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Israel - Handel's '___ in egypt'

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Israel - Handel's '___ in egypt' Israel - Name given to jacob after he wrestled with the angel Israel - Galilee's land Israel - Handel's "--- in egypt" Israel - 1948 creation Israel - Land of canaan Israel - Sharon's land Israel - Where mount tabor is Israel - State since 1948 Israel - Mount carmel setting Israel - Its flag is blue and white Israel - Kibbutz setting Israel - David, 'the sweet psalmist of ___' Israel - Name given to jacob Israel - Melville's potter Israel - Creation of 1948 Israel - State created in 1948 Israel - The last word of 'the first noel' Israel - Saul's realm Israel - Ally of america Israel - Tel aviv's land Israel - Negev nation Israel - Where jehu ruled Israel - Jerusalem is its capital Israel - Jordan neighbor Israel - Jerusalem's locale Israel - Jewish state Israel - Land with a blue and white flag Israel - Mount carmel locale Israel - Hebrew nation Israel - Jerusalem's land Israel - Mideast state Israel - Hebrew for 'one who wrestles with god' Israel - Country since 1948 Israel - Promised land Israel - Rehovot's land Israel - Ahab's kingdom Israel - Where elat touches the red sea Israel - The promised land Israel - With 68-across, mideast soap? Israel - 1979 peace treaty country Israel - Sabra’s native land Israel - Galilee's locale Israel - Its anthem is “hatikvah” Israel - Negev desert country Israel - Ramon crater setting Israel - Media maven asper Israel - Sabra's home Israel - Mideast neighbor of 3-down Israel - Where mount carmel is Israel - Netanyahu's nation Israel - Land of dayan Israel - Six-day war country Israel - Un member since 1949 Israel - Kibbutz site Israel - Its anthem is "hatikvah" Israel - Mideast land Israel - Jacob's angel-given name Israel - Zionist's homeland Israel - Tel aviv setting Israel - Nation since 1948 Israel - Mideast nation Israel - Dead sea land Israel - Last word of 'the first noel' Israel - Negev locale Israel - Home to haifa Israel - D'you find lots of them there, by the sound of it? Israel - Seems 'e's got there by rail Israel - D'you know the sound of those there? Israel - Serial set in middle east Israel - Jewish republic Israel - Strange serial country? Israel - Strange serial state Israel - Strange serial country Israel - Serial about middle east country Israel - Serial about middle east state Israel - Serial about country in middle east Israel - Middle-eastern state Israel - It turns 60 in 2008 Israel - Is ale about r that he brews there? Israel - Sir, ale is available in the country Israel - Sire, al is in the middle east Israel - Lear is to be found in this state Israel - Is lear found in the state? Israel - Serial state? Israel - Serial set in middle east state Israel - Serial about jewish nation Israel - Serial about middle-east state Israel - Go to this country for ale, sir Israel - Middle east country in serial Israel - 1994 canadian peace-keeping locale Israel - Real mix-up there is there Israel - D'you perhaps make what is real mixture? Israel - This is a real place, whatever some may say Israel - What he brews here's a real mess Israel - Is lear back with such children of dues, by the sound of it? Israel - 'is in line for training there, perhaps (6)' Israel - Perhaps he brews there Israel - Where tel aviv is Israel - Six-day war participant Israel - Serial broadcast in the country Israel - Ariel's new republic Israel - King's one overthrown in modern republic Israel - Is lear staged in the middle east? Israel - Where ariel sharon's heading for reform, disorder or disaster Israel - Land of serial disruption Israel - Mediterranean republic Israel - Middle-eastern country Israel - Middle east country Israel - Jaffa's country Israel - I go with senora to the spanish country Israel - Serial (anag) Israel - Ariel's ground here Israel - Six-day war nation Israel - Children of ___ (descendants of jacob) Israel - Country whose name means 'he that strives with god' Israel - Knesset country Israel - Six-day war side Israel - Acre's acres? Israel - Serial developed in middle east Israel - The negev's nation Israel - Ancient ephraimite's home Israel - Un member since '49 Israel - Haifa's land Israel - Last word in the torah Israel - State since '48 Israel - Handel's "___ in egypt" Israel - Lost tribes' land Israel - Kibbutz country Israel - Where jaffa oranges are grown Israel - Large bird cage Israel - New serial set in a foreign country Israel - Eastern med nation Israel - Land hailed in song by siouxsie and the banshees Israel - Country of e. med Israel - I recall humorist's country Israel - Mediterranean country Israel - Eastern mediterranean country Israel - One of the hispaniola hands Israel - Middle eastern state giving some clear signals to the west Israel - Country where pm's taken borders down Israel - Country is overthrowing unfortunate monarch Israel - Begin's land Israel - Haifa locale Israel - Beersheba's land Israel - Republic is to bring back a king Israel - Is backing king and country Israel - Is king about to form republic? Israel - Republic on the mediterranean sea, established in 1948 Israel - Island king returns to kingdom, once Israel - Raise new money in this country Israel - One's king toppled to form republic Israel - Serial (anag.) Israel - Country with one's fabled king returning Israel - Country in the middle east Israel - -- baline, former name of irving berlin Israel - Me country Israel - Where jesus lived is setting up a king Israel - Irving berlin, composer, born -- isidore beilin Israel - Country Israel - King returns backing one's country Israel - Country - iceland - has genuine internal mix-up Israel - Real restructuring is beginning somewhere in the middle east Israel - Oslo accords signatory Israel - Country with kibbutzim Israel - Last word of the torah Israel - Jordan's neighbor Israel - Ale, sir, can be found in the country Israel - Its prime minister historically visited cyprus in 2012 Israel - Jacob's name after he wrestled with the angel Israel - Ben-gurion's land Israel - Land comprising an acre Israel - Saul's kingdom Israel - Serial set in the middle east Israel - Earl is lost in the middle east Israel - Its flag features a six-pointed star Israel - The negev's land Israel - Ale, sir, can be found in this country Israel - État du proche-orient Israel - It was founded by saul Israel - Sa monnaie est le shekel Israel - El al's headquarters Israel - Kibbutznik's land Israel - One king's revolting state Israel - Former pm disarmed country Israel - Knesset's land Israel - One's king set up a republic Israel - Nation founded in 1948 Israel - Country is given king coming from the south Israel - Tel aviv's country Israel - Nation born in 1948 Israel - Mideast republic Israel - Country gene simmons was born in Israel - Its anthem is 'hatikvah' Israel - Acre's country Israel - Its national anthem is 'hatikvah' Israel - Lebanon neighbor Israel - Where natalie portman was born Israel - Mediterranean land Israel - Haifa's country Israel - Is shakespearean king turning from country? Israel - Jewish nation or media giant asper