Gala - Joyous celebration

Word by letter:
  • Gala - Letter on G
  • 1 - st. word G
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word A

All questions by word:
Gala - Festive Gala - Joyous celebration Gala - Benefit, often Gala - Bash Gala - Showy Gala - Big party Gala - Ball Gala - Big do Gala - Lavish celebration Gala - Many a fund-raiser Gala - Big bash Gala - Fancy do Gala - Shindig Gala - Fete Gala - Wingding Gala - Black-tie dinner, say Gala - Festive event Gala - Quite a party Gala - Big celebration Gala - Event covered by paparazzi Gala - Blowout Gala - Fancy party Gala - Celebration Gala - Festive fete Gala - Inaugural ball, e.g Gala - Festive occasion Gala - Splashy party Gala - Hearty party Gala - Black-tie event Gala - Big benefit, say Gala - Festive party Gala - Grand party Gala - Like an inaugural ball Gala - Festive affair Gala - Charity festivity, e.g Gala - Black tie affair Gala - Festive soiree Gala - Big benefit Gala - Big occasion Gala - Charity festivity, perhaps Gala - Oscar after-party, e.g Gala - Inaugural event Gala - Many a charity event Gala - Inaugural ball, for one Gala - Splendid affair Gala - Celebratory Gala - Big ball Gala - The oscars, e.g Gala - Fabulous fest Gala - Type of performance Gala - Charity festivity Gala - Testimonial dinner, perhaps Gala - Festive gathering Gala - Posh party Gala - Festival Gala - Big-time celebration Gala - Elaborate party Gala - Jacket-and-tie affair Gala - Apple variety Gala - Big soiree Gala - Festive celebration Gala - Red-carpet event Gala - Political fundraiser, often Gala - Do for a v.i.p.? Gala - Certain fund-raiser Gala - Many an oscar party Gala - Party Gala - Black-tie affair Gala - Black-tie blowout Gala - Certain ballroom event Gala - Place to see gowns and tuxes Gala - Charity do Gala - Type of affair Gala - Big affair Gala - Many a party at kennedy center Gala - Extravagant affair Gala - White house state dinner, e.g Gala - Dressy event Gala - Kind of ball Gala - Society-page fodder Gala - Benefit event, often Gala - Black-tie affair, e.g Gala - Lavish party Gala - Fancy fundraiser Gala - Big event Gala - Pricey event Gala - Many an opening event Gala - Dressy do Gala - Benefit event Gala - Star-studded fete Gala - Fancy bash Gala - Charity affair Gala - Charity event Gala - Festive, and then some Gala - Fiesta Gala - The sort of entertainment that would make one lively beforetea Gala - 17 across would be enough to make this lively occasion come to life Gala - If you get tea at this festive occasion, it will put some life into you Gala - Lively enough for the start of 35 across to bring it to life Gala - Given some tea she would make this occasion quite lively Gala - To have tea at the end of the celebration would have made one quite lively Gala - Occasionally lively Gala - If this came to tea, she came to life Gala - The way to give the girl a festive occasion Gala - The sort of tea pygmalion made for a special occasion Gala - The celebration would come to life with the help of 20 down Gala - An occasion where the girl gets a 30 across back Gala - For a girl, a festive occasion Gala - Is the girl a one back from prison? Gala - Festive the way this would come to life before tea Gala - Enjoy this before tea; might bring one to life Gala - Give a girl a festive occasion Gala - A festive occasion, perhaps of sporting nature Gala - With the help of tea, the festive occasion might get even more lively Gala - The way a convict turns up before the celebrations Gala - Give a girl a festive time Gala - It's fun to have tea after this for pygmalion Gala - She would get a lively time there Gala - Give a 29 across a celebration with tea to put some life into her Gala - 'just for fun, a girl gets a convict back (4)' Gala - Fun the noble knight had after this Gala - After this the knight had tea - what fun! Gala - Big shindig Gala - She goes with a guy to a big event Gala - Fund-raising dinner, often Gala - One with inside knowledge set up the fiesta Gala - A delay set back the festival Gala - A party - galatea is wanting a cuppa Gala - A delay upset the celebration Gala - Jocular girl at a festivity Gala - Special festivity Gala - Festivity Gala - Festivity - celebration Gala - Social occasion with