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Sir - ___ roger de coverley (country dance)

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Sir - ___ winston churchill Sir - ___ roger de coverley (country dance) Sir - Madam's mate Sir - Sidney poitier title role Sir - Military address Sir - Knight Sir - Word for a superior Sir - Elton john, e.g Sir - Knight, by definition Sir - 'yes, ___!' Sir - 'mister!' Sir - Round table address Sir - Base address Sir - Word said with a salute Sir - What to call a sergeant Sir - Walter raleigh, for one Sir - Lady's man Sir - What to call a baronet Sir - Gent Sir - Round table title Sir - Baronet's title Sir - Raleigh, for one Sir - Knight's title Sir - General address Sir - Mister Sir - Private's word for an officer Sir - 'yes' follower Sir - Elton john, since 1998 Sir - Yes or no follower Sir - Charlie chaplin title Sir - Walter raleigh's title Sir - Peppermint patty, to marcie Sir - Word in a salutation, perhaps Sir - Paul mccartney, for one Sir - "dear" one Sir - 'hey, mister!' Sir - 'dear' one Sir - Letter opener Sir - Polite address Sir - 'my dear man' Sir - Madam's counterpart Sir - 'to ___ with love' Sir - Army address Sir - Polite term of address Sir - Camelot honorific Sir - Dear one? Sir - Elton john's title Sir - William penn, for one Sir - Churchill, for one Sir - Arthur conan doyle title Sir - Oft-heard boot camp word Sir - What to call an officer Sir - Gielgud's title Sir - Poitier role Sir - Business letter addressee Sir - What jeeves calls wooster Sir - Chaplin title Sir - What to call a knight Sir - ___ barton (first triple crown winner) Sir - Lancelot or raleigh Sir - Recruit's sentence ender Sir - Hardly an ordinary joe Sir - Kingly honoree Sir - Knightâs title Sir - Michael caine's address Sir - Jousting title? Sir - Paul mccartney title Sir - Mr. whoever-you-are Sir - Hitchcock title Sir - Officer's address Sir - Title of nobility Sir - Headmaster's title Sir - Title for elton john Sir - General address? Sir - Singer john's title Sir - Title for arthur conan doyle Sir - Post-dubbing title Sir - Knightly honorific Sir - Address for ben kingsley Sir - Formal address Sir - Thoroughbred barton's title Sir - Gent's address Sir - Title of honor Sir - Gielgud or guinness Sir - What a person may become when kneeling Sir - Olivier or john, e.g Sir - Mccartney title Sir - “dear” letter recipient Sir - British title Sir - Honored title Sir - "___ duke" (stevie wonder tune) Sir - Respectful term Sir - Business letter addressee, perhaps Sir - "dear" fellow Sir - Connery or mckellen Sir - Knightly title Sir - Poitier's thackeray Sir - Dubbing title Sir - Lancelot's title Sir - Indicator of general respect Sir - Address for isaac newton Sir - Round table honorific Sir - Raleigh's title Sir - Superior man Sir - What to call an officer, maybe Sir - John's title Sir - Knight's address Sir - Title for mccartney Sir - Mick jagger or paul mccartney, e.g Sir - Poitier title role Sir - Mccartney's title Sir - Elton john or paul mccartney Sir - Word heard at boot camp Sir - Respectful title Sir - Title for roger moore Sir - Madam's partner Sir - Tom jones title Sir - Term of address Sir - Person touched on the shoulder? Sir - Recruit's sentence ender, perhaps Sir - __ anthony hopkins Sir - Frequent word after yes or no Sir - End of a private's reply Sir - Title learned in finishing school? Sir - My dear man Sir - Mick jagger title Sir - Polite title Sir - Title for gilbert or sullivan Sir - Title for a 52-across Sir - Military term of address Sir - Prestigious address Sir - Military address? Sir - Elton's title Sir - Word with "yes" or "dear" Sir - What corporals call colonels Sir - Title for elton Sir - Galahad's address Sir - Title for isaac newton Sir - Title for a knight Sir - General's address Sir - Chivalrous