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Pair - Au ___

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Pair - Twosome Pair - Poker holding Pair - Au ___ Pair - Brace Pair - Part of a full house Pair - Match Pair - Two socks Pair - A three-of-a-kind beats it Pair - Duet Pair - Unexciting poker holding Pair - Complement of socks Pair - Low poker hand Pair - Marriage requirement Pair - Jack and jill, e.g Pair - 69-across component Pair - Ice dancing team Pair - Two of a kind Pair - Hosiery purchase Pair - Weak poker hand Pair - Two twos Pair - Modest hand Pair - Socks buy Pair - Poker holding lower than three-of-a-kind Pair - It may be matched Pair - Put together Pair - Rockport buy Pair - Ace-high beater Pair - Two twos, e.g Pair - Tabloid topic Pair - It beats nothing in poker Pair - Full house holding Pair - Poker holding, perhaps Pair - Duo Pair - It's not much to show Pair - Timberland buy Pair - See 47-across Pair - Matched set Pair - Two that match Pair - Tabloid topic, often Pair - Pants purchase Pair - Monogamy quorum Pair - Entry in an ice-skating competition Pair - Poker hand Pair - Small set Pair - It might be held by a folder Pair - Set of socks Pair - Small matched set Pair - 40% of a full house Pair - Ark complement Pair - Make a match Pair - Couple Pair - A ____ of horses Pair - Au __: home helper Pair - Ark unit Pair - Socks set Pair - It may be held by a folder Pair - Aces, perhaps Pair - Hand holding? Pair - Four and four, say Pair - Two threes, for one Pair - One and the other Pair - Set of two Pair - Boxer shorts quantity, even though it's just one Pair - Two boots Pair - See 25-down Pair - Ark set Pair - Socks purchase Pair - Socks, e.g Pair - They go together Pair - It beats nothing, in poker Pair - Full-house component Pair - Two matching things Pair - Two twos, say Pair - Skating group Pair - Both would sound like one of 10 across Pair - Oh, that sort of help, by the sound of it, is as good as two Pair - Des may give up if he gets two such Pair - Just a soft melody or two Pair - A soft melody or two Pair - Oh, this sounds as if one might do the work of two Pair - Sounds fruity enough for two for 11 down Pair - Brace this for the soft melody Pair - I'm enough to spoil both of them Pair - The atmosphere is soft and bracing, perhaps for them Pair - One soft sound or two Pair - Brace this Pair - A soft tune or two Pair - What a soft melody! Pair - Two of a kind, as in cards Pair - Brace, couple Pair - Texas hold 'em holding, perhaps Pair - A set of two Pair - The soft air is so bracing, perhaps Pair - Too sound to sound Pair - Sounds like one fruit - or two Pair - A soft atmosphere of two here Pair - I'm able to spoil them both Pair - One soft melody or two Pair - Brace this for a soft melody Pair - 'a soft melody or two, it seems (4)' Pair - Jacks, e.g Pair - Part of a poker full house Pair - A couple or one in what's normal, of course Pair - Piano tune for a weak hand? Pair - Ark-boarding unit Pair - Unexciting poker hand Pair - I knock back about a couple Pair - Soft music for a duet Pair - Piano melody for two Pair - No runs at all in match Pair - Piano tune as duet Pair - Mean to accommodate one or two Pair - 2 cut by the ear Pair - Piano music - a duet Pair - Duet for piano with melody Pair - Hand in piano tune Pair - Three, four, or five, say - over one or two Pair - Circumference of semicircle enclosing a couple Pair - Put together - two of a kind Pair - Couple - wed Pair - Two together Pair - Two of a similar type Pair - Twins, e.g Pair - Dancers, often Pair - Two fives, for one Pair - Modest poker hand Pair - Socks complement Pair - Penny gets to screen match Pair - Low-ranking poker hand Pair - Set of skates Pair - Low poker holding Pair - Socks selection Pair - Skating team Pair - Matched (up) Pair - 2 - 1 to enter score, of course Pair - Match (up) Pair - Queen-high beater Pair - Two 10s, e.g Pair - Shoe-store buy Pair - Modest poker holding Pair - Matching __ Pair - Match's quiet atmosphere Pair - Au -- Pair - Brace manner, following pressure Pair - Quiet tune or two Pair - Quiet song - a duet? Pair - Agreement to avoid division in two Pair - E.g. two aces; mate Pair - Duo put together piano tune Pair - Pinsent and cracknell, for example Pair - Match performance dreaded by batsman? Pair - Double up Pair - A couple of ducks Pair - Dreaded double Pair - The accepted level is about one or two Pair - Brace, or how braces come Pair - Sound of french pop duo Pair - Twins Pair - Duet's quiet song Pair - What's three, four, or five, divided by one or two? Pair - Skating competition entry, maybe Pair - 10-10 or q-q Pair - Nonpolygamous grouping Pair - Poker opener, perhaps Pair - Three-of-a-kind beats it Pair - One couple Pair - Meager hand Pair - Put together, as socks Pair - Equality includes one or two Pair - One thing and another Pair - Irish father, first from a set of two Pair - A couple have the fruit, we hear Pair - Did you say one piece of fruit, or two? Pair - Quiet atmosphere of match Pair - Reportedly trim couple Pair - What sounds like trim item Pair - Standard covers one or two Pair - Quiet atmosphere at match Pair - By the sound of it, trim couple Pair - Expectation of scoring will get one in a couple Pair - Song with piano accompaniment for duo Pair - A brace Pair - Pressure to broadcast match Pair - Item to cut by the sound of it Pair - See 22 Pair - Worst possible performance by batsman in match Pair - Couple starts to play around in relationship Pair - Two Pair - Piano tune for players of duet? Pair - Mean to grab one or two Pair - Duet involving piano melody Pair - Twins or matching socks, e.g Pair - Looking back, last letters include first account of match Pair - Piano accompanying song or two Pair - Mate's quiet manner Pair - Two with quiet demeanour Pair - Unit of pants Pair - Mate Pair - One plus one Pair - Scissors minimum Pair - Tango team Pair - Twins or socks, e.g Pair - Lowest poker hand Pair - Good hold'em holding Pair - A folder might hold one Pair - [match's quiet atmosphere] Pair - Ant's antennae, for one Pair - Item that's cut, we hear Pair - Some despairing couple Pair - Hand that beats ace high Pair - Two, nothing special about one Pair - Lowly poker hand Pair - Au __ Pair - Cereal used as food Pair - Hose purchase Pair - Ace high beater Pair - Hall and oates, for example Pair - Pink floyd "a nice ___" Pair - Trent reznor "a ___ of doves" Pair - Pogues "a ___ of brown eyes" Pair - The pogues "a ___ of brown eyes" Pair - Scissors need Pair - Two twos, for one Pair - Figure skating team Pair - Two turtledoves, e.g Pair - Texas hold 'em holding Pair - It beats an ace high Pair - Two eights, e.g Pair - Stick together Pair - "dancing with the stars" team Pair - Full house component Pair - Skating duo Pair - Hold 'em holding Pair - Good 'pocket' holding in hold 'em Pair - Good "pocket" holding in hold 'em Pair - Sock set Pair - Two sevens, e.g Pair - It beats nothing Pair - Two twos but not three threes Pair - Bluffer's poker hand, perhaps Pair - Divisible par deux Pair - It beats ace-high Pair - You and me, say Pair - Yoke complement Pair - Match with Pair - Put two together Pair - Father meets irish couple Pair - Charge about, arresting one or two Pair - Reviews final letters about a couple Pair - Au __: live-in nanny Pair - Unlikely poker winner