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Acre - Farm measure

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Acre - Farm measure Acre - One to grow on? Acre - Lot of land Acre - 'god's little ___' Acre - 4,047 square meters Acre - Small field Acre - Israeli seaport Acre - Field measure Acre - Zoning unit, maybe Acre - Farm unit Acre - Small farm spread Acre - Lot of rows to hoe Acre - It's all a plot! Acre - Estate division Acre - One of the 'back 40' Acre - Farm fraction Acre - A lot of lot Acre - One to build on? Acre - Development unit Acre - Bit of a spread Acre - Field size, maybe Acre - Mediterranean city known anciently as ptolemaïs Acre - Realtor's unit Acre - Growing room Acre - A little of a lot? Acre - Farm division Acre - Vineyard measure Acre - A lot, maybe Acre - Land unit Acre - Plot piece Acre - Plot, perhaps Acre - Pasture portion Acre - Field unit Acre - Big field Acre - Big plot Acre - It may be under development Acre - Fraction of a field Acre - It may be divided into rows Acre - One of the back 40 Acre - Surveyor's measure Acre - Piece of property Acre - Land measure Acre - 43,560 square feet Acre - Big yard, perhaps Acre - Suburban plot, maybe Acre - Word in a caldwell title Acre - Farmland unit Acre - Home land Acre - A lot of plot Acre - Plot set in the suburbs? Acre - Port near haifa Acre - Subdivision subdivision, perhaps Acre - Nearly 5,000 square yards Acre - Land parcel Acre - Vineyard unit Acre - Realty measure Acre - Plot size, perhaps Acre - Caldwell title measure Acre - It could be a lot Acre - Ranch division Acre - Fair-sized field Acre - Ranch unit Acre - Land division Acre - Land lot Acre - Part of a plot Acre - Zoning minimum, maybe Acre - Square measure Acre - "god's little ---" (caldwell novel) Acre - 4,840 square yards Acre - Cropped unit? Acre - Planting unit Acre - 1/640 of a square mile Acre - God's ___ (churchyard) Acre - Small farm size Acre - Plot part Acre - One of the 'north 40' Acre - Large yard, perhaps Acre - Part of a parcel, perhaps Acre - Growing amount? Acre - Good-size field Acre - Plowing unit Acre - A lot, for many? Acre - City once known as ptolemais Acre - Part of a parcel Acre - Cornfield measure Acre - Farm parcel Acre - Homeland? Acre - One of 825,000 on the king ranch Acre - Realtor's plot Acre - Many a homestead spread Acre - "god's little ___" Acre - Farm piece Acre - Farmland division Acre - Wise addition? Acre - Part of a spread Acre - 1/640 square mile Acre - It may be a lot Acre - Forest unit Acre - Suburbanite's lot, often Acre - It's sometimes a lot Acre - Decent plot Acre - Farm section Acre - One of forty with a mule Acre - 6,272,640 square inches Acre - Lot, perhaps Acre - Some of a lot Acre - Smallish field Acre - For some, it could be a lot Acre - It could be part of a plot Acre - Part of the plot? Acre - Plot unit Acre - Part of the back 40 Acre - Room to grow? Acre - Good lot size Acre - Fair-sized garden Acre - Plot parcel Acre - 160 square rods Acre - Homestead act unit Acre - Suburban plot, perhaps Acre - Part of a plot, perhaps Acre - Historic israeli port Acre - Growth area Acre - Part of a plot? Acre - Part of a lot? Acre - Plot measure Acre - A lot of land? Acre - Land area Acre - Rural lot size, perhaps Acre - Part of a large plot? Acre - It could be a plot Acre - Home land, perhaps Acre - Real-estate measure Acre - U.s. plot? Acre - It can be a lot Acre - Split-level setting, perhaps Acre - Planar measure Acre - 1/40 of 'the back 40' Acre - It may be part of a lot Acre - One to grow on Acre - Something to grow on Acre - Not your average city lot Acre - Good-sized plot Acre - Real estate unit Acre - Spread unit Acre - One of the back forty Acre - It may contain the whole plot Acre - A lot? Acre - Farm area Acre - Map square Acre - Portion of the ponderosa Acre - State in west brazil Acre - Plower's unit Acre - Farming unit Acre - Large property size, for residences Acre - God's was little, in fiction Acre - For many, it may be