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Patent - 'perhaps it's only right, that's obvious (6)' Patent - 9 is invalid without one Patent - An obvious choice of shoe material Patent - Blatant Patent - Brainchild protector Patent - Clear area in quiet part of camp Patent - Clear case, not egocentric? Patent - Clear head needed by conservationists Patent - Conspicuous Patent - Conspicuous church plate on middle of altar Patent - Conspicuous, evident Patent - Copyright Patent - Discouraging words Patent - Document for 1-across Patent - Document granting an inventor sole rights to an invention Patent - Document granting sole rights to an invention Patent - Document granting the inventor sole rights Patent - Each year it's pitched it's obvious Patent - Edison accomplishment, frequently Patent - Exclusive license of a sort Patent - Father has the right to go camping with one Patent - Father has the sole right to pitch it Patent - Flagrant licence Patent - For all to see Patent - Gadget protector Patent - Gadgeteer's acquisition Patent - Gizmo protector Patent - Has pa got the right to pitch it? Patent - Having stroke at hospital department is unmistakeable Patent - Head's not empty - is that clear? Patent - Head, not heart, missing - it's obvious Patent - Invalid, after heart's removed, lying open Patent - Invention protection Patent - Inventor's claim Patent - Inventor's desire Patent - Inventor's document Patent - Inventor's goal Patent - Inventor's insurance Patent - Inventor's legal document Patent - Inventor's licence Patent - Inventor's milestone Patent - Inventor's paper Patent - Inventor's protection Patent - Inventor's quest Patent - It lasts 20 years Patent - It may be pending Patent - It protects an invention Patent - It's clear the invalid is disheartened Patent - It's leather, that's obvious Patent - It's obvious father has the right to camp in it Patent - It's obvious that father is over what's pitched Patent - It's obvious that you have got this right Patent - It's obvious to father providing temporary accommodation Patent - It's obvious to relative providing temporary accommodation Patent - It's registered to protect an invention Patent - It's right for father to get one for pitching Patent - It's right for father to go camping with one Patent - It's the right that father has to stay near temporary accommodation Patent - Item authorized by article i, section 8 of the constitution Patent - Kind of examiner 56-across was Patent - Kind of lawyer Patent - Licence Patent - Licence for invention Patent - Licence for invention; obvious Patent - Licence for inventors; obvious Patent - Licence to make product for iodine-deficient hospital inmate Patent - Lincoln is the only u.s. president to have one Patent - Manifest Patent - Manifest - an official document Patent - My grandfather registered one for a voltage regulator circuit Patent - Obvious Patent - Obvious - property right to invention Patent - Obvious - protection for inventors Patent - Obvious a paste book Patent - Obvious case i lost Patent - Obvious case, one dismissed Patent - Obvious man in hospital has heart failure Patent - Obvious protection for an inventive type Patent - Obvious protection for inventor Patent - Obvious safeguard for inventor Patent - Obvious trap that's snare for rook coming back Patent - Obvious type of leather Patent - Obvious way to get copyright Patent - Obvious way to protect one's invention Patent - Obvious, unconcealed Patent - Obvious; inventor's protection Patent - Old man needing shelter -- that's obvious Patent - Old man needs shelter - that's obvious Patent - One of edison's 1,000-plus Patent - One shuns ill person, getting clear Patent - Open the right to an invention Patent - Perfectly round number, that's clear Patent - Perhaps mother should have time for runs? it's evident Patent - Plain as day Patent - Protection for an invention Patent - Recognition not sought by benjamin franklin Patent - Register (an invention) Patent - Registration of an invention or trade name Patent - Registration of invention Patent - Registration of invention or trade-name Patent - Registration of ownership of invention Patent - Rubbish seen round temporary dwelling - the conclusion? don't copy it Patent - Sole right of father to get over what's pitched Patent - Sole right to exploit an invention Patent - Someone in the doctor's surgery has lost one document Patent - Stop at entrance - you get licence inside Patent - Sufferer's losing heart, it's clear Patent - The answer is obvious. protect it by law Patent - The invention protection is obvious Patent - The old man needs shelter, that's clear Patent - The right to an invention is clear Patent - This leather has a glossy varnished surface Patent - Transparent case leader of investigation dropped Patent - Type of lawyer Patent - Unconcealed Patent - Unmistakable Patent - When i go through the case, it's obvious Patent - ___ leather
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