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Lied - Stretched the truth, so to speak

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Lied - "said i loved you ... but i ___" Lied - "said i loved you ... but i ___" michael bolton Lied - 'so i ___!' Lied - 'so i ___' Lied - 'the erl-king,' for one Lied - A number of germans practised deception Lied - A number of germans produced fiction Lied - A single one untruthfully may have warbled in german Lied - A song was responsible for terminological inexactitude Lied - Art song Lied - Art song - told porkies Lied - At the start of 15 across restaurant gets face-lift Lied - Bent the truth Lied - Bore false witness Lied - Broke a commandment Lied - Came up with an invention Lied - Committed perjury Lied - Committed perjury, say Lied - Cover note enclosed was false Lied - Covered for a crony, perhaps Lied - Created fiction? Lied - Deceived with words Lied - Deutschland song Lied - Didn't tell it like it is Lied - Didn't tell the truth Lied - Didn't tell the truth in restaurant renovation Lied - Die after you get to fifty? not at all Lied - Dishonest nicki minaj song "i ___"? Lied - Dishonest nicki minaj song, with "i"? Lied - Dissembled Lied - Dissembled and then some Lied - Elgar's initial piece in top musical setting Lied - Emulated ananias Lied - Emulated pinocchio Lied - Fabricated Lied - Face to face "you ___" Lied - Failed a polygraph, presumably Lied - Failed to be truthful Lied - Falsified Lied - Fibbed Lied - Fifth harmony "i ___" Lied - Fudged facts Lied - Fudged the facts Lied - German art song Lied - German art song — usually for solo voice with piano Lied - German lyric or art-song Lied - German notes that were false Lied - German romantic song Lied - German song Lied - German song was deceptive Lied - German's song told a story Lied - Got it all wrong? Lied - Green day "you ___" Lied - Honestly, this was true! ah, no it wasn¿t Lied - I was first out but refused to admit it Lied - I was first to grasp being misrepresented Lied - Idle (anag.) Lied - Idle doodles gave a false impression Lied - In the song, had been untrue Lied - Invented a whopper Lied - Invented facts Lied - Invented something Lied - Invented things Lied - Invented things? Lied - Invited a perjury charge Lied - It wasn't a true song from germany Lied - Just made stuff up Lied - Made it up for deli salad Lied - Made one's nose grow Lied - Made one's own whopper? Lied - Made stuff up Lied - Made up a story Lied - Made up story in form of a song Lied - Made yarns Lied - Messed with the facts Lied - Misinformed Lied - Misrepresented a song Lied - Misspoke deliberately Lied - One inside conducted a piece of music Lied - Part of a schubert song cycle Lied - Perjured oneself Lied - Piled on the applesauce Lied - Played fast and loose with the facts Lied - Poème Lied - Poème chanté Lied - Practiced mendacity Lied - Presented an invention? Lied - Prevaricated Lied - Produced fiction? Lied - Produced pork pie hat worn by european Lied - Produced stories Lied - Purposefully misled a number of germans? doesn't sound like it! Lied - Purposely misled Lied - Re this, one depended on its being false Lied - Risked a perjury rap Lied - Romanced in song Lied - Romanced to song Lied - Romantic song conveyed a false impression Lied - Romantic song told a story Lied - Schubert composition Lied - Schubert piece Lied - Served up a whopper Lied - Served up a whopper? Lied - Served whoppers? Lied - Set off the polygraph Lied - Sick puppies "so what i ___" Lied - Song conveyed a false impression Lied - Song cover securing first in eurovision Lied - Song delivered invention Lied - Song from european to be first in audition Lied - Song gave voice to fiction Lied - Song in berlin gave a false impression Lied - Song that told a story Lied - Song top e's interrupted? Lied - Song was first number one to be included Lied - Song was lacking in volume Lied - Song was wrong Lied - Song; fibbed Lied - Specialized in fiction, say Lied - Spoke falsely Lied - Spoke with forked tongue Lied - Spread canards Lied - Spun a yarn Lied - Stated falsely Lied - Storyteller's admission Lied - Stretched the truth Lied - Stretched the truth, so to speak Lied - Table Lied - Tested the polygraph Lied - That german song was not a true one Lied - The song told a story Lied - Told 'porkies' Lied - Told a big fib Lied - Told a big one Lied - Told a fabrication Lied - Told a falsehood Lied - Told a fantastic story, perhaps Lied - Told a fib Lied - Told a fish story Lied - Told a good one Lied - Told a story Lied - Told a story in song Lied - Told a tale Lied - Told a whopper Lied - Told an untruth Lied - Told falsehoods Lied - Told fibs Lied - Told fibs - german song Lied - Told fibs about overturning deli Lied - Told it like it wasn't Lied - Told porkies Lied - Told stories Lied - Told stories in song Lied - Told stories to music Lied - Told story for a song Lied - Told story in song Lied - Told tale in song Lied - Told tales Lied - Told tall tales Lied - Told untruths Lied - Told untruths; song Lied - Told whoppers Lied - Took part in a cover-up Lied - Trumped up tales Lied - Twisted the facts Lied - Twisted the truth Lied - Uttered a taradiddle Lied - Uttered untruths Lied - Violated a commandment Lied - Violated the ninth commandment Lied - Was deceitful Lied - Was dishonest Lied - Was inventive Lied - Was inventive, and then some Lied - Was mendacious Lied - Was more than inventive Lied - Was more than misleading Lied - Was unbelievable, that is to say, between fifty and five hundred Lied - Was untruthful Lied - Was without heart and was untrue Lied - Wasn't candid Lied - Wasn't forthright Lied - Wasn't frank Lied - Wasn't honest Lied - Wasn't open Lied - Wasn't straight Lied - Wasn't straight up Lied - Wasn't true Lied - Wasn't truthful Lied - Wasn't up-front Lied - Wasn't veracious