Distant sun Star - Glamorous celebrity Star - Screen idol Star - Cult sci-fi film Star - Leading actor in a show Star - Brilliant person Star - Celebrity - heavenly body Star - See 21 Star - Arts (anag) Star - Be brilliant Star - Big dipper component Star - __ system Star - That vermin up there Star - Take the lead? Star - A niece, say, accompanies it to see the sun Star - Mariner's guide Star - Mark as important, say Star - Symbol on texas's flag Star - See 26 Star - Lead a troupe Star - Important email marker Star - Galaxy glitterer Star - An indication of a division in high places Star - Name on the marquee Star - White dwarf, e.g Star - Golden _____ Star - Twinkler in the sky Star - Name on a marquee Star - Leading man or lady Star - Brigadier's insignia Star - Cowboys helmet feature Star - Film critic's unit Star - Part of texaco's logo Star - How annoying to be turned over for lead Star - Center of attention Star - Midnight twinkler Star - Kindergartner's reward Star - Sheriff badge shape Star - Map symbol Star - Top the cast Star - Capital-city map mark Star - Good man has a right to take the lead Star - Kansas city or indianapolis newspaper Star - Button below the 7 Star - Chain of old bodyguards surrounding 16 Star - Movie draw Star - "you are here" symbol Star - Shining example Star - One in the lead Star - Regulus, for one Star - Feature of a cowboy's helmet Star - Dressing-room door adornment Star - Big draw Star - Get the most screen time Star - Name at the top of the marquee Star - "___ trek" Star - Leading lady Star - Guide to bethlehem Star - Headliner, or symbol associated with 20-, 28-, 37-, 42- and 50-across Star - Dwarf or giant ___ Star - Southern cross unit Star - Leading player Star - Astronomical observation Star - Twinkling celestial body Star - Symbol for macy's Star - Walk of fame depiction Star - Milky way part Star - Night vision Star - It guided the magi around deserts Star - With 57-down, map book for an astronomer Star - Have the biggest part Star - It could be you on a map Star - Ranking symbol Star - Light at night Star - One billed higher than the rest Star - Sheriff's symbol Star - Emblem on captain america's shield Star - Macy's symbol Star - Name that gets top billing Star - Anagram of 20-across Star - End of a fairy's wand Star - Sirius, say Star - Dipper unit Star - Famous person beginning to waste time Star - Top-of-the-bill artist Star - Major with grumpy expression appearing to have flipped Star - Leading church abandons formality Star - Famous player getting endless gaze Star - Expression of contempt about this celebrity Star - Heavenly apparition frightens, not half Star - Eg, rigel, aldebaran Star - Famous performer's debut falling a little short Star - There is one on an england football shirt Star - Alex chilton made it big Star - There is one on an england shirt Star - Outstanding entertainer Star - Stewards booting out couples regularly in this chamber Star - Captain sensible's questioning single Star - Famous actor's right to join board Star - Shine as a sporting arts performer Star - The one on an england football shirt Star - One on the england football shirt? Star - Stringed instrument without one virtuoso Star - Bright personality? Star - Disraeli heroine associated with the church Star - Celebrity's response to rejection, we hear, if upset Star - Eg, betelgeuse Star - Lead the way to a river Star - Eg, antares Star - Lead singers - they are really tops Star - Famous entertainer Star - For example, marilyn monroe's heavenly body Star - Shiner makes us gawp endlessly Star - Child of frederik pohl Star - Endless gaze - up at this? Star - Mild oath brought up, one of these: **** Star - Top performer beginning but not finishing Star - Celebrity's right to ignore board Star - Heavenly light Star - Outstanding person Star - Top performer unaccompanied in texas Star - Famous performer Star - Quest of dean koontz Star - Maker of olaf stapledon Star - One begotten by wells top of the bill Star - Object of search by koontz Star - Is wood preservative brilliant? Star - Chaste, pure Star - Nonsense written about polaris, possibly Star - Upset informers with big shot Star - North __ Star - Shape at the end of a wand Star - Feature of captain