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Next - Barber shop call Next - Queue cue Next - Counter call Next - Call at a deli Next - What one at the head of a line likes to hear Next - Adjacent Next - Deli counter call Next - Boy ___ door Next - About to be served Next - Call at a bakery Next - Tv promo word Next - Baggage checker's call Next - Call to a line Next - Bakery clerk's call Next - Receptionist's call Next - First in the waiting line Next - Cry at a counter Next - Cry at a motor vehicle bureau Next - Immediately following Next - Nearest Next - Cry in the doctor's office Next - Bank lobby call Next - Cry from a counter Next - Dentist's office call Next - After Next - Coming right up Next - First in line Next - Cry at a doctor's office Next - "who's turn is it?!" Next - "better luck __ time" Next - ___ earnings (phrase used when comparing a current and upcoming paycheck) Next - Announcement for the head of a queue Next - Call in a deli Next - Word to a waiter Next - Teller's word Next - Deli queue call Next - Dismissive call Next - Call at a queue Next - This coming Next - Clerk's call Next - 'step right up!' Next - Shout at a deli Next - Teller's call Next - Shout at a barber shop Next - Bank teller's cry Next - Deli-counter call Next - With 13-down, opportunity for better luck? Next - Barber's bellow Next - Soon to be up Next - Shout at the dmv Next - Cry at the post office Next - "america's ___ top model" Next - Soon to be served Next - "what happened __?" Next - Waiting room cry Next - The following Next - Word to waiters Next - Seinfeld vis-à-vis kramer Next - Subsequent Next - Deli call Next - Adjoining Next - Dmv call Next - Immediately upcoming Next - Teller's cry Next - Queue call? Next - And then you get ten in the meshes of it Next - Following this one might catch about ten Next - Ten beside here in a trap Next - Following this, there's ten in the trap Next - Beside this, there may be ten in the trap Next - And then you get ten in the net Next - Directly afterwards there was ten in the net Next - There's ten up about ten beside this Next - Beside this there are ten in the trap Next - Just afterwards there's ten in the fish trap Next - Beside this there's ten in the meshes Next - It comes after ten in the meshes Next - Beside this there's ten in the fish trap Next - Immediately after this you find ten in the trap Next - Ten in the net, beside Next - Beside this, catch about ten (4) Next - Beside the ten in the ten up Next - Barber's word Next - Neighbour lives in the house . . . . door Next - Beside about ten meshes Next - Beside this one may catch about ten Next - Coming nearest in order - come, please! Next - Ten in ten beside this Next - Word to keep the line moving Next - Nearest in space or position Next - The one following or adjacent Next - Coming nearest in time or sequence Next - Coming nearest in order Next - Nearest following Next - Shout in the waiting room Next - Beside ten in the net Next - Hard by this Next - Very nearly ten in the net Next - "i'm ready for another customer" Next - Company founded by 57-across Next - Shout at a busy deli Next - Adjacent (to) Next - Shout to a line Next - Kiss a number, coming back round after that Next - Self-contained number, given backing, immediately succeeding Next - Certain extras to be included will follow Next - Immediately succeeding, having caught ten? Next - The second cherry stone on the plate Next - Immediately after Next - 'what ___?' Next - Proximate Next - Nearest shop Next - Customer service call Next - Audition call Next - 'friday after ___' Next - At the front of the queue Next - Post office call Next - "friday after ___" Next - Service call? Next - With 'in' and 41-down, heir to the throne Next - Doctor's instruction to put ray in cast Next - Almost up Next - Waiting room word Next - Bagel shop call Next - Shout to a storeful of customers Next - Welcome word in a barbershop Next - Holder of corn kernels Next - Word heard at an auction Next - Cry at a deli Next - Behind-the-counter call Next - Bank teller's call Next - Is beside oneself with noise coming from extension! Next - Soonest encountered Next - Immediately afterwards Next - Samantha who gotta tell you Next - Following figure turns around itself Next - Immediately following former partner engaged by conservationists Next - Subsequent back number supplemented by times Next - Goal to secure vote succeeding Next - Succeeding times in final Next - Coming immediately Next - Shout that cues a queue to move Next - Bank-teller's call Next - Call at a deli counter Next - Trap to catch a number following Next - New extension to follow Next - Following the cross in ten up Next - Closest Next - Ten falling into trap immediately after Next - Capture guards by being closest Next - Somewhat in extremis, i'm ready for another customer Next - Following; adjacent Next - Exodus found in new testament, or immediately after? Next - Retailer finds old religious book among new ones Next - Deli counter shout Next - Start of many a tv teaser Next - "wait till __ year!" Next - Cry at a deli counter Next - Queue word? Next - Following 10 into trap Next - Call from behind the deli counter Next - Call at a speed dating event, perhaps Next - Deli cry Next - First upcoming Next - Following cross, evidently a goal? Next - To follow Next - Barbershop shout Next - Web-hosted vote's succeeding Next - Following unknown into trap Next - Waiting room summons Next - Grateful dead "___ time you see me" Next - Word shouted at end of audition Next - Eric clapton "___ time you see her" Next - Call from a counter Next - Character following vw in final immediately after Next - Call to a waiting line Next - Subsequent ten caught? Next - Sevendust "ugly" album Next - Call in a waiting room Next - __-door neighbor Next - Day-of-the-week modifier, at times Next - Call at a deli or barbershop Next - Soonest Next - Soonest Next - ... following web coverage of unknown