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Logic - Work done on the premises?

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Logic - 'when dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of ___': dale carnegie Logic - 4-ing Logic - Anne leaves conga line as that makes sense Logic - Anne leaves conga line? that's makes sense! Logic - Aristotelian subject Logic - Aristotle concern Logic - Aristotle forte Logic - Aristotle subject Logic - Aristotle's forte Logic - Aristotle's rule of reasoning Logic - Asset for sherlock Logic - Boolean ___ Logic - Branch of mathematics Logic - Branch of philosophy Logic - Branch of philosophy concerned with reasoning Logic - Branch of philosophy that analyses inference Logic - Careful reasoning Logic - Carroll made a game of this reasoning Logic - Carroll's game Logic - Chain of reasoning Logic - Clear thinking Logic - Colonel upset about soldier's method of reasoning Logic - Columbo asset Logic - Columbo's asset Logic - Common sense Logic - Computer programmer's need Logic - Correct reasoning traps soldier in mountain pass heading north Logic - Cut down one chapter to make deduction Logic - Deduction Logic - Deductive reasoning Logic - Deductive thinking Logic - Detective's asset Logic - Detective's skill Logic - Dialectics Logic - Fabled king in charge - it stands to reason Logic - For example, all men are mortal is part of deductive reasoning Logic - Good reason Logic - Good reason to record one maximum speed Logic - Good reasoning Logic - Good sense Logic - Good thinking Logic - Holmes specialty Logic - Holmes' tool Logic - How reasonable to follow the wood, i see Logic - I see it's reasonably under the tree trunk Logic - I turn up in class, going over aristotelian theories Logic - If a = b and b = c, then a = c, e.g Logic - If a > b and b > c, then a > c, e.g Logic - If-then analysis Logic - If-then reasoning, e.g Logic - Inexorable truth Logic - Initially loath, one gathers it's common sense Logic - It makes sense Logic - It stands to reason it's wood, i see Logic - It's sometimes fuzzy Logic - Kenken solver's need Logic - Kenken solver's skill Logic - Left brain specialty Logic - Line of good intellectual coherence initially Logic - Look at soldier with cold reasoning Logic - Look good in charge showing sense Logic - Look over soldier with cold reasoning Logic - Mathematical function on integrated circuit? Logic - Mathematical power one gets with cold reason Logic - Means to solving a sudoku puzzle Logic - Mess up leaving gospel music? does that make sense? Logic - Method of reasoning Logic - Mr. spock's forte Logic - Mr. spock's strong suit Logic - Need for kenken Logic - One of sherlock's tools Logic - Part of an unsound argument Logic - Pass round about soldier that is using premises Logic - Poirot's forte Logic - Puzzle-solving asset Logic - Rational thinking Logic - Rationale Logic - Rationale ? Logic - Re a son of wood, i see Logic - Reactionary conservative institute having dig at left's thinking Logic - Reason Logic - Reason heads of leas offer grants is controversial Logic - Reason officer turned up to detain soldier Logic - Reason officer turns up to grab soldier Logic - Reason one joins record clubs Logic - Reason puts soldier in place Logic - Reason soldier enters half the pubs Logic - Reason to have a king in charge Logic - Reasoned argument Logic - Reasoned judgement Logic - Reasoned thinking Logic - Reasoning Logic - Reasoning king's in charge Logic - Retired officer adopting soldier's reasoning Logic - Science of correct reasoning Logic - Science of reasoning Logic - See 9 Logic - Sense Logic - Sense, and see, smoke rising Logic - Sherlock's strength Logic - Sleuth's asset Logic - Sound judgment Logic - Sound reasoning Logic - Sound sense Logic - Sound thinking Logic - Spock specialty Logic - Spock trademark Logic - Spock's forte Logic - Spock's specialty Logic - Stands to reason it's made of wood, i see Logic - Stands to reason it's wood i see here Logic - Stands to reason that it's the tree trunk i see Logic - Stands to reason that this would be sound, i see Logic - Steely dan "pretzel ___" Logic - Strict reasoning Logic - Subject for aristotle Logic - Sudoku skill Logic - Sudoku solver's need Logic - Sudoku solver's skill Logic - Sudoku solving skill Logic - System of reasoning Logic - The science of one involved in clog dancing Logic - The science of reasoning Logic - The science of reasoning correctly Logic - The science of reasoning from cause to effect Logic - Thinking what you saw borders on idiotic Logic - This makes sense Logic - Used to do puzzles? Logic - Very modest contract: leading with a king makes good sense Logic - Vulcan specialty Logic - Vulcan's asset Logic - Vulcan's forte Logic - Where sal might have her study afterwards Logic - Work done on the premises?