america's shield Star - Kindergartner's reward, maybe Star - Guide for the 3-down Star - Get top billing Star - Rating symbol Star - Lead blast rejected Star - Christmas decoration Star - Pollux or castor Star - *natural nuclear-fusion reactor Star - Brilliant performer? Star - Part of a galaxy Star - Deneb or vega Star - Sirius, eg Star - Little point in looking at the sky? Star - Eg the sun Star - Actor who plays a principal role Star - A light from the name in lights Star - Eg sun Star - Sun gets a leading role Star - Take the lead role Star - Almost beginning to see rigel Star - Second part of 4 Star - Lead for the skylight Star - Take the lead from the beginning, but tail off Star - Take the lead with a run on the road Star - A light 'someone you all know' Star - Celebrity, half-naked Star - Actor to begin but not finish Star - Hero with heavenly body Star - - - of bethlehem Star - It's got five points in the lead Star - Celebrity only seen at night? Star - Heavenly body visible at night Star - Leading actor and sailor under suspicion initially Star - -- anise, a small fruit used in asian cookery Star - Celeb to begin but not finish Star - 'they looked up and saw a --'(see 8 across) Star - Lead from almost the beginning Star - Leading sailor following sun Star - Highlight of the cresta run Star - Leading, i got out of step Star - Top performer, leading light at christmas Star - Leading drummer tailed Star - Among cast, a really big name Star - Is topless, kissing sailor's heavenly body Star - And 24 down: top performer beginning fantastic run Star - Principal actor Star - Sun's beginning without end Star - Top complete/incomplete? Star - A highlight of the night that's clear Star - Celebrated performer of gangsta rap Star - North's leading light? Star - Novel by danielle steele (1989) Star - Sun is one name for tabloid Star - Famous person Star - Top actor's beginning, but not end Star - Top performer sings with backing Star - Celebrity, desolate when ignored by king Star - Beginning, but not finishing, as top player Star - Massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity Star - 1989 danielle steel novel Star - Polaris, for example Star - Annoyed expression when upset Star - Celebrity's sign at christmas, appropriately placed Star - Critical unit? Star - Symbol on captain america's shield Star - Lead on the silver screen Star - Heavenly twinkler Star - Wizard beginning but not ending Star - See 11 Star - Denzel washington, for one Star - First-billed performer Star - North carolina flag feature Star - Night vision? Star - Walk of fame award Star - Celestial twinkler Star - Have the lead part Star - Put off start-up by celebrity Star - Texas symbol Star - Leading performer, bald almost Star - The sun sends-up informers Star - Heineken bottle feature Star - Leading light Star - Twinkler Star - Sun is one name for a tabloid Star - Gaze endlessly, seeing famous actor Star - Late-night twinkler Star - Celebrity, bare almost Star - Supernova, originally Star - Restaurant rating unit Star - Macy's logo feature Star - Red carpet vip Star - Our sun, for one Star - The toronto _____ Star - Light up? Star - Almost begin to play a leading role Star - With 44-across, film series about to be continued with 'the force awakes' Star - Rigel or vega, e.g Star - 130-across is one Star - One of 12 in the european union logo Star - '...following yonder ____' Star - Quick-dial symbol Star - The magi's guide Star - One of old glory's 50 Star - One of 12 celebs swilling gin Star - Michelin rating unit Star - Wish receiver Star - Night sight in the sky Star - 34 across, for one Star - Symbol used by the answers to the asterisked clues Star - Center of a scrabble board Star - Dallas cowboys symbol Star - Highlight of the show? Star - Heineken logo feature Star - Center feature on a scrabble board Star - Movie critic's symbol Star - Beverly hills sighting Star - Keypad symbol Star - Common newspaper name Star - Perfect paper stick-on Star - Paparazzo's subject Star - Diamond in the sky Star - George clooney, for one Star - Top-billed Star - Big performance opening pot Star - Hollywood vip Star - Rigel or arcturus Star - One in the lead, perhaps, found failing to finish Star - Only one assigned