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Orator - Daniel webster, e.g

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Orator - 'friends, romans, countrymen ...' sort of speaker Orator - 27 across deliverer Orator - A demagogue at heart; or first and last Orator - A fluent public speaker Orator - A gifted public speaker Orator - A personage of good address Orator - A rhetorical talker or speech-maker Orator - A rising alternative of being skilled, in a manner of speaking Orator - A rouser or a rise Orator - A skilled public speaker Orator - A speaker returning brief thanks amid golden words Orator - A speaker who is skilled at splitting alternatives Orator - A time to separate soldiers, i declaim Orator - Address giver Orator - Alternatively, either side of a t, in a manner of speaking Orator - An artist in the root of speech Orator - An eloquent public speaker Orator - An impressive public speaker Orator - Barack obama, for one Orator - Big talker Orator - Big-time public speaker Orator - Bombastic speaker Orator - Bryan, for example Orator - Bryan, for one Orator - Caesar, e.g Orator - Churchill, notably Orator - Cicero was one Orator - Cicero, for one Orator - Clay, e.g Orator - Clay, for one Orator - Commencement ceremony figure Orator - Commencement speaker, for example Orator - Daniel webster, e.g Orator - Daniel webster, for one Orator - Daniel webster, notably Orator - Declaimer Orator - Demosthenes or cicero Orator - Demosthenes, e.g Orator - Demosthenes, for one Orator - Demosthenes, notably Orator - Does he get to roar to speak? Orator - Does he let out a roar when about to speak? Orator - Eg cicero's old flair finally coming to a peak Orator - Elocution pro Orator - Elocutionist Orator - Eloquent one Orator - Eloquent person in church mostly Orator - Eloquent public speaker Orator - Eloquent speaker Orator - Expert in elocution Orator - Expert talker Orator - Figure of speech? Orator - For a speech or a rise Orator - For speech or a hill Orator - Formal speech maker Orator - Get at this in alternatives, in a manner of speaking Orator - Gifted speaker Orator - Gifted talker Orator - Gives a speech or a rise Orator - Good at the end of 30 across or a hill Orator - He gives no address when unemployed Orator - He gives people his address Orator - He lectures in a lab at length Orator - He may well appeal to the public Orator - He speaks in favour of cameron, say, from the heart Orator - He speaks of sports centre on a hill Orator - He talks rubbish prior to a right old upset Orator - He's happy to give people his address Orator - Henry clay, e.g Orator - Henry clay, for one Orator - Henry clay, notably Orator - How one speaks of the alternatives to a hill Orator - If not, return the list: he'll give you the address Orator - In a manner of speaking this one gives you the alternative to a rise Orator - In a manner of speaking, he's great Orator - In other words, turntable and speaker Orator - Isocrates was one Orator - Jesse jackson, e.g Orator - Keynote address presenter Orator - Keynote deliverer Orator - Keynote giver Orator - Keynote giver, e.g Orator - Keynote speaker, e.g Orator - Keynoter, e.g Orator - Lecturer maybe in laboratory Orator - Lincoln, e.g., at gettysburg Orator - Loud speaker Orator - Loud speaker? Orator - Martin luther king or cicero Orator - Men at work should have right to ignore soft speaker Orator - Mike user, maybe Orator - No artist speaks such rot up here Orator - Nope, for the operator, one that speaks out Orator - Old cad leading soldiers -- one to stir them into action? Orator - Old scoundrel leading men, one on the podium? Orator - One addressing other ranks has register back to front Orator - One delivering a speech that's partly exploratory Orator - One delivers a speech or a rise Orator - One elocuting Orator - One gives speech or a rise Orator - One has words or abcdefghijklmnopqr, perhaps Orator - One making one across Orator - One may get a speech or a rise from this Orator - One may use a teleprompter Orator - One might make a kangeroo come back around the pitch, in a manner of speaking Orator - One might root around the artist, in a manner of speaking (6) Orator - One of mark twain's occupations Orator - One of twain's occupations Orator - One on a dais Orator - One on the platform Orator - One on the stump Orator - One raising one's voice Orator - One speaks for a tory - to a limited extent Orator - One speaks out, or on either side of what's at this Orator - One supplies address covered by moratorium Orator - One to roar or to speak Orator - One who addresses house painter taking month off Orator - One who gets payed to wax? Orator - One who likes to talk Orator - One with a silver tongue Orator - One's an expert, in a manner of speaking Orator - Or either side of a 17 across, in a manner of speaking Orator - Or it comes on either side of a t, in a manner of speaking Orator - Painter taking last month off -- he can talk Orator - Patrick henry was one Orator - Patrick henry, for one Orator - Pericles, famously Orator - Person on a dais Orator - Person with a public address Orator - Personage of good address Orator - Podium personage Orator - Pro speaker Orator - Public speaker Orator - Public speaker delivers moral stories without false smiles Orator - Rally figure Orator - Rally rouser Orator - Rhetorician Orator - Rhetorician at centre or on either side Orator - Rhetorician at dividing options Orator - Roar, to upset speaker Orator - Roar, to upset speechmaker Orator - Sen. robert byrd, for one Orator - Silver-tongued one Orator - Silver-tongued speaker Orator - Skilled public speaker Orator - Skilled speaker Orator - Soapbox speaker Orator - Soapbox stander Orator - Soapbox user Orator - Source of addresses Orator - Speaker Orator - Speaker at a dedication Orator - Speaker found in corridor. a tory perhaps Orator - Speaker in second of houses runs over list put up Orator - Speaker needs alternative, a model alternative Orator - Speaker on a soapbox Orator - Speaker restrained by aggressor, a tory? Orator - Speaker sees climbing marsupial pouching animal Orator - Speaker switching one and a half schedules Orator - Speaker volunteers set up with two gold terminals Orator - Speaking pro Orator - Speech maker Orator - Speech-maker appearing in laboratory Orator - Speechifier Orator - Speechmaker Orator - Spellbinder Orator - Spellbinding speaker Orator - Stump figure Orator - Stumper? Orator - Superlative speaker Orator - Talented talker Orator - Teleprompter user, maybe Orator - That's the painter in the twisted root, in a manner of speaking Orator - The alternative to a hill, in a manner of speaking Orator - The alternative to a hill, in a manner of speaking (6) Orator - The alternative to a rise, in a manner of speaking Orator - The alternative to a rise, perhaps, in a manner of speaking Orator - To roar at a speech-maker Orator - Turncoat in spectacles right behind cicero, perhaps Orator - Two alternatives besetting a tense public speaker Orator - Two types of french gold found over at public speaker Orator - Volunteer army retreats, or appears before and after churchill, say Orator - Webster, for one Orator - Webster, notably Orator - What one does, in a manner of speaking Orator - Will he make the broken car rot, in a manner of speaking? Orator - William jennings bryan, e.g Orator - William jennings bryan, for one Orator - You get speech or a rise from him Orator - You'd expect her to have something to say for herself to one of the speakers Orator - You'd expect her to have something to say to 6 down, in a manner of speaking Orator - You'd get a lot, in a manner of speaking, or a rise from one like this