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Hew - Cabinet acronym, once

Word by letter:
  • Hew - Letter on H
  • 1 - st. word H
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word W

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Hew - Cut forests Hew - Cabinet acronym, once Hew - Chop Hew - Use an ax Hew - Chop down Hew - Hack Hew - Use an axe Hew - Cut down Hew - Use a scythe Hew - Make cutting blows Hew - Fell Hew - Cleave Hew - Cut down with an ax Hew - Fell trees Hew - See 66-across Hew - Go chop-chop? Hew - Cabinet dept. until 1979 Hew - Axe Hew - Do an axe job Hew - Shape with cutting blows Hew - Conform (to) Hew - Fell in the forest Hew - Give the ax Hew - Cut with a blow Hew - Wield an ax Hew - Hack down Hew - Adhere (to) Hew - Cut Hew - Fell with an ax Hew - Wield an axe Hew - Cut with an ax Hew - Fell with an axe Hew - Take an ax to Hew - Cut off Hew - Strike with an ax Hew - Shorten, in a way Hew - Chop up Hew - Wield a hatchet Hew - Whack down Hew - Use an ax on Hew - Chop with axe Hew - Chop as with axe Hew - Sounds as if he is a cutter Hew - Sounds as if he may go 20 across Hew - Sounds as if the boy gets the axe for this Hew - By the sound of it, what the boy would be doing to the wood Hew - Chop or hack at Hew - Chop at with axe Hew - Chop with an axe Hew - Shape wood, as with an axe Hew - The south might cut this for a demonstration Hew - Chop or cut with axe Hew - Cut and fell Hew - .chop with axe Hew - Carve out of wood or stone Hew - Chop or cut with an axe Hew - Cut with blows Hew - Chop as with an axe Hew - Shape with an axe Hew - 'cut, fell or shape (3)' Hew - Sounds as if he would get the chop Hew - Cas might make this nutty enough to cut one Hew - Chop down, as a tree Hew - Do a hatchet job Hew - Use a scythe, e.g Hew - Stick (to) Hew - Sever Hew - Chop with an ax Hew - Cut with axe Hew - 'cut!' the drover said Hew - Chop; sounds like colour Hew - Chop (wood) Hew - Cut ends off with single blow Hew - Do a hatchet job? Hew - Whittle Hew - In the way? cut it down! Hew - Cut and tint you quote for Hew - Cut and tint, say Hew - Carve the said man's name Hew - When three-quarters cut - or totally cut Hew - Cut not all of the wood Hew - Do hack work Hew - Grant, we hear, is cut Hew - Go chop-chop Hew - Cut down on tips for how engine works Hew - Cut with an axe Hew - Give the ax? Hew - Emulate paul bunyan Hew - Cut with / an axe in / a forest Hew - Do whittling Hew - Use a hatchet on Hew - Make the cut Hew - Chop down with an ax Hew - Hot team in card game making cut Hew - Fell with a hatchet Hew - Shape with an adze Hew - Bite top off -- or cut Hew - Chop branches