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Type - Hunt and peck

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Type - Use the office keys? 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Type - Print Type - Sort dirty perfume bottles Type - Subdivision of a particular kind or thing Type - The sort to help make a pretty penny Type - Design on coin, fifty pence piece Type - Print section of warranty perhaps Type - Kind; set in print Type - Sort of key Type - Kind and gentle, yet outwardly quite different Type - Use a keypad Type - Blog, say Type - Casting category Type - Kind characters Type - Sort to do manual work in office? Type - Some 50%, you see, of what you're reading Type - Out of pity, person's kind Type - Characters in a book Type - Kind to do office work Type - Kind; sort Type - Tap out? Type - Do data entry Type - Class output, printed Type - Redheads or book lovers, maybe Type - Kind of fifty pence piece Type - Info for a dating profile Type - Arial, for one Type - Info for a dating site Type - Sort, variety Type - B or o, at a blood bank Type - A or b, in personalities Type - Living colour "time's up" smash Type - Living colour's biggest hit Type - "bloody kisses" ___ o negative Type - Gothic metal band ___ o negative Type - Jamie foxx "fall for your ___" Type - Characters in books Type - Sort to use a keyboard? Type - It's kind of work in the office Type - Utilize a keyboard Type - Create text Type - Exhibit a clerical skill Type - Print form Type - Kind city people will suppress it Type - Casting director's criterion Type - It may be bold Type - Kind; class Type - Enter text Type - Synonym for "class" found in the middle of 21- and 54-across and 3- and 35-down Type - It used to be made of lead Type - A or b, among personalities Type - Blood bank category Type - Guilty person, at heart, is kind Type - Tap out a text, say Type - Do data entry, e.g Type - Kind; print Type - Individu