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Dad - Father figure

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Dad - Father figure Dad - Pop Dad - Family man Dad - June honoree Dad - Xmas gift recipient Dad - 1989 jack lemmon film Dad - 'dear old' guy Dad - Many a little league coach Dad - Party to many a camping trip Dad - Scoutmaster, often Dad - Scout leader, maybe Dad - Pops Dad - Father, informally Dad - Little league coach, often Dad - "dear old" one Dad - Family member Dad - Many a turkey carver Dad - Catch participant, perhaps Dad - Add anagram Dad - 'old man' Dad - Father Dad - '50s sitcom staple Dad - Family sitcom role Dad - Old man Dad - Tie recipient, often Dad - Parent, back and forth Dad - 'dear old' family member Dad - Pop or pops Dad - The old man Dad - Papa Dad - "dear old" fellow Dad - Dear old ___ Dad - Pta meeting attendee, perhaps Dad - College funding source, for some Dad - Subject of this puzzle Dad - Stay-at-home ___ Dad - Henry, to jane Dad - Catch player Dad - Nascar ___ Dad - Sr., to jr Dad - Pa Dad - Senior, to junior Dad - Unc's bro Dad - Family nickname Dad - Palindromic family member Dad - He may coach little league Dad - See 108-across Dad - Mom's mate Dad - Mom's partner Dad - Mommy's dearest? Dad - Remote controller, perhaps Dad - Game with orcs and half-elves Dad - Puzzle honoree found in eight long answers Dad - Frequent college funding source Dad - Common source of college funding Dad - Familiar sitcom figure Dad - Tie recipient Dad - Dear old guy Dad - Coach in little league, often Dad - Billy ray, to miley Dad - "dear old" guy Dad - Homer, to bart Dad - Nuclear family member Dad - Andy taylor, to opie Dad - Father's day gift recipient Dad - Alternative when 47-down fails to respond Dad - ___-blamed Dad - Nascar __ Dad - One feted in june Dad - Kirk, to michael Dad - Tim taylor or al bundy, e.g Dad - Stay-at-home __ Dad - Third or sixth row Dad - Little league coach, probably Dad - "narrator" of harry chapin's "cat's in the cradle" Dad - "american ___!" (seth macfarlane cartoon) Dad - Third-sunday-in-june honoree Dad - Ward, to beaver Dad - "dear old" man Dad - Parental palindrome Dad - Palindromic relative Dad - Old man? Dad - #1 ___ (gift t-shirt slogan) Dad - Brit's 'guv' Dad - ___-blasted Dad - Pop alternative Dad - Deadbeat ___ Dad - Barack, to malia Dad - 1989 jack lemmon movie Dad - Mom's man Dad - Mid-june honoree Dad - Mom's guy Dad - Honoree hidden in this puzzle's 11 longest answers Dad - Guy with kids Dad - Poppa Dad - 'american ___!' (seth macfarlane cartoon) Dad - His big day is in june Dad - Eve had to have him for 23 across Dad - Might nothing have him on the wall Dad - Nothing could get him down on the wall Dad - Might he get around to getting on the wall? Dad - This 18 down might get around to go on the wall Dad - He goes backwards and forwards and gets around on the wall Dad - Nothing would make him stick to the wall Dad - Nothing could follow father onto the wall Dad - Informal father Dad - Popular and informal father Dad - Nothing could get him onto the wall Dad - Catch partner, perhaps Dad - Pop, pater Dad - Popular father - a palindrome Dad - Palindromic patriarch Dad - Nothing could get him to the top of the wall Dad - Would your old man get around on the wall? Dad - Man of the house Dad - Family guy Dad - Paternal palindrome Dad - Tie receiver, frequently Dad - "pop" alternative Dad - Another nuclear fam member Dad - Annual june honoree Dad - Sitcom stock character Dad - Many a cub scout den leader Dad - Thanksgiving turkey carver, maybe Dad - Youngster's "play catch" partner Dad - Christmas gift recipient, often Dad - Parent who can pass on an x or y chromosome Dad - Homer simpson, e.g Dad - 'major ___' of 1990s tv Dad - Martin sheen, to emilio estevez Dad - The older of two catch players Dad - Typical sitcom character Dad - Zeus, to apollo Dad - "american __!": animated sitcom Dad - Henry mitchell, to dennis Dad - Junior's senior Dad - Parent Dad - Theologian embraces a man close to mother Dad - Burned lead Dad - Henry, to dennis the menace Dad - Cliff jones' gay relative Dad - Mum's mate Dad - Ward, to the beav Dad - Pap Dad - Allowance dispenser, often Dad - Many a delivery participant Dad - Jay on 'modern family,' e.g Dad - Many a little league rooter Dad - Minister receiving a father Dad - Relation Dad - Many a scoutmaster Dad - 11 down occupant Dad - Palindromic parent Dad - Nickname within the family Dad - His day is in june Dad - Mom's spouse Dad - Barack, to sasha and malia Dad - Burned beginning Dad - National bank owner, on gag t-shirts Dad - Mate of mom Dad - Christmas stocking label, maybe Dad - Jr., to iii Dad - Guy hiding in 17-, 29-, 45- and 60-across, whose special day this year is june 19 Dad - Ricky nelson, to gunnar and matthew Dad - Vandals: "sorry mom and ___" Dad - Danish hard rockers Dad - "sleeping my day away" band Dad - Paternal goldfinger song? Dad - Formerly disneyland after dark Dad - "no fuel left for the pilgrims" band Dad - "had a ___" jane's addiction Dad - Ricky, to gunnar nelson Dad - Ricky, to matthew nelson Dad - 'dear old' person Dad - Having a baby makes one Dad - __ rock (springsteen, santana, etc.) Dad - Donovan, to ione skye Dad - Treehouse builder, maybe Dad - Father, familiarly Dad - Today's honoree, found in this puzzle's eight longest answers Dad - Brother of 76-across Dad - Word after nascar or deadbeat Dad - Stereotypical corny joke teller Dad - Theologian embracing a member of the family Dad - Darryl, in the comic 'baby blues' Dad - Father goes back and forth Dad - One of the family character's name and address Dad - One with shaving cream in his christmas stocking, maybe Dad - Father, in short