title Sir - Word for a male superior Sir - Hitchcock title? Sir - Term of respect Sir - 'little ___ echo' Sir - Kingly address Sir - Formal addressee Sir - Word of respect Sir - Boot camp address Sir - Officer's honorific Sir - Title for lancelot Sir - "to ___, with love" (1967) Sir - Salutation for edmund hillary Sir - Courteous address Sir - Title for churchill Sir - Waiter-to-patron address Sir - Elton john or paul mccartney, e.g Sir - ___ mix-a-lot Sir - How to address a baronet Sir - 'my dear fellow' Sir - English title Sir - Polite word Sir - Alan greenspan, for one Sir - Man's address Sir - Jagger or john Sir - Title for sean connery Sir - Actor hopkins, for one Sir - "my good man" Sir - "to __ with love" Sir - Word that's conferred Sir - How every letter to the economist begins Sir - Private's byword Sir - Elton john title Sir - Fine fellow Sir - Title for connery Sir - Title for michael caine Sir - Tristan's title Sir - Title Sir - Mick jagger, for one Sir - Dear one Sir - Title for mick or elton Sir - Title for 48-across and 3-down Sir - Word before and after 'yes' Sir - How to address mccartney Sir - Honorary title given to bill gates Sir - Sidney poitier character Sir - Walter scott title Sir - Title of respect Sir - Title for hopkins Sir - Terse letter opener Sir - Business letter recipient? Sir - Hitchcock's title Sir - "dear ___" Sir - Alfred hitchcock title? Sir - One of elton john's titles Sir - Lancelot or raleigh title Sir - Roger moore's title Sir - What 16-across has been called since 1998 Sir - Title for mccartney and jagger Sir - 'my dear man ...' Sir - "hey, mister!" Sir - Jagger title Sir - Memorable poitier role Sir - Novelist haggard's title Sir - Paul mccartney, e.g Sir - Title for pirate francis drake Sir - Word after "aye, aye" Sir - Michael caine's title Sir - What marcie calls peppermint patty Sir - Quaint letter start Sir - Word often following yes or no Sir - "aye" follower Sir - Honorific for mccartney Sir - Churchill's title Sir - Yes ____! Sir - Arthur conan doyle's title Sir - Connery's title Sir - Mccartney, e.g Sir - Often-condescending word from a customer services person Sir - U2's bono, since 2007 Sir - Title for mick jagger Sir - Galahad's title Sir - Dear __ or madam Sir - Stevie wonder's '___ duke' Sir - Word said with a salute, sometimes Sir - Title for walter scott Sir - Noble title Sir - "to __, with love" Sir - Stevie wonder's ellington tribute "___ duke" Sir - "dear ___ or madam" Sir - What to call a sergeant, perhaps Sir - Patrick stewart, as of 2010 Sir - Common honorific Sir - Anthony hopkins, for one Sir - "dear __ or madam . . ." Sir - 'my dear ___' Sir - Officer, to a soldier Sir - Title for galahad Sir - Walter raleigh or walter scott Sir - Sean connery title Sir - Word said with a salute, often Sir - Title for one being dubbed Sir - Letter start Sir - Mick jagger's title Sir - Knighted one Sir - Title for mckellen or mccartney Sir - Dubbed one's title Sir - Virgin's richard branson, e.g Sir - Yes follower, often Sir - Ben kingsley's title Sir - Title for paul mccartney Sir - Title for francis drake Sir - Private address? Sir - Title for edmund hillary Sir - Business letter addressee, sometimes Sir - Gentleman Sir - Manly title of respect Sir - ___ barton, first triple crown winner, 1919 Sir - Knight address Sir - Address for the general Sir - Knightly address Sir - Letter starter Sir - Knight title Sir - Ma'am's mate Sir - Baronet's address Sir - Male title Sir - Dubbed one Sir - Lady's man? Sir - Gentle-manly address Sir - Ma'am's counterpart Sir - Gentleman's address Sir - Barracks address Sir - See 61-across Sir - Address for a man Sir - 92-across's counterpart Sir - Brit's title Sir - Title for a brit Sir - Walter scott's title Sir - Title for 98-down Sir - 'aye, aye' follower Sir - 'yes, --!' Sir - That money needs a mental addition so as to be basic Sir - Title of a knight Sir - I follow this with us for thedog in the sky Sir - See 35 across by night, by the sound of it Sir - Polite form of address to man Sir - Would he get wind of the o.c. & co? Sir - That makes it sound as if it's night Sir - How the capital of russia is up for the night, by the sound of it Sir - I get us for the star part after him Sir - Entitled to have been made for one night, by the sound of it Sir - He's entitled to one sound night Sir - He might be night, by the sound of it Sir - The sound of the night Sir - The capital of russia is up for him Sir - Following him, oh see! see oh for a blow Sir - With him, oh, see! co gets the wind up Sir - A man of the night, by the sound of it Sir - O, see the firm under him! what a blow! Sir - The company would blow up and down under the turn of the end of 3 down Sir - How 25 down & co., backwards and forwards, would get the wind up Sir - He is not 26 down Sir - One in the man Sir - Sounds of the night Sir - Sounds as if one has got benighted Sir - Polite address to man Sir - For him the capital of russia's back there Sir - One might get wind of the firm going backwards and forwards after him Sir - The capital of russia's back here for him Sir - He is back and are short Sir - He will wind with the co. backwards and forwards Sir - It's up to him to finish 33 down Sir - For him it sounds night Sir - Madam, that can't be you by night by sound Sir - The man of the night, by the sound of it Sir - Entitled to be by night, by the sound of it Sir - Starts to rise back by night, by the sound of it Sir - A dressed for the night, by the sound of it? Sir - It's addressed to the knight Sir - One's address tonight, by the sound of it Sir - Polite form of address to a man Sir - Term of address for a man Sir - Polite address to a man Sir - Respectful address for a man Sir - The sound of the night, that's for one like this Sir - He would want to be in the dee for desire Sir - The sound of the night that isn't 12 across Sir - Noble title of undesirable kind Sir - Title that's conferred Sir - Title for branson Sir - Title of 1 across Sir - Polite or formal address to male Sir - "to ___, with love" Sir - Formal and deferential address to a man Sir - Form of address for a knight Sir - Polite form of address for man Sir - A dress, perhaps, for the night, by the sound of it Sir - 22 across starts back with him Sir - Entitled to go by night, by the sound of it Sir - Sounds as if he could start 28 across Sir - R's the turn-up of him Sir - Perhaps r's up by night, by the sound of it Sir - Entitled to be a sound night Sir - Addressed by night by sound Sir - Sounds as if he's got tonight Sir - Entitled to this by night, by the sound of it Sir - Man of the night, by the sound of it Sir - R's up for 27 across Sir - 'a night, by the sound of it (3)' Sir - Not the sound of the night Sir - Classic sidney poitier title role Sir - Service address Sir - Title for anthony hopkins Sir - Robin of locksley, e.g Sir - Word preceding elton or winston Sir - Common military address Sir - Aristocratic title Sir - One taken in by a senior knight Sir - What colonels call generals Sir - "yes, general?" Sir - Polite address for a man Sir - Uk title Sir - Title given to galahad Sir - Gentleman's title Sir - Francis drake, isaac newton or mix-a-lot Sir - Winston or walter Sir - "dear" one in a business letter Sir - Address for man over in bristol Sir - Military title? Sir - The blue guy, to waiter grover Sir - Geraint's title Sir - Title of knight or baronet Sir - Knight - teacher Sir - ... ___ john major Sir - Poet and novelist Sir - Title for knight or teacher Sir - Polite term of address for a man Sir - "___ charles" (barkley's nickname) Sir - Honorary male title Sir - Officer's