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Oldster - Senior citizen

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  • Oldster - Letter on O
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  • 2 - st. word L
  • 3 - st. word D
  • 4 - st. word S
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Oldster - 'andgun carrier protecting daughter and grandparent, perhaps Oldster - A man getting old (colloq.) Oldster - Cold's terrible gripping senior citizen Oldster - Easy after four years in the job? Oldster - Elderly person Oldster - Experienced person sorted out accommodation for inexperienced one Oldster - Grandad dropping cold stern exterior Oldster - Grandma or grandpa Oldster - Greybeard's daughter involved in case husband abandoned Oldster - Greybeard's daughter involved in missing husband case? Oldster - How the dr. stole from the senior citizen Oldster - Many a retiree Oldster - Mature person Oldster - Octogenarian, e.g Oldster - One no longer inexperienced sort led astray Oldster - Pensioner inhabiting cotswolds territory Oldster - Pensioner seen as cold, stern at heart Oldster - Person getting on defensive at first in case to divorce husband Oldster - Person getting on from dorset, moving across west of liskeard Oldster - Person getting way up there? Oldster - Person knocking on door's let out after dropping round Oldster - Person who is not so young Oldster - Senior Oldster - Senior citizen Oldster - Senior citizen (mainly us) Oldster - Senior citizen comes in for a gold stereo! Oldster - Senior citizen, one who is not so young Oldster - Senior citizen? Oldster - Senior hand holds the run, discarding two of hearts Oldster - Senior sold steroids taken internally Oldster - Senior sort led astray Oldster - Someone getting on in cold, stertorously? Oldster - Topless pin-up enthrals extremely lewd codger Oldster - Train left dorset - one getting on Oldster - Veteran Oldster - Veteran dispatching leader in case carrying gun, died incarcerated Oldster - Veteran of sort led badly Oldster - Veteran space traveller turned up in lords debacle Oldster - Wrinkly dentist, note, dressed in yellow