Menu - Diner's card

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  • Menu - Letter on M
  • 1 - st. word M
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word N
  • 4 - st. word U

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Menu - A choice location Menu - A fancy one may not include prices Menu - A fancy one may not include prices Menu - A large one offers many courses Menu - A small one helps the indecisive Menu - A waiter brings this Menu - A waiter hands it to you Menu - Acceptable supplement to workers' fare Menu - Aid in choosing sides Menu - Aid in choosing starters Menu - Aid in picking sides Menu - Answering machine offering, sometimes Menu - Are you the follower of people in the way of eating? Menu - Array of choices Menu - Array of options Menu - Automated phone-system component Menu - Banquet list Menu - Banquet posting Menu - Beanery handout Menu - Bill of fare Menu - Bistro card Menu - Bistro chalkboard list, perhaps Menu - Bistro handout Menu - Bistro list Menu - Bistro listing Menu - Bistro page Menu - Bistro posting Menu - Bistro window posting Menu - Blackboard writing, at times Menu - Button on an ipod Menu - Button on some remotes Menu - Cafe card Menu - Café card Menu - Café chalkboard listing Menu - Café handout Menu - Cafe reading Menu - Cafe's list Menu - Cafe's listing Menu - Cafeteria list Menu - Card of courses Menu - Card with the headings 'appetizers,' 'entrees' and 'desserts' Menu - Carte Menu - Carte before the course Menu - Carte before the course? Menu - Carte du jour Menu - Carte that isn't blanche Menu - Cell phone display word Menu - Certain computer screen Menu - Chalkboard at a cafe, perhaps Menu - Chalkboard list, maybe Menu - Chalkboard writing at a cafe Menu - Chef's compilation Menu - Chef's concern Menu - Children's ___ Menu - Choice array Menu - Choice list Menu - Choice location? Menu - Choice of courses Menu - Choice of dishes Menu - Choice reading? Menu - Choice vehicle Menu - Choice vehicle? Menu - Choices, choices Menu - Click it to drop it Menu - Clickable list Menu - Computer choice list Menu - Computer display Menu - Computer drag-down Menu - Computer drop-down Menu - Computer list Menu - Computer offering Menu - Computer options list Menu - Computer screen listing Menu - Computer screen offering Menu - Computer selection screen Menu - Computer's option list Menu - Computer-screen list Menu - Corporation caller's earful Menu - Course list Menu - Course list? Menu - Course listing Menu - Course listings Menu - Course offerer Menu - Dessert list Menu - Dessert ___ Menu - Diet Menu - Diet-book page Menu - Dietitian creation Menu - Diner handout Menu - Diner list Menu - Diner listing Menu - Diner options Menu - Diner reading Menu - Diner's card Menu - Diner's card? Menu - Diner's directory Menu - Diner's list Menu - Diner's listing Menu - Diner's preoccupation Menu - Dinner table? Menu - Dish describer Menu - Dish descriptions Menu - Dish list Menu - Dish lister Menu - Dishy list puts fashionable fellows first Menu - Drive-thru window display Menu - Drop-down item Menu - Drop-down list Menu - Drop-down __ Menu - Dvd remote button Menu - Dvr button Menu - Eatery card Menu - Eatery list Menu - Eatery's list Menu - Entrã©e list Menu - Entree list Menu - Excel element Menu - Fare available for soldiers out without protection? Menu - Fashionable chap's first choice of food Menu - Fellows of the upper class that may be seen in restaurant Menu - Fellows with university providing courses in writing Menu - File __ Menu - File ___ Menu - File, edit or help Menu - File, edit, or help Menu - Food available for fellows going to university Menu - Food bill Menu - Food card Menu - Food list Menu - Food programme of restaurant Menu - Functions list Menu - Greasy spoon necessity Menu - Guys on university list Menu - Handout from a hostess Menu - Handout to the hungry Menu - Hash house handout Menu - Hash-house handout Menu - Help list, e.g Menu - Host's handout Menu - How people get you the bill for fares Menu - Informally, the two of us have options here Menu - Ipod button Menu - It comes down on a computer Menu - It gives you choices Menu - It lists courses Menu - It may be just desserts? Menu - It may be read before dinner Menu - It may be read before meals Menu - It may be touch-screen Menu - It may be written on a blackboard Menu - It may drop down Menu - It may drop down or pop up Menu - It may get pulled down Menu - It may help one choose sides Menu - It may help you choose sides Menu - It may include a list of starters Menu - It may pop up or drop down Menu - It may start with 'starters' Menu - It may start with starters Menu - It might be pulled down Menu - It might drop down on a computer Menu - It might end with "beverages" Menu - It might end with 'beverages' Menu - It might include hot dogs and baked beans Menu - It might pop up Menu - It might start with 'starters' Menu - It reveals what's cooking Menu - It shows the courses available for people at university Menu - It's brought to order Menu - It's covered in many a restaurant review Menu - It's fixed for a prix fixe meal Menu - It's full of options Menu - It's got food all over it Menu - It's oversized in some restaurants Menu - It's read at 39-across Menu - It's read at a restaurant Menu - It's read at the table Menu - It's taken after an order is given Menu - It's taken from you in restaurants Menu - It's useful when making a choice, of course Menu - It's usually returned after ordering Menu - Item in a diner host's stack Menu - Item often left at apartment doors Menu - Items of course for the people you follow Menu - Kids' __: restaurant offering Menu - Kind of bar Menu - Laptop list Menu - Letter enclosing printing unit’s list of courses Menu - List Menu - List above a counter Menu - List as a matter of course Menu - List at a drive-thru Menu - List first of names between us. say Menu - List from a waiter Menu - List in chalk Menu - List in chalk, sometimes Menu - List of (computer or food) items Menu - List of alternatives Menu - List of available dishes Menu - List of available food and drink Menu - List of chaps attending university