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Neap - Type of tide

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Neap - "farmer's almanac" adjective Neap - -- tide Neap - 1-down relative Neap - A less than average tide Neap - A less-than-average tide Neap - A low tide Neap - A snooze outside 'e gets between each spring? Neap - A tide Neap - A tide lifts vessel around point Neap - A tide type Neap - A type of tide Neap - All but too soon for the north Neap - Bimonthly tide Neap - Biweekly tide Neap - Certain tide Neap - Counterpart to spring trap restricting a setback Neap - Ebb's relative Neap - Every other phase in rising tide Neap - First quarter moon tide Neap - First-quarter moon tide Neap - First-quarter-moon tide Neap - Half moon tide Neap - Half-moon tide Neap - High tide's lowest level Neap - It's a tide Neap - It's between spring and ebb Neap - It's midway between two springs Neap - Kind of tide Neap - Least in difference between high and low tides Neap - Least varying tide Neap - Least-varying tide Neap - Less than average tide Neap - Less-than-average tide Neap - Like a half-moon tide Neap - Like some tides Neap - Low high tide Neap - Low, as the tide Neap - Lowest 65-across Neap - Lowest high tide Neap - Lowest level of high tide Neap - Lowest tide Neap - Minimal high tide Neap - Minimal tide Neap - Minimal tide type Neap - Minimum-range 17-across Neap - Minimum-range tide Neap - No spring could get tied like this, by the sound of it Neap - Occurrence after the first and third quarters of the moon Neap - Occurrence at the moon's first quarter Neap - Occurrence in the moon's first quarter Neap - One kind of tide Neap - One of the tides Neap - One type of tide Neap - Opposite of spring Neap - Opposite of spring, tidewise Neap - Quarter moon tide Neap - Quarter-moon tide Neap - Recurring marine event Neap - Semimonthly tide Neap - Small (tide) Neap - Small rise and fall quoted in one appropriate work Neap - Small tide Neap - Sort of tide Neap - Sort of tide seen in june apparently Neap - Spring tide counterpart Neap - Spring tide's counterpart Neap - Spring's counterpart Neap - Spring's counterpart, tidewise Neap - Spring's cyclic counterpart Neap - Spring's opposite Neap - Spring's opposite, in tides Neap - Spring's opposite, oceanwise Neap - Spring's opposite, tidewise Neap - Spring-__ cycle: tidal phenomenon Neap - Starts off one map showing tide Neap - Term on a tide table Neap - That such a tide lifts vessel a little is finally accepted Neap - That's no spring of water Neap - The half-way kind of tide Neap - The half-way tide Neap - The halfway tide Neap - The middle-sized tide Neap - There's no spring tied in it, by the sound of it Neap - Third-quarter tide Neap - Tidal adjective Neap - Tidal term Neap - Tide at the moon's first quarter Neap - Tide between springs Neap - Tide classification Neap - Tide descriptive Neap - Tide descriptor Neap - Tide designation Neap - Tide during the moon's first quarter Neap - Tide during the moon's third quarter Neap - Tide level Neap - Tide not likely to cause a flood Neap - Tide of minimum range Neap - Tide of smallest rise and fall Neap - Tide of the smallest range Neap - Tide sketched by a pen Neap - Tide status Neap - Tide table term Neap - Tide type Neap - Tide variety Neap - Tide when there is least difference between high and low water Neap - Tide with least fall and rise of water Neap - Tide with minimum difference in heights Neap - Tide with the smallest range Neap - Tide with the smallest vertical range Neap - Time of minimal lunar pull, at the beach Neap - Twice-a-month tide Neap - Twice-monthly oceanic event Neap - Twice-monthly tide Neap - Type of tide Neap - Type variety Neap - Weak tide Neap - With 2-down, twice-monthly phenomenon Neap - With 35 down, semimonthly event Neap - Writing on a 36-across Neap - __ tide Neap - ___ tide Neap - ___ tide (semimonthly event)