to a bomb? Star - Astrophobe's fear Star - Cast member with top billing Star - Regulus or sirius Star - Constellation unit Star - Top name on the marquee Star - Wish recipient Star - Main actor Star - Sticker on a perfect paper, maybe Star - Symbol on texas' flag Star - Four-__ (superlative) Star - Ghanaian flag feature Star - Vietnam flag feature Star - See 124-down Star - Paparazzo subject Star - Dallas cowboys logo Star - Part of a rating Star - Personne très en vue Star - General's insignia Star - Celebrity that's knocked over by despicable people Star - Canopus or capella Star - Sirius, for one Star - Oater badge shape Star - Vedette de cinéma Star - Symbol seen in ratings Star - Telescope sight Star - Name on a billboard Star - 27-across, for one Star - Bit of a constellation Star - Mazzy ___ Star - Cult song on "basketball diaries" soundtrack Star - Singer, usually Star - Wahlberg's terrible "rock ___" Star - Everclear's "rock ___" Star - Big ___ Star - Alex chilton's big ___ Star - "you don't have to be a ___, baby, to be in my show" Star - Madonna "lucky ___" Star - Beck "dark ___" Star - "fade into you" mazzy ___ Star - What most rockers want to be Star - Rod stewart "you're the ___" Star - Bright belly album? Star - R.e.m. "___ 69" Star - What rocker wants to be Star - Power-pop godfathers big ___ Star - Chris bell band big ___ Star - Paul stanley has one on his face Star - Receive top billing Star - Capital symbol, on maps Star - Elle a bien des fans Star - review symbol Star - Revolutionary deserters showing sign of military rank Star - Certain phone button Star - It has its points Star - Celebrity opening cut short Star - Celebrity that looked down on humble birthplace Star - Symbol to the left of a zero on a phone Star - Lead deserters head north Star - Hollywood walk of fame honor Star - Restaurant rater's unit Star - '99 smash mouth hit "all ___" Star - Those who squeal about mark on horse Star - Thing in the night sky Star - Shining light Star - Topline, as a movie Star - Enjoy top billing Star - Bottom-row phone button Star - "baby you can drive my car, yes i'm gonna be a ___" Star - One receiving top billing Star - Céline dion en est une Star - Castor or pollux, e.g Star - Symbol at the center of a scrabble board Star - Preeminent Star - Sheriff's wear Star - Des gens l'adorent Star - One putting butts in movie seats Star - Principal performer Star - Astros cap feature Star - Upsets despicable types opening type of 6 down Star - Highlight one's seen in the theatrical world Star - Symbol on the texas flag Star - Big shot: 'how annoying to be rejected' Star - Navigator's aid Star - Feature of the texan flag Star - It may put a twinkle in your eye Star - Symbol on many flags Star - Heineken logo Star - Christmas symbol Star - One of 50 on the u.s. flag Star - Leading performer, almost bald Star - Elle a des fans Star - Michelin unit Star - E.g.sirius Star - Brilliant nightlight Star - Lead role actress Star - Houston astros logo image Star - Liberia's flag has one Star - Celebrity in hideous tartan suit Star - Betelgeuse is one Star - One's one to have one on the walk of fame Star - Influential rockers big ___ Star - Leading cast member Star - Movie attraction Star - Celebrity sending nasty people back Star - Be the lead performer in a film Star - Lead in a film Star - Vega, for one Star - Point of a constellation Star - Critic's assignment Star - Online rating symbol Star - Center square symbol, in scrabble Star - Play the hero Star - Celebrity has to begin shortly Star - See 24 Star - Twinkler up high Star - Movie premiere vip Star - Top draw of a flick Star - Symbol on a scrabble board's center space Star - Lead is found in costa rica Star - Sticker on some perfect papers Star - Touchtone keypad button Star - Top performer that represents state in standard array Star - Dylan saw a "shooting" one on "oh mercy" Star - Possible christmas tree topper? Star - Phone keypad symbol Star - Pointed symbol Star - Sky shiner Star - Sky shiner Star - Symbol in the middle of a scrabble board Star - Hollywood draw Star - Hollywood draw Star - Célébrité Star - Half-naked celebrity Star - Gawp mostly, to see famous artiste
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