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Chap - Crack in the cold, maybe

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Chap - Crack, in a way Chap - Crack in the cold, maybe Chap - Crack and redden Chap - React to exposure, maybe Chap - Split Chap - Bloke Chap - Fellow Chap - Split in the cold, perhaps Chap - Roughen Chap - "old" british buddy Chap - Crack in the cold wind Chap - Cause to have cracks Chap - Crack in the cold Chap - Old boy Chap - English bloke Chap - Crack due to dehydration Chap - British bub Chap - Fella Chap - "i say" sayer Chap - British fellow Chap - Crack from the cold Chap - "old" brit Chap - Crack slightly Chap - Gent Chap - Roughen and redden Chap - Become overly dry, as lips Chap - React to exposure, perhaps Chap - (k) ___ stick (lip protection) Chap - Guy in a pub Chap - "cheerio" sayer Chap - Crack from dryness Chap - British bloke Chap - Crack, as lips Chap - Fleet street fellow Chap - Lip-balm target Chap - English guy Chap - Redden and crack Chap - Get rough? Chap - Guy Chap - Gloucester guy Chap - British gent Chap - Fellow across the pond Chap - Gent from portsmouth Chap - Dude Chap - Brighton bloke Chap - Downing street dude Chap - Cause to crack Chap - London fellow Chap - London guy Chap - Mate Chap - Get rough Chap - Roughen in cold weather Chap - Lip annoyance Chap - Crack in a lip Chap - Fellow from london Chap - That, in short, is 16 down, perhaps, in a book Chap - He is a bit of a book, in short Chap - That little fellow's all for 4 down Chap - That fellow has a short part in the book Chap - The short fellow in the book Chap - Crack from cold weather Chap - Man, boy, fellow Chap - Bloke, fellow Chap - That's the bloke in the book, in short (4) Chap - Crack and redden in the cold Chap - Crackjaw Chap - Crack that's vulgar, heartless Chap - Male entry for church appointment Chap - Cracked patch (of skin) - gentleman Chap - Skin crack due to cold - bloke Chap - Become raw from cold - fellow Chap - Crack - fellow Chap - Church losing the spanish fellow Chap - Swiss personal assistant returns with young man Chap - Dry and crack Chap - Become dry and cracked Chap - Man or boy Chap - Jolly good fellow Chap - 'jolly old' fellow Chap - Fish caught by chance, once Chap - Bloke; (skin) crack Chap - Bloke; crack with cold Chap - Fellow's brief contribution to book Chap - Man; (of skin) turn sore Chap - Fellow makes crack - the cheek of it! Chap - Fellow, sore area Chap - Church's father turning up: it's a bloke Chap - Man, sore patch Chap - Fellow; sore skin area Chap - Church next to a quiet cove Chap - Fellow with book offered popular stories Chap - Sore; man Chap - Fellow displaying crack in skin Chap - Johnny's evidence of exposure to cold Chap - Mean, heartless fellow Chap - Crack revealed in short section of book Chap - Sore; cheek; man Chap - Bloke we prefer not to have on hand Chap - Become sore; fellow Chap - Fellow; sore area Chap - Fellow at tea party not interested in cultural matters Chap - (of skin) become sore Chap - Become overly dry Chap - Get dry and flaky Chap - Roughen, as lips Chap - Require balm, say Chap - Become painfully dry Chap - Man, that looks sore! Chap - He's got a cheek Chap - It's a sore spot with the man Chap - Man's hard hat outside Chap - He appears in church with retired secretary Chap - Man, that's sore! Chap - A bit much -- a pregnant bloke! Chap - Hard hat's worn by bloke Chap - British guy Chap - Redden and crack, as lips Chap - Get cracking? Chap - Grow rough, as skin Chap - Split in skin Chap - Become rough Chap - Fellow's skin problem Chap - Skin malady Chap - British buddy Chap - London bloke Chap - Crack and roughen, as lips Chap - Vulgar heartless fellow Chap - Having no ecstasy, budget for crack Chap - English dude Chap - Fellow in hospital wearing hat Chap - Man, fellow Chap - 'cheerio' sayer Chap - Cracked skin patch caused by cold Chap - Lip balm target Chap - "old" bloke Chap - Get quite rough, as lips Chap - Become painfully dry, as lips Chap - Fellow; become sore Chap - Greenwich guy