Base - This underlying structure sounds deep

Word by letter:
  • Base - Letter on B
  • 1 - st. word B
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word E

All questions by word:
Base - Pedestal Base - Safari camp Base - Cornerstone Base - Kind of path or pay Base - Corner of a diamond Base - It may be stolen Base - See 13-down Base - Kind of metal Base - Pyramid part Base - Reprehensible Base - Infield post Base - See 52-down Base - First, second or third Base - Diamond bag Base - Home is one, the rules state it Base - Diamond corner Base - Private area? Base - Part of a diamond? Base - Foundation Base - Statue part Base - Certain diamond theft Base - First, second or third, on a diamond Base - Operations center Base - It may be first, second or third in its field Base - Private home? Base - Diamond thief's target? Base - Slider's goal Base - Headquarters Base - Word with pay or price Base - Kind of pay or path Base - Pedestal part Base - Resting place Base - Kind of coat Base - It may be stolen in parks across the country Base - Runner's objective Base - Military post Base - Military installation Base - Bag of diamonds? Base - Barracks locale Base - Statue's bottom Base - Bottom Base - Center of operations Base - Lowest support of a structure Base - Acid neutralizer Base - First or third Base - Situate Base - Diamond theft Base - Diamond square Base - Despicable Base - Safe place Base - Pedestal bottom Base - Army training area Base - Second or home Base - First, second, or third Base - Part of a pedestal Base - Stop on the way home? Base - Pyramid bottom Base - Oft-stolen object Base - Home plate, for one Base - Mean Base - Found (on) Base - Diamond theft? Base - Point on a diamond Base - When stolen, it stays in place Base - Depraved Base - Military training area Base - Air force facility Base - It's frequently stolen Base - Bag of diamonds Base - Spot for a slide Base - You're safe standing on this Base - Word with ball or board Base - First, second, third or home Base - Contemptible Base - Private residence? Base - Stolen diamond object Base - With 30 across, ballpark single Base - Military site Base - Army outpost Base - Military command center Base - Dishonorable Base - Word in an abbott and costello routine Base - Hard-core followers, in politics Base - Low Base - Private dwelling? Base - Runner's place Base - ___ 10 Base - Two, for binary Base - Lowdown Base - Hide-and-seek spot Base - Shilo or petawawa Base - It's high on the ph scale Base - Ballplayer's theft Base - Private home Base - Naval outpost Base - Infield bag Base - First, second or third, at fenway Base - Acid's opposite Base - Vile Base - Its ph is more than 7 Base - Ignoble Base - Gi's home Base - Main ingredient Base - Immoral Base - Military operations center Base - No difficulty in getting it let follow half a 4 down Base - Foundation, bottom Base - 'foundation, bottom (4)' Base - Command post Base - Low kind of foundation Base - Low and contemptible Base - See 56-across Base - Square on a diamond Base - Sergeant's station Base - Military facility Base - Home plate, e.g Base - Sordid Base - Low-down Base - Found to be contemptible Base - Inferior ground Base - Low bed Base - Found - worthless Base - Found - contemptible Base - Found - station - contemptible Base - Ignoble - foundation Base - Meanspirited Base - Military outpost Base - Infield corner Base - Air force installation Base - General headquarters? Base - Shameful - headquarters Base - Air force outpost Base - Where barracks are built Base - Supporting part Base - __ pay Base - General area? Base - Place for gis Base - Home plate, for example Base - Morally low Base - Sounds like baritone gets support Base - It's stolen without being removed Base - Starting point Base - Either of two sides of a trapezoid Base - With ball, our third most popular pastime Base - Like metals used by 1-across Base - Army post Base - Roots on edges of ballymaloe house Base - Military headquarters Base - First paint coat Base - Groundwork Base - Sea of tranquillity, for the apollo 11 astronauts Base - Centre of operations Base - Not worth much support? Base - Foundation; counterfeit Base - Ignoble; foundation Base - It can be stolen at the ball park Base - It can be stolen Base - Get to the first one on the way home Base - Not a noble's home? Base - Mil. operations centre Base - Ignoble, military site Base - Found bed low Base - Lowest part Base - Ignoble; low part Base - Foul voice coming over the radio Base - Lowest part; ignoble Base - Found to be unprincipled Base - Bottom's centre of operations? Base - Low; foundation Base - Bottom support Base - Venial; headquarters Base - Ignoble; bottom Base - Mean - military installation Base - Camp lejeune, e.g Base - Two, for binary arithmetic Base - Foot; ignoble Base - Foundation course latterly given to graduates Base - Mean to be bottom Base - Lowest part of something Base - Plinth Base - Centre of operations devoid of morality Base - Low standard Base - Vile; basis Base - Interest charged by the bank of england to commercial banks Base - This underlying structure sounds deep Base - Word with "ball" or "board" Base - Diamond component? Base - Safe place on a diamond Base - The '5' of 5^2 Base - Part of a statue Base - Barracks site Base - Despicable headquarters Base - When combined with 50-down, this puzzle's game Base - Found unworthy of honour Base - Plinth, for a pillar Base - One of four on a diamond Base - Place to lead a private life? Base - Part of afb Base - Political group unlikely to be swayed Base - Army locale Base - Bedrock Base - Naval station Base - Diamond feature Base - Diamond part Base - Highly unsophisticated Base - Abject Base - Tag haven Base - It remains after being stolen Base - Bottom of a statue Base - Stronghold Base - High-ph substance Base - You're safe when you're touching it in tag Base - It might be stolen on a diamond Base - Part of a trophy Base - Camp pendleton, e.g Base - It causes a bright pink reaction with phenolphthalein Base - Private place? Base - Military station Base - Morally bankrupt Base - Limits background noise for station Base - Slider's target Base - It may be stolen in a park Base - Support offered by hq Base - Point d'appui Base - Bottom of a pedestal Base - Ace of ___ Base - Fundamental principle Base - Camp swampy, to beetle bailey Base - Military center Base - Camp pendleton, for one Base - Mean; hq Base - Afb part Base - Runner's goal Base - Military setting Base - Machado's third? Base - Home plate is one, officially Base - Centre of inferior quality Base - Army installation Base - Ignoble - hq Base - Where you're safe even if tagged Base - Triangle's bottom Base - Mess setting Base - Politico's core supporters Base - Ignoble; starting point Base - Ignoble; starting point Base - Word before metal or instinct
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This underlying structure sounds deep (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - this underlying structure sounds deep. word on "B". 1 - st. letter B. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter S. 4 - st. letter E.

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