Menu - List of choices Menu - List of computer options Menu - List of courses Menu - List of courses for chaps at university Menu - List of courses? Menu - List of dishes Menu - List of dishes available Menu - List of dishes available in restaurant Menu - List of dishes in restaurant Menu - List of dishes offered by restaurant Menu - List of dishes offered in restaurant Menu - List of dishes on offer Menu - List of entrées Menu - List of fare Menu - List of food items Menu - List of food items on offer Menu - List of functions Menu - List of items available for males thought socially acceptable Menu - List of items available in restaurant (4) Menu - List of items to choose from as in restaurant Menu - List of options Menu - List of options for fellows at university Menu - List of options for university fellows to begin with Menu - List of options produced by people going to university Menu - List of people out in the middle Menu - List of prime numbers Menu - List of restaurant options Menu - List of soldiers visible to all Menu - List of workers from university Menu - List of workers out in the middle Menu - List on a laptop Menu - List pieces on board second to queen Menu - List some prime numbers Menu - List sometimes in chalk Menu - List sometimes written in chalk Menu - List staff that everyone can see Menu - List that goes from appetizers to desserts Menu - List that might include specials Menu - List the setter's name and alma mater Menu - List with activities for kids Menu - List with sides Menu - List with soups and salads Menu - Liste d'options Menu - Liste de plats Menu - Listing of dishes Menu - Literature before lunch? Menu - Look here to find out what's cooking Menu - Luncheonette list Menu - Maã®tre d's offering Menu - Maitre d' handout Menu - Maître d's handout Menu - Maître d's offering Menu - Maitre d's offering Menu - Many a flier under a door Menu - May be ordered off for scoffing Menu - Mcdonald's board Menu - Meal plan Menu - More than half a violinist's list of options Menu - Mouth-watering reading material Menu - Of course it's a list! Menu - Of course that's the bill you get for the fare Menu - Old boys going to university - list of available courses Menu - One may be brought to order Menu - One may be ordered off for eating Menu - One might be pulled down Menu - One page, at a greasy spoon Menu - Option list Menu - Options list Menu - Options people accepted Menu - Order choices Menu - Orderer's reference Menu - Ordering aid Menu - Ordering options Menu - Orders come from it Menu - Outdoor blackboard info Menu - Pc listing Menu - Pc pop-up Menu - People get euston's second fare list Menu - People going over university's list of courses Menu - People joining university that provides information about courses Menu - People start to use restaurant guide Menu - People you get for courses Menu - Pieces for all to see in list Menu - Place to look up dishes Menu - Plan for dinner Menu - Pop-up list Menu - Posting often seen in a window Menu - Preprandial reading Menu - Presenter of choices Menu - Pull-down item Menu - Pull-down list Menu - Range of dishes available Menu - Reading at a greasy spoon Menu - Reading matter at the dinner table Menu - Remote button Menu - Remote button, perhaps Menu - Remote control button Menu - Request to a server, perhaps Menu - Restaurant card Menu - Restaurant chalkboard listing Menu - Restaurant fare Menu - Restaurant handout Menu - Restaurant host's handout Menu - Restaurant lines? Menu - Restaurant list Menu - Restaurant listing Menu - Restaurant listings Menu - Restaurant offering Menu - Restaurant posting Menu - Restaurant reading Menu - Restaurant request Menu - Restaurant window display Menu - Restaurant window posting Menu - Restaurant's list Menu - Right-click drop-down Menu - Se lit avant de manger Menu - Second half of some freak's short list Menu - See 13-down Menu - See 3-down Menu - See 51-down Menu - See 98-down Menu - Selection screen Menu - Server's handout Menu - Software's drop-down list Menu - Soldiers united for combined operations on computer Menu - Some blackboard writing Menu - Some prime nuts seen on the festive bill of fare Menu - Some wholesome nutrition in list of dishes Menu - Something to order from Menu - Source of fare information Menu - Source of fare information? Menu - Source of many an order Menu - Steakhouse handout Menu - Table reference you ’n' i reversed? Menu - Target of some clicks Menu - Tariff Menu - Taster's choices Menu - That shows what you can have for your fare Menu - The regular one doesn't include specials Menu - Toolbar gives opportunity to eat restaurateur¿s words perhaps Menu - Touch screen options Menu - Tuck into some numbered dishes from a chinese one? Menu - University chaps, first that'll be ordered off Menu - Upstart follows folk providing food for thought perhaps Menu - Vcr option Menu - Violinist's first quartet offers list of options Menu - Waiter's card Menu - Waiter's handout Menu - Waiter's offering Menu - Waiter's presentation Menu - Waitstaff's handout Menu - What a waiter hands out Menu - What you eat is all there Menu - What's for dinner Menu - Where a 3-down may be listed Menu - Where to find 'history' and 'tools,' say Menu - Where to find dishes piled up? Menu - Where to find out what's cooking Menu - Where to find today's special Menu - Where to look for starters Menu - Where to see available courses Menu - Wine list companion Menu - With this you follow people for the fare Menu - Word after "pull-down" or "pop-up" Menu - Word after file or edit Menu - Workers initially undercharged for fare Menu - Workers union provided something similar at the end of 14 down Menu - Writing on many a chalkboard Menu - Yelp link Menu - Yelp link, often Menu - You may get one before eating Menu - You might get one right after being seated Menu - ___ items
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Diner's card (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - diner's card. word on "M". 1 - st. letter M. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter N. 4 - st. letter U.

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