title Sir - Title for one to be dubbed Sir - Any knight Sir - Isaac newton, e.g Sir - Paul mccartney or elton john Sir - See 65-across Sir - Word accompanying a salute Sir - Formal greeting Sir - Title for doyle Sir - Address for 33-across Sir - Term of address that might make you feel old Sir - Jagger's title Sir - Knight's honorific Sir - Paul mccartney's address Sir - Good thing to call an elderly gentleman Sir - Term of address for a gentleman Sir - To whom it may concern? Sir - He's the fellow to ask for more at address Sir - Formal title Sir - Chaplin's title Sir - Male customer, to a clerk Sir - "star wars" title Sir - Conan doyle title Sir - Rink jumps Sir - Mark thackeray, to his students, in a 1967 film Sir - Mix-a-lot title Sir - "my dear fellow" Sir - Title at the round table Sir - Address form? Sir - "i do hereby dub thee . . ." title Sir - "aye aye, ___!" Sir - Address for a knight Sir - 'gentleman' is upright Sir - Elton john, for one Sir - 77 across counterpart Sir - Title for u2's bono Sir - Alfred hitchcock title Sir - Title for john gielgud Sir - Title for laurence olivier Sir - See 11-down Sir - Cry with a salute Sir - Drill sergeant's address Sir - Old letter opener Sir - So-called teacher of irish trimmed back Sir - "aye, aye ___!" Sir - British teacher's title Sir - Gentleman's agitation when time is wasted Sir - Drill sergeant's title, often Sir - Titled brit Sir - Title given to chaplin Sir - Title for a superior Sir - One who's been tapped on the shoulder? Sir - Major address Sir - Bestowed title Sir - Rugby official, whether male or female Sir - 'no ___!' Sir - Drill sergeant's title Sir - --- duke (stevie wonder) Sir - Title is withdrawn by king Sir - A comeback for garnett's seaman Sir - Polite form of address Sir - Star leaving one american address Sir - Viv richards is one, for example Sir - Old siam ---- (wings) Sir - No introduction needed for upcoming murdoch title Sir - Polite address for man Sir - Address jackie stewart, for instance Sir - Knight is backing king Sir - In chess, irrational move trapped knight Sir - One's upstanding in front of king, as winston churchill was Sir - Is elevated by right to the title Sir - Who's among teachers i respect? Sir - Teacher who took duty seriously initially as head Sir - Gentleman is retired, right? Sir - Miss out finally from jail giving address to man Sir - Formal male address Sir - Knight gets no time in prison Sir - What's needed by florist looking up address for gentleman Sir - Male form of address Sir - Just starting, son is required to give address to teacher Sir - Baronet is elevated by queen Sir - Headmaster honorific Sir - Male title of respect Sir - Title for golf's nick faldo Sir - Governor who said 'i don't think there's anybody in america who would necessarily think my personality is best suited to being number two' Sir - Francis drake's title Sir - "dear" one, in a letter Sir - Address for many officers Sir - Anthony hopkins title Sir - Officer, to a grunt Sir - Dubbed man Sir - Knight's prefix Sir - Polite form of address to a gentleman Sir - Dubbed title Sir - Title for knight Sir - Address that's somewhat undesirable Sir - Title given to baronet Sir - Master spiers is out of alternatives Sir - 'ecclesiastical' gentleman? Sir - Man having no time in prison Sir - Title for knight or baronet Sir - Formal term of address Sir - Title of kt or bart Sir - Honourable title Sir - Gentleman's form of address Sir - British empire honoree Sir - Title bestowed on tom jones Sir - Francis drake, for one Sir - Frequent word from a valet Sir - Boot-camp sentence ender Sir - Teacher should impose rules, heads demanded Sir - Title for 18-down Sir - Gentlemanly address Sir - Churchill title Sir - 'dear' man Sir - Title for roger bannister or nick faldo Sir - Address for one of those