a lot Acre - Big yard, maybe Acre - Big lot Acre - Measurement in a caldwell title Acre - Square-mile fraction Acre - One of the "north forty" Acre - Zoning unit Acre - City ne of haifa Acre - One may be under development Acre - Lot measurement Acre - 1/40 of "the back 40" Acre - Room for a lot Acre - Lot of rows to hoe? Acre - Good-sized lot Acre - A fortieth of the back 40 Acre - Decent lot Acre - Plot part, perhaps Acre - Large lawn Acre - Realty unit Acre - Plot element? Acre - It could be a lot or a plot Acre - Part of some plots Acre - Race anagram Acre - Crop measure Acre - Not a lot of a big lot Acre - Rural land measure Acre - ___-inch (irrigation unit) Acre - Land measurement Acre - 1/640th of a square mile Acre - Spread section Acre - Lot unit Acre - Good piece of land Acre - Ranchland unit Acre - Size of a lot, perhaps Acre - Israeli port Acre - "north forty" piece Acre - Subdivision of a subdivision Acre - .4 hectares, roughly Acre - Farmland measure Acre - Farmland measurement Acre - Farmland parcel Acre - Plot to develop, perhaps Acre - Ten square chains Acre - About four-tenths of a hectare Acre - Good-sized garden Acre - Ranch piece Acre - Crusaders' port Acre - Parcel part Acre - Part of some parcels Acre - "god's little __" Acre - Fair-sized plot Acre - Farm segment Acre - Small field size Acre - Port on the bay of haifa Acre - Plot segment Acre - This may be a lot Acre - Plat book unit Acre - Area measure Acre - Some of a lot? Acre - Wise ending? Acre - House plot size, perhaps Acre - Brazilian state Acre - One of about 1,500,000 in the everglades Acre - A lot, at times Acre - A little of a large lot? Acre - Developer's unit Acre - A lot of land, either way you look at it Acre - One of 109 in vatican city Acre - Sizable lot Acre - 'god's little ___' (erskine caldwell best seller) Acre - Part of a farm Acre - Land buy Acre - 'god's little __' Acre - Part of the back forty Acre - 43,560 sq. ft Acre - Plot component Acre - Third crusade siege site Acre - Growing room? Acre - God's is little, in fiction Acre - Ample-sized property for a home Acre - Small part of a large farm Acre - It might be a lot Acre - Israeli city whose citadel was built by the ottomans Acre - Land measure Acre - Secret plot found in 17-, 26-, 44- and 55-across Acre - Lot size, maybe Acre - 76 across quadrupled Acre - Plot for a house, maybe Acre - Piece of land Acre - Lot, often Acre - Chunk of land Acre - Section section Acre - Bit of land Acre - Meadow measure Acre - 66 x 660 feet Acre - One of a hundred for christopher robin Acre - ___-foot (irrigation unit) Acre - Homeland plot? Acre - Lot, sometimes Acre - "god's little ___" (caldwell novel) Acre - One of the "back forty" Acre - Parcel unit Acre - Property measure Acre - Pasture parcel Acre - 24 down unit Acre - "north 40" unit Acre - One can be a whole lot Acre - Siege of ___ (opening of the third crusade) Acre - Back 40 unit Acre - Unit of land Acre - Land segment Acre - Land parcel unit Acre - Unit of land measure Acre - Land allotment Acre - Field measurement Acre - Field fraction Acre - It's made up of square rods Acre - Size of a lot, often Acre - Division of land Acre - Lot, maybe Acre - City near mount carmel Acre - 220-by-198-foot plot, e.g Acre - Port in the eastern mediterranean Acre - Development unit, perhaps Acre - About 4,047 square meters Acre - One of about 14,500 in manhattan Acre - Real estate measure Acre - Part of a large plot Acre - Wise add-on? Acre - Plot division Acre - Farmer's measure Acre - Plot size Acre - Farmer's unit Acre - Nice-sized plot of land Acre - Big yard area Acre - Land portion Acre - Good-sized residential property Acre - Part of a large lot Acre - 43,560-square-foot unit Acre - Country square? Acre - One of a thousand in a jane smiley title Acre - Land purchase, perhaps Acre - Piece of land, perhaps Acre - Where pooh lives, hundred ___ wood Acre - Good bit of land Acre - Plot of farm land Acre - Big in-town lot Acre - Unit of real estate Acre - City near haifa Acre - Parcel of land Acre - Farm chunk Acre - Lot size Acre - Field parcel Acre - Homestead act measure Acre - Four roods Acre - Lot fraction Acre - Estate measure Acre - 'god's little --' Acre - Broad expanse Acre - 27-across measure Acre - Lot measure Acre - Lot division Acre - Cropland unit Acre - Bit of a lot Acre - Tillage unit Acre - One of pooh's hundred Acre - Care about the land measure Acre - That sounds like a painful lot of ground Acre - This could make one care for anything so sore, by the sound of it Acre - The land that sounds as if it could make one sore Acre - So much ground will give you the toothache, by the sound of it Acre - Not much land in the middle east Acre - This is ground in 23 across Acre - Sounds as if the tooth is sore if it's ground Acre - Plenty of grounds for a tooth to be sore, by the sound of it Acre - It's sore, by the sound of it, over a wide area Acre - Care to be a bit of ground in the middle east? Acre - Care to have this all ground? Acre - One may sound sore, being of a mixed race Acre - Sounds like one sore tooth over one large area Acre - Imperial land measurement Acre - Imperial measure of land Acre - Imperial measurement Acre - Care about the piece of land Acre - 4840 square yards Acre - 0.405 of a hectare Acre - How much is ground in what is sacred? Acre - Space for what's sore by the sound Acre - Imperial measure for land Acre - A land measure to care about Acre - Care about this bit of land Acre - Measure of land Acre - Care about this bit of land? Acre - Caldwell's little plot Acre - Care for some land? Acre - Care to land so much? Acre - A century about to be a sore one, by the sound of it Acre - You don't need so much room for a sore tooth, by the sound of it Acre - Care to sound like a pain in the neck? Acre - Race for the sore tooth, by the sound of it Acre - 'plenty of room for a sore tooth, by the sound of it (4)' Acre - 10% of a quarter of a quarter of a quarter section Acre - Football-field size, approximately Acre - Zoning measure Acre - One of yellowstone's 2 million Acre - It might be a whole lot Acre - Part of a plot, often Acre - 'god's little ___' (erskine caldwell novel) Acre - Field division Acre - Sounds like one who aches for a fair amount of land Acre - Home lot size, perhaps Acre - Good-sized building site Acre - Something to build on Acre - Fraction of a square mile Acre - Fraction of "the back 40" Acre - Port area Acre - An area of sacred ground Acre - Extent of territory occupied by crusaders? Acre - See 24 Acre - Bill about a land measure Acre - A conservative leader about to give ground Acre - A small credit note on which little can be raised Acre - Size of field for a medley race Acre - A measure of port Acre - Measure required to secure some extra credit Acre - Bill received in connection with port Acre - 100 are about enough space for several houses Acre - Care about piece of land Acre - Area measure - israeli port - brazilian state Acre - Unit of area Acre - Area - israeli port - brazilian state Acre - Unit of area of 4,840 square yards Acre - Measure of area Acre - Israeli port - measure of area Acre - Old unit of area - old port Acre - Unit of area - israeli port Acre - Four roods - israeli port Acre - Edges away from consecrated farm unit Acre - A bit of land Acre - Manor portion Acre - Part of many a plot Acre - Vineyard portion Acre - Re/max unit Acre - Israeli city Acre - Property unit Acre - Hectare's predecessor Acre - Growth area? Acre - One of monaco's 368 Acre - Land purchase unit Acre - Sizable garden Acre - Piece of some plots Acre - Land measure unit Acre - Imperial measurement of land Acre - About 91 yards of a football field Acre - Grassland unit Acre - Foreign port area Acre - Part of a lot, sometimes Acre - Ranch measure Acre - Back forty unit Acre - Russell embraces credit for landmark perhaps Acre - Good-sized home site Acre - Land fraction Acre - Piece of farmland Acre - A lot, for some? Acre - A little of a lot