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Ills - Pandora's boxful

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Ills - 'are they 'igh? well, they're not (4)' Ills - 30 across of 31 across Ills - 35 across with a lisp? well, they're not Ills - Aches and pains Ills - Afflictions Ills - After tea there might be a woeful lot of money in them Ills - Ailments Ills - Ailments kill some but not all Ills - Ailments, misfortunes Ills - Are they 'igh? well, no Ills - Are they 'igh? well, they're not Ills - Are they 'igh? well, they're not (4) Ills - Are they 11 across? well, they are but well they're not Ills - Are they high enough for the cockneys? well, they're not Ills - Bad things Ills - Band problems Ills - Beheading puts an end to troubles Ills - Calamities Ills - Complaints Ills - Contents of pandora's box Ills - Contents of pandora's box, except for hope Ills - Contents of pandora’s box Ills - Disorders Ills - Distresses Ills - Drought, poverty and such Ills - Drugs and crime, e.g Ills - Economic and social misfortunes Ills - Escapees from a mythical box Ills - Escapees from pandora's box Ills - Evils Ills - Evils or sicknesses Ills - For cockney, cotswolds may present problems Ills - For the unaspirated, they are not well enough for the flat Ills - God-like Ills - Hardly blessed events Ills - Hardships Ills - Harms Ills - High for a cockney? well, they're not Ills - How i will get to the south, due to misfortunes Ills - I shall get to the south? well, not with them Ills - I shall shave now - time for the foregoing - from 7 26 Ills - I will get to the south Ills - Is the top of the rises missing? well they're not Ills - Is this about fifty-fifty? well, no Ills - It is about fifty-fifty that you won't be the better for having them Ills - It might seem that this is about fifty-fifty - well, it's not Ills - It's as well they're not Ills - Large-scale problems Ills - Maladies Ills - Maladies or misfortunes Ills - Malaises Ills - Meat loaf: "a remedy for all your ___ ..." Ills - Miseries Ills - Misery causes Ills - Misfortunes Ills - Misfortunes or maladies Ills - Misfortunes we keep well away from Ills - No head for accounts problems Ills - Opposite to 5 down for the unaspirated Ills - Pain and suffering Ills - Pains Ills - Panacea's targets Ills - Panaceas' targets Ills - Pandora let them out Ills - Pandora release Ills - Pandora released them Ills - Pandora released them, in myth Ills - Pandora unleashed them Ills - Pandora's box contents Ills - Pandora's boxful Ills - Pandora's escapees Ills - Pandora's inventory Ills - Pandora's release Ills - Plagues Ills - Poverty and war Ills - Poverty, pollution and such Ills - Poverty, pollution, and such Ills - Problems Ills - Problems of society Ills - Problems taking top off tablets Ills - Problems, problems Ills - Psychedelic experimental band psychic ___ Ills - Reform targets Ills - Reformer's targets Ills - Reformers' targets Ills - Rises for the cockney not very well Ills - Rises for the cockney? well, they're not Ills - Serious societal problems Ills - Shangri-la's lack Ills - Sicknesses Ills - Sicknesses or hardships Ills - Sicknesses or harms Ills - Sicknesses or misfortunes Ills - Sins Ills - Sob story features Ills - Social problems Ills - Societal problems Ills - Societal troubles Ills - Societal woes Ills - Society's problems Ills - Society's woes Ills - Some are social Ills - Sorry situations Ills - Sounds as if they're of no avail for the unaspirated Ills - Sources of complaints Ills - Sources of distress Ills - Sources of misery Ills - Sources of suffering Ills - Starts for 10 across with rises for the unaspirated Ills - Subject of therapy Ills - Subjects of complaints Ills - Tablets lacking power? these may remain Ills - Targets of remedies Ills - Targets of social reform Ills - Terrible problems, as of society Ills - They're all bad Ills - They're bad for 10 across Ills - They're no good Ills - They're not good Ills - Things to cure Ills - This is about fifty-fifty enough to make one sick Ills - Travails Ills - Trials and tribulations Ills - Tribulations Ills - Troubles Ills - Troubles and misfortunes Ills - Troubles caused by factories starting late Ills - Troubles created by skimming invoices Ills - Troubles in society Ills - Troubles of society Ills - Troubles or woes Ills - Troubles with invoices - no heading Ills - Troubles with invoices lacking heading Ills - Unfavorable aspects Ills - Unhappy happenings Ills - Unopened invoices can lead to complaints Ills - Unopened tablets can lead to complaints Ills - War, famine, etc Ills - Well they're not high for the unaspirated Ills - Well, they're not 'igh Ills - Well, they're not 'igh - save for the unaspirated Ills - Well, they're not all silly Ills - Well, they're not rising for the unaspirated Ills - What is about fifty-fifty? well, no Ills - What pandora unleashed Ills - Will they 12 across? well, that would make them Ills - Woes Ills - Woes of society Ills - Woes of the world Ills - Woes, as of the world Ills - Worldly woes