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Canape - Treat on a toothpick

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Canape - Treat on a toothpick Canape - Food on a tray Canape - Caviar on toast, e.g Canape - Party offering Canape - Certain appetizer Canape - Cracker with brie, e.g Canape - Cocktail hour morsel Canape - Dinner-party tidbit Canape - Appetizer Canape - Cocktail hour delicacy Canape - Appetite whetter Canape - Party snack Canape - Party appetizer Canape - Small appetizer Canape - Cocktail-hour serving Canape - Party nibble Canape - Cocktail party serving Canape - Cocktail hour nibble Canape - Cater-waiter's delivery, perhaps Canape - Party nosh Canape - Hors d'oeuvre Canape - Topped cracker Canape - After his century a primate may have his snack Canape - Is the primate able to make a snack of it? Canape - Is the primate able to eat it? Canape - Is one that's less than human able to swallow this Canape - Able to monkey with a snack? Canape - Can you monkey with the snack? Canape - Is one able to monkey with the snack? Canape - Finger food Canape - Small piece of pastry with savoury spread Canape - See, a monkey might have one on toast Canape - Small piece of bread or biscuit with savoury spread Canape - Small appetiser Canape - Tasty morsel, with drinks perhaps Canape - Small piece of pastry spread with savoury Canape - Small piece of pastry with savoury Canape - Small appetising savoury Canape - Small biscuit with savoury on top Canape - Piece of pastry spread with savoury food Canape - Small piece of bread or pastry spread with savoury Canape - Small biscuit spread with savoury Canape - Appetiser Canape - Small piece of pastry spread with savoury food Canape - Is a primate able to make a snack? Canape - The scot is unable to pay for, but can monkey with, the snack Canape - Piece of finger food Canape - Cocktail party bite Canape - Cocktail-party appetizer Canape - Cocktail accompaniment Canape - Prison to take off buffet item Canape - Nibble has primate power? Canape - Head eats a new type of savoury Canape - A pecan could be served with the drinks Canape - Snack has copyright? Canape - Cocktail delicacy Canape - Small savoury Canape - Savoury nibble Canape - Savoury snack Canape - Savoury nibble offered at posh parties Canape - Small savoury on toast or bread Canape - Savoury mouthful Canape - Small thing to eat with a drink Canape - Old sofa provides a rest in church Canape - Banquet snack Canape - Bite-sized party food Canape - Literally, "covering" Canape - Finger food for parties Canape - Toothpick target Canape - Happy hour morsel Canape - Cheese on a cracker Canape - Bite at a bash Canape - Topped party appetizer Canape - Small savoury item Canape - Savoury party fare Canape - Is wild animal liable to bite? Canape - From tin, take mushy pea cocktail treat Canape - Party food is served up out of saucepan actually Canape - Savoury wrap contains a source of nourishment Canape - Container with parrot's snack Canape - Small food item Canape - Party food Canape - "have possibility of simulation" - that's a mouthful Canape - American gents do like party food? Canape - Container to take animal food Canape - Accountant gets it in the neck on a plate at the start of party Canape - Savoury titbit Canape - Titbit Canape - Is able to copy accompaniment to cocktails Canape - An appetiser and a rest in church Canape - One in cloak had savoury Canape - May a primate eat it? Canape - Pop back and stick around for something to eat Canape - Snack Canape - Appetising food from tin given to zoo animal? Canape - Has the know-how to replicate a delicatessen product Canape - Sofa would allow one to have a sleep in church! Canape - Is allowed to copy a cocktail delicacy Canape - Biscuit, pastry or bread with savoury filling Canape - Appetiser in tin given to animal Canape - Titbit made from preserve one found at chimps' tea party Canape - Light refreshment Canape - Continental appetiser nibbled at party events initially Canape - Accountant gets it in the neck for feeding the guest at party Canape - Covering wrapped round an appetiser Canape - Bite is capable of 22 Canape - Nibble on a toothpick Canape - Snack for a nun finally squeezing into batman costume Canape - Hors d'oeuvres bit Canape - Cold scruff welcomes a bite to eat Canape - Bit of posh food may take off Canape - Caviar on a cracker, e.g Canape - Small piece of savoury food Canape - Long siège Canape - Wedding offering Canape - Bit of finger food Canape - Party bite Canape - Party platter tidbit Canape - Reject primate - that's just for starters Canape - Banquet nibble Canape - Kind of finger food Canape - Reception nibble Canape - Cocktail party nibble