Acre - Residential plot Acre - Farm land measure Acre - Farm field fraction Acre - Building lot minimum, often Acre - A lot of ground? Acre - It may be a plot Acre - Nice-sized lot Acre - Israeli city attacked by napoleon Acre - Yard size, say Acre - Corn maze measure Acre - Small part of a big plot Acre - Good piece of farmland Acre - Imperial measure about to go up and down Acre - Bit of land on the outskirts of activity centre Acre - Land development division Acre - __-foot (reservoir measure) Acre - Unit of farmland Acre - Developer's measure Acre - Site of battle - large number wiped out in overwhelming defeat Acre - Measure of land much reduced if cape is excluded Acre - Square measure of land Acre - Land measure in israel Acre - Persistent tendency Acre - Middle east port area Acre - Verdant area described by j. i. m. stewart Acre - Nothing is dropped in a central area Acre - A state of w brazil Acre - Conspire in novel construction Acre - Four thousand, eight hundred and forty square yards Acre - Mediterranean port area Acre - Area once occupied by crusaders Acre - Area of land in western brazil Acre - Point four nought five of a hectare Acre - Area where a team lacks width Acre - Area seen as holy with sides going out Acre - A lot of sailors briefly in mediterranean port Acre - Verdant area described by j. l. m. stewart Acre - Sprain i eased with this Acre - Four thousand eight hundred and forty square yards Acre - City's area Acre - River going through one stretch of land Acre - Extent of crusaders' objective? Acre - One holding right to area of land Acre - About end of dinner one's given port Acre - Unit of land area Acre - Unit constant in most of what it measures Acre - Dancer set apart from odd characters in area Acre - Area of land Acre - A group of sailors leaving western port Acre - Port given some mercantile backing Acre - Verdant area described by stewart Acre - Ancient city in israel Acre - About 4,050 square meters Acre - Cropland measure Acre - Plot that thickens? Acre - Imperial land measure Acre - A lot of a lot Acre - It could be a whole lot Acre - Forest measure Acre - About 40 million square centimeters Acre - Plot of land, often Acre - Land measure equal to 4,840 square yards Acre - Amount of land taken by crusaders Acre - Race (anag.) Acre - Measure Acre - Land a right, a good one to catch with Acre - From rain, one provides protection in some measure Acre - Land in america, i am forced to leave: thrown out Acre - Port's excellent around mid-afternoon Acre - Land the master right in it Acre - 4840 sq yds Acre - Size of field for a medley-race? Acre - Port that's a credit to the east Acre - 'measure' has one r in it Acre - River in super area Acre - Land bill about to follow Acre - Expert accepts right to some land Acre - River flanked by excellent piece of farmland Acre - Land and are caught coming in Acre - Expert crossing river in israeli city Acre - Measure crack rain initially got through Acre - A credit note for some land Acre - Industrial seaport of israel Acre - Bill about land Acre - Measure of land area Acre - Israeli port area Acre - River going through one's land Acre - Mediterranean port's superb around mid-afternoon Acre - Area surrounding river is outstanding Acre - Some land endlessly set aside for religious use Acre - Some land? a group of sailors will get the women coming out Acre - Part of america created so much land Acre - Area in the grip of maniac recently Acre - Evicting french who occupy land Acre - A credit expert's beginning to get the measure of land Acre - Piece of land endlessly consecrated Acre - Cornfield section Acre - Fair piece of land Acre - Bushels per ___ (farm measure) Acre - Fraction of the farm is about care Acre - Area one has run through Acre - Real estate division Acre - Russell retains credit for part of the plot Acre - One of 22 at alcatraz Acre - One of the vatican's 109 Acre - Good plot of farmland Acre - Size of some lots Acre - One of the 40 in a farmer's 