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Prof - One who leads class struggle?

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Prof - Univ. teacher Prof - Academic handle Prof - One who leads class struggle? Prof - Fac. member Prof - Coll. instructor Prof - Figure at state u Prof - 'teach' at a college Prof - Tenured instr Prof - Teach at a college? Prof - Class head Prof - Head of the class Prof - Campus vip Prof - Grad student's mentor Prof - One with class? Prof - High-ranking academic, informally Prof - Soph enlightener Prof - Univ. v.i.p Prof - Campus fig Prof - T.a.'s superior Prof - Frosh educator Prof - Faculty title (abbr.) Prof - Campus figure Prof - Temple teacher, briefly Prof - Univ. lecturer Prof - Univ. figure Prof - College vip Prof - Colgate vip Prof - Campus figure, for short Prof - One seeking 15-across, briefly Prof - Ucla employee Prof - Brown bigwig Prof - Ivy leader Prof - Plum, e.g.: abbr Prof - Ta's boss Prof - Head of the class, briefly Prof - College teacher, for short Prof - Faculty vip Prof - Univ. vip Prof - 27-down fig Prof - Prepresidential title for bill clinton or woodrow wilson: abbr Prof - Vmi vip Prof - Univ. employee Prof - Clue's plum, briefly Prof - T.a., someday? Prof - Plum's title, briefly Prof - Classy sort? Prof - College employee, for short Prof - Campus employee, for short Prof - Classroom vip Prof - Lecture hall vip Prof - Educator, for short Prof - Campus lecturer, maybe Prof - College vip, for short Prof - Instructor, for short Prof - The piano for the turn-up of the wise man, in short Prof - Coll. figure Prof - College teacher: abbr Prof - Univ. instructor Prof - One with a t.a Prof - College lecturer, maybe Prof - College teacher, often Prof - T.a.'s overseer Prof - Univ. worker Prof - College lecturer, for short Prof - It's a little academic to be in favour of loud music Prof - Dissertation adviser, for short Prof - It's a little academic for ringmaster to leave performing arts Prof - College instructor, for short Prof - One teaching econ, e.g Prof - At the start of 26 down and beginning of february it's a little academic Prof - Teacher to sophs Prof - Mit vip Prof - Class-conscious one, briefly? Prof - Coll. teacher Prof - Academic (abbr) Prof - Senior academic (colloq.) Prof - One holding chair against piano? Prof - By implication perhaps hostile to piano teacher Prof - One teaching econ or psych, e.g Prof - Supporting loud (the reverse of supporting quiet) academic Prof - Voting system coming from academic Prof - Academic not fully supporting head of faculty Prof - In favour of female academic Prof - Commencement usher, for short Prof - University vip Prof - "teach," at a college Prof - U. lecturer Prof - University instructor, informally Prof - University instructor, briefly Prof - Frosh enlightener Prof - U. employee Prof - Tenured guy on campus (abbr.) Prof - Lecturer, briefly Prof - Quiz master, for short? Prof - Top academic (informal) Prof - Fellow with chair for female Prof - University teacher, for short Prof - One teaching psych, e.g Prof - Supporting female chairperson, in short Prof - Coll. staff member Prof - Campus teacher, for short Prof - Plum's title in clue, briefly Prof - Il enseigne Prof - Ta's overseer Prof - Coll. employee Prof - Academic briefly omitting one zero in mathematical work Prof - College teacher nickname Prof - Campus v.i.p Prof - College instructor (abbr.) Prof - Campus epithet Prof - College teacher, informally