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Abed - Out for the night Abed - Retired Abed - Still sleeping Abed - Not up yet Abed - Laid up Abed - Not up Abed - Resting Abed - Under the covers Abed - Lying, maybe Abed - Still under cover Abed - Already retired Abed - Out, in a way Abed - Unwell, perhaps Abed - Emulating a sleepyhead Abed - Undercover? Abed - Tucked in Abed - On the mattress Abed - Retired for the night Abed - Sleeping Abed - Tucked in for the night Abed - Having hit the hay Abed - In the sack Abed - Tucked-in Abed - Sawing logs Abed - Slumbering Abed - In dreamland, perhaps Abed - Not yet risen Abed - Still in one's bunk Abed - Lying without guilt? Abed - Not yet up Abed - Reading position, often Abed - Sacked out Abed - Reading position, sometimes Abed - Under cover? Abed - Like most people in the middle of the night Abed - Retired, in a way Abed - Dreaming, perhaps Abed - Like frere jacques Abed - In for the night Abed - Down for the night Abed - Not yet awake Abed - Still snoring Abed - With "slug," a lazybones Abed - Horizontal, perhaps Abed - Under covers Abed - Like many sleepers Abed - All tucked in Abed - Sleeping, say Abed - Between the sheets Abed - Recuperating, maybe Abed - Supine, possibly Abed - Laid up, so to speak Abed - Lying, in a way Abed - Still in the sack Abed - Not 1 across Abed - Opposite of up Abed - Under cover, perhaps Abed - Sleeping, most likely Abed - Like many of us at midnight Abed - In the land of nod Abed - All tucked in for the night Abed - In the hay, so to speak Abed - Sleeping in, say Abed - In the sack, slangily Abed - Reading by a night light, perhaps Abed - Troy's buddy, on "community" Abed - Having hit the hay, so to speak Abed - Undercover, maybe Abed - Not up and about Abed - Troy's buddy, on 'community' Abed - Lie like this if you're not up to it Abed - Just not up to it for lying Abed - One is just not up to being this Abed - That's what you get for lying Abed - Just not up to it Abed - Not yet up to be in the present age Abed - Not up and about yet Abed - Resting, say Abed - Snoozing, usually Abed - All set for slumbering Abed - Not __ of roses Abed - Yet to arise Abed - Resting at night Abed - Lincoln died sleeping? apparently so Abed - As a teacher, what you should have to get up? no Abed - Sailor boy in his hammock Abed - President died - but not here Abed - Having retired, get an educational qualification Abed - Where retired people are given a degree Abed - Not up first at bottom of sea Abed - Not yet up (archaic) Abed - Not yet up and about Abed - Hardly __ of roses Abed - It's a plot in former bed Abed - Not yet stirring Abed - Troy's friend on 'community' Abed - Troy's friend on "community" Abed - Under covers for the night Abed - Sleeping, perhaps Abed - Sleeping? Abed - Jack and edward are retired Abed - A society girl rising, or not yet up Abed - Lincoln died - but not like this Abed - Of five leading characters, four variously retired Abed - Sleeping (archaic) Abed - A qualified educationist may be lying Abed - Former us president down, not up Abed - Modern-day houses to live, being retired Abed - President died - in his sleep? Abed - Where lincoln died, eventually Abed - Having not got up Abed - Retired doctor originally at east end of lincoln Abed - Sleeping under covers Abed - Retired seaman journalist Abed - Still snoozing, say Abed - Ignoring the alarm Abed - Lying under covers Abed - Feature in commercial when retired Abed - Bead (anag.) Abed - Jack and edward retired Abed - Retired in the garden perhaps Abed - Sailor boy in his hammock awaiting santa? Abed - Abraham died in retirement Abed - Lincoln died sleeping? apparently Abed - Amateur bread oddly not risen Abed - A sort of academic bachelor having a lie-in? Abed - A posh young lady once returned to get tucked up Abed - Tucked up with a graduate teacher Abed - Lincoln died how we all hope to go? Abed - Cut block back, not up Abed - Lincoln's dreary opening not exactly stirring Abed - Retired gambler overlooking the odds against diamonds Abed - Trimmed block turned back, not up Abed - Having retired, producing short book in a limited edition Abed - Horizontal at night Abed - Not yet risen for the day Abed - Lying president finally exposed Abed - A place to go when one's retired Abed - 'community' character with the catchphrase 'cool. coolcoolcool.' Abed - Possibly sleeping in solitude, baby turning over Abed - Troy's best friend, in 'community' Abed - Retired for the night? Abed - In for the night? Abed - Not __ of roses (unpleasant) Abed - Honest chap ultimately skewered kipper's situation Abed - President, democrat, lying Abed - A plot being given blanket coverage? Abed - "no animal shall sleep in __" ("animal farm" commandment) Abed - Sacked out and under covers Abed - In a safe place, at night Abed - Not up and moving Abed - Stretched out under covers Abed - Under sheets and blankets Abed - Not awake Abed - President lincoln died -- but not thus Abed - Snoring under covers Abed - Snoring under covers Abed - Lying between the sheets Abed - Confined to one's resting-place
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