'back 40' Acre - Nice plot of land Acre - A bit more than 4,000 square meters Acre - Part of a major plot Acre - One of 100 in a 'winnie-the-pooh' wood Acre - Port passed round during dinner, cautiously Acre - Unit to plow Acre - Spread measure Acre - Winnie-the-pooh's hundred ___ wood Acre - Levant sea port Acre - Good-sized backyard Acre - Park parcel Acre - One of 843 in central park Acre - One of 840 in central park Acre - One of 640 in a square mile Acre - One of 350 in hyde park Acre - Farmer's measurement Acre - Major part of a plot Acre - Generous lot Acre - Milne's hundred __ wood Acre - Field size, sometimes Acre - About a hundredth of vatican city Acre - Plot size, sometimes Acre - Spread segment Acre - 1/40 of a farmer's 'back forty' Acre - Yard size, maybe Acre - Part of major plots Acre - Zoning unit, perhaps Acre - Amount of land in far corner, oddly cropped Acre - Parcel division Acre - The __ (off-the-mark anagram of "hectare") Acre - Pasture measure Acre - Orchard measure Acre - Brill located around river area Acre - Piece of sacred land? Acre - Amount to plow Acre - Spread measurement Acre - Farm tract Acre - Subdivision division, perhaps Acre - About 3/4 of a football field Acre - One of the lower 40 Acre - One of 100 in winnie-the-pooh's wood Acre - North 40 unit Acre - Port causes daily mail editor to blow his top Acre - Pastureland portion Acre - Builder's unit Acre - A bit of fruit lacking round division of farm? Acre - Irritant au goût Acre - Meadowland measure Acre - A lot of land, maybe Acre - Cornfield unit Acre - One of the "north 40" Acre - Ancienne mesure agraire Acre - Hem's "half ___" Acre - Piece of a rocker's estate? Acre - Jolene "hell's half ___" Acre - "hell's half ___" off robbie robertson's solo debut Acre - "the cold ___" augie march Acre - Hem "half ___" Acre - "nine ___ court" charlatans Acre - Real estate sale Acre - Park unit Acre - It has much room to grow Acre - Orchard unit Acre - Farmer's field unit Acre - Realtor's lot unit Acre - Good-sized lot for a city dweller Acre - It's a measure of the land going around activity centre Acre - Pastoral piece? Acre - Plot to plow Acre - Parcel portion Acre - Plowing measure Acre - It can be a lot of land Acre - Prophet who anointed saul Acre - Unit to plow, often Acre - Part of many a parcel Acre - Land is endlessly sacred Acre - Piquant au goût Acre - Accuracy of fire limits one of those in the field Acre - Rural measurement Acre - Area that is holy with extremists hiding Acre - Planting unit, for farmers Acre - Zoning area Acre - Sides with action figure in plot Acre - Measure of 11 down Acre - Land measure on my mansion grounds Acre - Ranch land measure Acre - Real estate buy Acre - One of the north 40 Acre - Unit to plow, sometimes Acre - Homebuilder's lot size Acre - Good-sized land unit Acre - Equivalent of four roods Acre - Plot at home, maybe Acre - Developer's plot, perhaps Acre - Good-sized land plot Acre - Academic figure sides with one of those farming types Acre - A bit over 4,000 square meters Acre - Land measurement of ten square chains Acre - Israeli city that shares its name with a unit of measure Acre - Area of 1 chain x 1 furlong Acre - Area of israeli city Acre - Measure for a lot Acre - A clip around ear for leaders on the farm - it's some measure of what the farmers have to deal with Acre - Queen about to lift port by the med Acre - One of 499 that comprise monaco Acre - One chain by one furlong Acre - About 1% of the vatican Acre - 4,046.86 square meters Acre - Some land in mediterranean port Acre - Carefree? with a lot of land! Acre - Care about farmland unit Acre - Estate unit Acre - A measure of one of those grounded types of sources coming off racecourses Acre - Tract measure Acre - Nice-sized plot Acre - Nice-sized plot Acre - Cropland segment Acre - Cropland segment Acre - Amount of land a pair of oxen could plow in a day, historically Acre - Real estate parcel Acre - Real estate parcel Acre - Grounded measure?