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Dessert - Charlotte russe, for one

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Dessert - Last course Dessert - Charlotte russe, for one Dessert - Final order Dessert - Calorie-crammed course Dessert - Tapioca pudding, e.g Dessert - Check preceder? Dessert - Feast finale Dessert - Napoleon, at times Dessert - Piece of cake, maybe Dessert - Baked alaska, e.g Dessert - What a loser may skip Dessert - Pastry chef's specialty Dessert - Pie or cake Dessert - A sweet finish Dessert - Split, e.g Dessert - It may come with multiple forks Dessert - Dinner course Dessert - Ice, e.g Dessert - Pie or pudding Dessert - Diet buster, often Dessert - Kind of menu Dessert - Something a loser may skip Dessert - Sweet course Dessert - Menu course Dessert - Final course Dessert - Course shunned by losers? Dessert - There's sometimes no room for it Dessert - Word from the french for "clear the table" Dessert - Ultimate course Dessert - *skip it Dessert - Finishing course Dessert - Sweet menu course Dessert - See 17-across Dessert - Meal ender Dessert - Sweet conclusion Dessert - Calorific course Dessert - Sounds as if one must leave one, sweet Dessert - The 9 across you may leave, by the sound of it Dessert - How sweet to leave it so sound Dessert - By the sound of it, leave to 21 across the course Dessert - Of course one may leave it on one's plate, by the sound of it Dessert - So sweet for the south in 27 down (7) Dessert - Around the south it's so dry, but so sweet Dessert - Something to save room for Dessert - Last course, sweet Dessert - Pudding, sweet Dessert - Sweet to be too dry around the south Dessert - Leave, by the sound of it, one of 25 down Dessert - Sweet to be so dry around the south Dessert - 'leave the pudding, by the sound of it (7)' Dessert - Sweet of course and dry around the south Dessert - It's sweet to leave it, of course, at last Dessert - Course that's commonly skipped Dessert - Course that might involve cake Dessert - Sweet twisted in strands Dessert - Course set south in barren terrain Dessert - Leave to assimilate second course Dessert - Head of state to be seen in due course Dessert - Locked up as a final course Dessert - Fool, perhaps, locked up? Dessert - Possible fool with hair receding Dessert - Fool, say, with hair put up Dessert - 25 with locks? that's sweet Dessert - Pudding Dessert - Brits call it afters Dessert - Sweet finish Dessert - Upbraided a fool, perhaps Dessert - See 12 down Dessert - Leave without a second course Dessert - Sweet serving, often Dessert - Here nomads eat sheep's head for pudding Dessert - Pudding or pie Dessert - It comes last, locked in reverse Dessert - Check preceder Dessert - Piece of cake, perhaps Dessert - A flan or a torte Dessert - Fruit and nuts, perhaps, succeeded in dry barren area Dessert - A point will be seen in due course Dessert - Abandon holding second course Dessert - End of meal? leave after eating seconds Dessert - You have one second to leave without pudding Dessert - Could be a fool, with hair standing on end Dessert - Of course it's usually last Dessert - Locked up, of course Dessert - Sweet course of a meal Dessert - A waste, holding second course Dessert - Spotted dick is one with long hair taken up Dessert - With hair standing on end, comes from the kitchen Dessert - Sweet Dessert - Sweet, last course of a meal Dessert - Leave without second course Dessert - Course taken in retirement - in distressed circumstances Dessert - Go off accepting second course Dessert - Course Dessert - We're told to leave the course Dessert - Having hair braided, put up? that's sweet! Dessert - Hair plaited up of course at the 15,23 Dessert - Leave scoffing small sweet Dessert - Afters Dessert - Sweet abandon, embracing sin (not at home) Dessert - Fool, perhaps, moving south into wasteland Dessert - Make off having eaten second sweet Dessert - Fool possibly stranded initially in wasteland Dessert - Fist sign of sustenance in a barren place - food! Dessert - Coarse-sounding son's in the wilderness Dessert - Deserts cook in the bakery Dessert - Sweet, afters Dessert - Back-page menu item, maybe Dessert - Popular course Dessert - Dieter's downfall Dessert - Piece of cake, e.g Dessert - Leave around second course after main Dessert - Final order of things? Dessert - Calorie counter's temptation Dessert - Order that's rarely followed? Dessert - Baba au rhum Dessert - Course skipped by a dieter Dessert - Course taken last Dessert - Fool perhaps taking sun in arid environment Dessert - Some french group eating first bit of rice pudding? Dessert - Pie, e.g Dessert - Fool perhaps having braided hair put up Dessert - Course that a brit calls "afters" Dessert - When talking, leave pudding Dessert - When talking, leave pudding