special performances Gala - Sporting occasion Gala - Kennedy center happening Gala - Red-carpet party Gala - Opening night after-party Gala - Festal Gala - Charity benefit, say Gala - Major function Gala - Jamboree Gala - A festive occasion Gala - Sumptuous affair Gala - A delay brought about celebration Gala - Elaborate celebration Gala - Big blowout Gala - Sporting organisation embraces central ireland festival Gala - Fancy-schmancy do Gala - Cultural institution hides central ireland festival Gala - Lavish gathering Gala - Major affair Gala - Black-tie party Gala - Fund-raising event Gala - Festive function Gala - Blowout, so to speak Gala - Mix Gala - A convict backing a festivity Gala - A show of charity when a jailbird's picked up Gala - Festive occasion linking two southern states Gala - Girl attending a sporting event Gala - Delay held up a celebration Gala - A convict returns to festival Gala - Final event of the olympic gymnastics Gala - Pool festival Gala - Endlessly happy about a festive occasion Gala - Festive entertainment Gala - Miss a celebration Gala - Festive performance Gala - A festival for dali Gala - Miss a festive occasion Gala - Special performance Gala - Prod with the elbow Gala - Miss a swimming competition Gala - Delay about joining a sports meeting Gala - Recall arrest at american festival Gala - Knight had forgotten banquet Gala - Public festivity Gala - Carnival, fete Gala - A delay sets back the celebration Gala - Carnival a gaol-bird set up Gala - A delay held back a sporting event Gala - Girl fronting a sporting occasion Gala - Fair maiden's ace Gala - Delay returning to a sporting occasion Gala - A sporting occasion one of arthur's men had missed Gala - A delay over the festival Gala - A prisoner turns up at the festival Gala - Insider returning to a sporting occasion Gala - Special sports event Gala - A prisoner returns to the sporting event Gala - Celebration when a prisoner returns Gala - Miss ace party Gala - A convict turned up for the festivity Gala - Common girl has a celebration Gala - A convict turns up for a festive occasion Gala - Festival with lots of stars but no unknowns Gala - Sports meeting Gala - Delay retiring before a festive occasion Gala - Miss a festivity Gala - Girl having a field day Gala - A delay put back sporting occasion Gala - Swimming competition Gala - Festivity a person with convictions set up Gala - Fair girl at first sang all day -- every second Gala - Major party Gala - Celebration from reversal of prenuptial agreement Gala - Miss a school fete? Gala - Fund-raising party Gala - Major bash Gala - Public party Gala - Big, splashy party Gala - Ball that's found in four of the across answers Gala - Big, dressy party Gala - American lass getting over a festival Gala - Ritzy party Gala - Girl one met at a party Gala - Miss going to a festival Gala - Big, fancy dinner Gala - Hollywood premiere, e.g Gala - It might be a big benefit Gala - Sweet apple variety Gala - Many a reception Gala - Lavish shindig Gala - Lavish benefit event Gala - Fund-raising dinner Gala - Formal function Gala - A person with convictions turned up for festivity Gala - A habitual criminal turns up in fete Gala - Black-tie bash Gala - Fancy affair Gala - Grand soirée Gala - Fund-raiser, perhaps Gala - A prisoner's returning celebration Gala - Grand, in the manner of festivity Gala - Dressy affair Gala - Benefit, perhaps Gala - 50 across that might have a velvet rope Gala - Apple choice Gala - Celebratory event a delay held up Gala - Grande fête Gala - Post-oscars party, say Gala - Swanky party Gala - Fundraising party Gala - Glitzy affair Gala - Charity will throw one for star donations Gala - Lavish bash Gala - One gets thrown to honor dylan all the time Gala - Girl comes to a celebration of workers of mine Gala - Formal whoop-de-do Gala - Fundraising event Gala - Special social or sporting occasion Gala - Special social or sporting occasion
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Joyous celebration (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - joyous celebration. word on "G". 1 - st. letter G. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter L. 4 - st. letter A.

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