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Adjust - Fiddle with

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Adjust - Fiddle with Adjust - Handle, as insurance claims Adjust - Tweak Adjust - Fine-tune Adjust - Become adapted Adjust - Tune, for example Adjust - Get used (to) Adjust - Just alter this so that it's almost an advertisement Adjust - Father is up, but barely, for a change Adjust - Barely a father back here to make a change for the better Adjust - Make a change to get father back, but no more than that Adjust - To get it right, father turns fair Adjust - Alter or regulate Adjust - Adapt, regulate Adjust - Adapt, fit Adjust - Adapt, alter Adjust - Alter slightly to be right for use Adjust - Regulate, alter by small amount Adjust - Alter so as to be right for use Adjust - Alter by small amount to make right Adjust - Adapt to new conditions Adjust - Alter by small amount to make right for use Adjust - Adapt, fix Adjust - Calibrate or regulate Adjust - Arrange, put into proper position Adjust - Order made only after promotion Adjust - Accommodate this time only Adjust - Fine tune for commercial fair Adjust - Regulate Adjust - Adapt Adjust - Tune Adjust - Alter Adjust - Adapt (oneself) Adjust - Modify Adjust - Modify, adapt Adjust - Change slightly Adjust - Adapt (to new situation) Adjust - Adapt to new situation Adjust - Adapt to a new situation Adjust - Break part merely to carry out minor alterations Adjust - Alter newspaper item in every way Adjust - Bring small change to commercial fair Adjust - Alter, adapt Adjust - Fit plug precisely Adjust - Be accommodating Adjust - Notice only that you adapt yourself to Adjust - Alter advertisement completely Adjust - Regulator will do so to make commercial fair Adjust - Alter slightly Adjust - Tune from america put on a record-player ahead of time Adjust - Make some changes to commercial fair Adjust - Notice only change Adjust - Commercial right to change Adjust - Tune from band that's oddly deficient? exactly Adjust - Settle bill with fair Adjust - Change slightly to fit Adjust - Fine-tune commercial objective Adjust - Adapt to fit Adjust - Circular spot on square Adjust - A formal garment, american -- time for change? Adjust - Short notice, fair and correct Adjust - Make slight corrections to Adjust - Tinker with