Drs - E.r. figures

Word by letter:
  • Drs - Letter on D
  • 1 - st. word D
  • 2 - st. word R
  • 3 - st. word S

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Drs - Pepper and others Drs - 1-down members Drs - E.r. figures Drs - O.r. personnel Drs - A.m.a. members Drs - Hospital v.i.p.'s Drs - E.r. workers Drs - Physical conductors: abbr Drs - Watson and j Drs - They give you the treatment: abbr Drs - Salk and pepper: abbr Drs - Cutting-room staff?: abbr Drs - Ones doing tests: abbr Drs - Shrinks, e.g.: abbr Drs - Surg. gen. and others Drs - No and j Drs - Who, no, et al Drs - Rx writers Drs - Treating people: abbr Drs - Stethoscope users: abbr Drs - A.m.a. members: abbr Drs - Hosp. staffers Drs - Er workers Drs - Some harvard grads: abbr Drs - Watson and no Drs - Advanced deg. holders Drs - Ama members Drs - What this puzzle is about, briefly Drs - Who and howser, briefly Drs - Laura and phil, for two Drs - Watson and who Drs - Facp members Drs - Some profs Drs - Hmo members Drs - Med. school teachers Drs - Dre and hook Drs - J and dre Drs - Hmo staffers Drs - Er figures Drs - Vets, e.g.: abbr Drs - Er staffers Drs - No and who: abbr Drs - Flynn's peter blood et al.: abbr Drs - Kildare and quinn, e.g Drs - Jama readers Drs - Er or or figs Drs - J and no Drs - Ph.d.s Drs - Hmo workers Drs - Medical gp. hidden in 10 puzzle answers Drs - Med. school grads Drs - Med school grads Drs - Hosp. vips Drs - Pepper et al Drs - 42-across members Drs - Hosp. staff Drs - No and strangelove Drs - 'm*a*s*h' figs Drs - Shot providers: abbr Drs - Many members of prestigious faculties: abbr Drs - Many profs Drs - Gps, e.g Drs - Patient observers: abbr Drs - Dolittle and others: abbr Drs - Mds Drs - Who and watson Drs - 46 across members Drs - Ppo staffers Drs - 'm*a*s*h' staffers: abbr Drs - O.r. figures Drs - J and others Drs - Casey and kildare: abbr Drs - Test requesters: abbr Drs - No and who, for two Drs - Er people Drs - Workers with rns Drs - "er" extras Drs - Operations mgrs Drs - Physicians, for short Drs - Profs., often Drs - Some academicians: abbr Drs - Members of the 22-across Drs - They work with rns Drs - O.r. workers Drs - Holders of high degs Drs - Ents, e.g Drs - Hospital staff: abbr Drs - Hosp. workers Drs - 'er' roles Drs - Or workers Drs - Or figures Drs - 'er' figs Drs - Physicians: abbr Drs - Pepper and no Drs - J et al Drs - Phil and ruth, for ex Drs - Hospital grp Drs - Healers, abbr Drs - Obs, e.g Drs - House and watson Drs - Residents, e.g.: abbr Drs - Hosp. figures Drs - No, who and zhivago, briefly Drs - Brief titles for the starts of 20-, 25-, 45- and 52-across Drs - Or frequenters Drs - 'er' personnel Drs - Residents, e.g., briefly Drs - Their offices often have small rms Drs - Tv's oz and gupta Drs - Medical practitioners: abbr Drs - People in 120 across, if all goes well Drs - Therapy developers: abbr Drs - 8-down treaters: abbr Drs - Residents, eventually: abbr Drs - Medics Drs - Who and no: abbr Drs - Gen. practitioners Drs - Practice runners: abbr Drs - Members of the ama Drs - Hospital vips Drs - Hosp. titles Drs - Jama subscribers Drs - Scrip sources, for short Drs - Watson et al Drs - Otolaryngologists, e.g.: abbr Drs - Some hosp. staffers Drs - Most university profs Drs - Obs and ents Drs - John and ruth Drs - Some med. personnel in robin cook novels Drs - Mash staffers (abbr.) Drs - They hold md degrees Drs - "house" figs Drs - Medicos, briefly Drs - M.r.i. orderers Drs - Practice composition?: abbr Drs - Hosp. employees Drs - Mri orderers Drs - H.m.o. v.i.p.s Drs - Many coll. professors Drs - Hmo network members Drs - Red cross workers, for short
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E.r. figures (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - e.r. figures. word on "D". 1 - st. letter D. 2 - st. letter R. 3 - st. letter S.

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