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Alb - Liturgical vestment

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Alb - R.&b. singer ___ sure Alb - Liturgical vestment Alb - Priestly garb Alb - Mass robe Alb - Country next to yugo Alb - Linen robe Alb - Priest's wear Alb - Church vestment Alb - Many a kosovar: abbr Alb - Priest's robe Alb - Linen liturgical vestment Alb - Cleric's tunic Alb - Priestly vestment Alb - Clerical vestment Alb - Mass apparel Alb - Linen vestment Alb - It may be worn under a tunicle Alb - Bishop's vestment Alb - Mass apparel? Alb - Land bordering greece: abbr Alb - Vatican vestment Alb - Priestly robe Alb - Vestment for father brown Alb - Vestry vestment Alb - Priest's garment Alb - Priest's vestment Alb - Priestly attire Alb - Clerical garb Alb - Vestment for a priest Alb - Ritual garment Alb - Pontiff's wear Alb - Clerical garment Alb - Priestly white vestment Alb - Vestment for the clergy Alb - Mass vestment Alb - Altar garb Alb - Father's robe Alb - It's between sask. and b.c Alb - Gr. neighbor Alb - Greece neighbor: abbr Alb - Eur. nation Alb - Balkan nation: abbr Alb - Oft-white linen vestment Alb - Clerical robe Alb - Neighbor of greece: abbr Alb - Adriatic sea country: abbr Alb - Clerical gown Alb - Vestment for a father Alb - Tirana's loc Alb - Frock for the frocked Alb - Its cap. is tirana Alb - Priestly garment Alb - It's across the strait of otranto from it Alb - Ecclesiastical garb Alb - Priest's garb Alb - Neighbor of b.c Alb - Bishop's robe Alb - Church garment Alb - White clerical gown Alb - It's s of yug Alb - Mass garb Alb - Sask. neighbor Alb - Bulg. neighbor Alb - Tirana's land: abbr Alb - Priest's gown Alb - Tirana is its cap Alb - Tirane's land: abbr Alb - White vestment Alb - First female u.s. secretary of state Alb - Edmonton's prov Alb - 43-down's place: abbr Alb - Eastern n.y. airport Alb - Canadian prov Alb - Eur. country whose capital is tirana Alb - Country south of yugo Alb - Province west of sask Alb - Eur. country Alb - Can. province Alb - Nat. on the adriatic sea Alb - Garment in a vestry Alb - A pound short for clothing in church Alb - The seaman is about fifty and is white and wearing Alb - A little pound of white stuff for clothing for 34 across Alb - Something for the prince consort to have begun to have put on for church? Alb - How a pound gets put on for the church Alb - White enough to be put on for church Alb - White linen liturgical vestment Alb - Long white robe worn by priest Alb - White liturgical vestment Alb - Edmonton's loc Alb - Long white robe worn by christian priest Alb - Long white robe worn by proest Alb - Garment with mass appeal? Alb - Priests robe made in balbriggan Alb - White clerical garment Alb - Made for the lab? no, made for the church Alb - Though hidden for the laboratory, gets worn in church Alb - Bc neighbor Alb - White gets worn in masses Alb - Adriatic repub Alb - Vestment Alb - White robe Alb - A pound for a white robe Alb - A pound put on for service Alb - Long white church vestment Alb - Priest's long white sleeved vestment Alb - Robe for one tending a flock Alb - A pound for sunday dress perhaps Alb - Celebrant's robe Alb - Tirana's nation: abbr Alb - Clothing for the masses? Alb - Balkan peninsula repub Alb - Clerical wear Alb - Edmonton's province: abbr Alb - Eur. country or can. province Alb - It's between b.c. and sask Alb - Certain vestment Alb - Long white vestment Alb - White church vestment Alb - Ah, it's a regretful miss for cole porter Alb - English saint dispensing with an ecclesiastical garment Alb - It's included in clerical belongings Alb - Clerical garment, almost completely black Alb - Robe covering cleric, even though shortened by 50% Alb - Vestment almost completely black? on the contrary! Alb - Without hindrance Alb - A bit of weight the vicar might put on? Alb - Ecclesiastical garment Alb - Clerical tunic Alb - White garment worn by priests Alb - Cleric's gown Alb - Long white clerical vestment Alb - Garment�s about 454 grams Alb - Long white linen vestment worn by a priest Alb - Vestment used by cathedral bigwig Alb - Balkan repub Alb - Dress at the altar Alb - Priestг%82's tunic Alb - Neighbor of gr Alb - Liturgical garment Alb - Nato member since 2009 Alb - Priest's tunic Alb - It's west of sask Alb - Tirana's land (abbr.) Alb - Balkan nat Alb - Thing worn by priests Alb - Father's garb Alb - Bishop's ceremonial robe Alb - Vestment worn by priests Alb - It's got a priest covered Alb - Bishop's ceremonial garment Alb - Bishop's garb Alb - Garment named for its white color Alb - Garment cinched with a cincture Alb - Calgary's prov Alb - Priest's cover Alb - Priestly wear Alb - Northern rockies region: abbr Alb - Martyr casting off an ecclesiastical garment