nights on the radio Sir - Titled man Sir - Title for winston churchill Sir - Title for edward elgar Sir - "thank you ___, may i have another!" Sir - See 109-across Sir - Polite address for gentlemen Sir - How marcie addresses peppermint patty Sir - What marcie calls peppermint patty in 'peanuts' Sir - Knight is about right Sir - Word before edmond or winston Sir - Terence rattigan or tom stoppard Sir - Address for a superior officer Sir - Title for modern-day knights (now they're actors and singers mostly) Sir - Post-dubbing address Sir - Titular poitier role Sir - Title for noël coward Sir - Title for conan doyle Sir - Title teacher in a 1967 film Sir - Title given to hitchcock Sir - 'yes, ___' Sir - Title for paul mccartney or mick jagger Sir - Dubbed dude Sir - Newton address Sir - Title given to poitier Sir - Manly address Sir - Father almost gets a title Sir - Lancelot Sir - Address in irish for king crisps final turnover Sir - Knight needing time to escape prison Sir - Michael caine title Sir - Ma'am's escort Sir - Title for mccartney or jagger Sir - Aspirin has no pain to address Sir - Title queen bestows is returned by republican Sir - 'right honourable' sort Sir - Mr. bumble, to oliver twist Sir - Connery title Sir - Roger moore or sean connery Sir - Title presented to poitier Sir - Walter scott or walter raleigh Sir - Polite male address Sir - Business letter's impersonal addressee Sir - Arthurian address Sir - Isaac newton's address Sir - Address of respect Sir - He must dissociate separately from county gentleman Sir - Alec guinness or sean connery Sir - Galahad or lancelot Sir - 'aaron burr, ___' ('hamilton' song with a rhyming title) Sir - Old man's unfinished title Sir - Title bestowed on gielgud Sir - Stevie wonder's "___ duke" Sir - Title in the house of lords Sir - Title bestowed on 72-across Sir - Title bestowed on john and jagger Sir - Titre de mick jagger Sir - Titre d'honneur chez les anglais Sir - Superior's address Sir - Titre, en angleterre Sir - "dear" man Sir - Titre de mccartney Sir - Title is backed by right Sir - Paul or elton Sir - Former beatle ___ paul mccartney Sir - Paul mccartney title? Sir - Paul or elton title? Sir - ___ paul mccartney Sir - "___ duke" Sir - ___ elton john Sir - Mix-a-lot's title? Sir - Peppers "___ psycho sexy" Sir - Elton john title? Sir - Robbie williams "hello, ___" Sir - Stevie wonder "___ duke" Sir - Goldfrapp "yes ___" Sir - How you address mix-a-lot? Sir - Title for walter raleigh Sir - Title shared by bob hope, patrick stewart, and charlie chaplin Sir - Title given to gielgud Sir - Word before and after 'yes,' in the army Sir - Title in a poitier title Sir - Title for rod stewart, as of 2016 Sir - It's concealed by lynch's irish teacher Sir - Polite word to call a gentleman Sir - "aaron burr, __" ("hamilton" song) Sir - Respectful word Sir - Teacher with extract of scots irish Sir - Respectful address Sir - Honorific for tennis's andy murray, nowadays Sir - Rod stewart, since june 2016 Sir - Title for actor gielgud Sir - Title for 18-across Sir - Titre étranger Sir - Poitier, since 1974 Sir - Certain honorific for men Sir - __ paul mccartney Sir - Instant Sir - Male honorific Sir - Camelot title Sir - Teacher to nicholas i responsible in part Sir - One who's been tapped on the shoulder Sir - Beatle paul's title Sir - "to ___ with love" lulu Sir - Sergeant's address Sir - Title for the kinks' ray davies Sir - Titre anglais Sir - Titre de jagger Sir - Man from island wearing sweater inside out Sir - Title bestowed on rod stewart in 2016 Sir - What cpos call captains Sir - Knight's title of respect Sir - Address for a superior Sir - Newton designation Sir - Title for caine Sir - "dear fellow" Sir - 'fine fellow' Sir - Knight maybe is returning with king Sir - Knighted one, e.g Sir - Knighted one, e.g