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Plead - Beg

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  • Plead - Letter on P
  • 1 - st. word P
  • 2 - st. word L
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word A
  • 5 - st. word D

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Plead - Beg Plead - Make a case Plead - Implore Plead - Beseech Plead - Argue at the bar Plead - State "not guilty!" Plead - Ask on one's knees Plead - Argue in court Plead - Get down on one's knees Plead - Supplicate Plead - Make, as a case Plead - State "not guilty" Plead - Allege in defense Plead - Make one's case Plead - Tell it to the judge Plead - More than ask Plead - Entreat Plead - Say "not guilty," e.g Plead - Argue (for) Plead - State "not guilty," e.g Plead - Appeal Plead - Act the advocate Plead - Say nolo, say Plead - Speak on bended knee Plead - Appeal earnestly Plead - Urge Plead - Petition Plead - Try to persuade, with "with" Plead - Answer, in court Plead - Appeal or request earnestly Plead - Say "not guilty," say Plead - "how do you ___?" Plead - Answer a charge Plead - Beg or petition Plead - Say "not guilty" Plead - Pray Plead - Make a case quietly and get ahead Plead - Beg president to take precedence Plead - Quietly put one's first card on the table and address court Plead - Inner temple advocates speak in court Plead - Say one is guilty or not guilty Plead - State whether one is guilty or not Plead - Make an emotional appeal Plead - Say 'guilty' or 'not guilty' Plead - Appeal humbly (to) Plead - Seek mercy Plead - Give one's case Plead - An apple a day keeps this, i pray Plead - Give as an excuse Plead - Seek mercy, say Plead - Respond to a charge Plead - Profess one's innocence, perhaps Plead - Beg and then some Plead - Say "not guilty," perhaps Plead - Answer a court charge Plead - Use as an excuse Plead - Sue's power over one of the elements Plead - Quietly put suggestive question as advocate in court Plead - Appeal strongly to the umpire Plead - Argue (a position in court) Plead - Argue (for a cause) Plead - Argue quietly, gaining dominance Plead - Make emotional appeal Plead - Claim phosphorus metallic element Plead - Argue for pawn to go first Plead - Respond to charge from piano wire Plead - To judge, speak quietly - don't do this to witness Plead - Argue for pressure to be put on premier Plead - Request made by guide after end of trip Plead - Park guide to make an emotional appeal Plead - Ask in earnest Plead - Go ahead after cash appeal Plead - Ask for a quiet, yet important, role Plead - Page with top news story creating appeal Plead - Request quiet guide Plead - Make entreaty quietly to gain initiative Plead - Beg for quiet and go ahead Plead - Ask for quiet conduct Plead - Quietly go ahead and appeal Plead - Say "not guilty," maybe Plead - Present an argument in court Plead - Claim; entreat Plead - Appeal of polytechnic's first principal Plead - Quietly direct to pray Plead - Say "no contest," say Plead - Implore, entreat Plead - Quietly covering main part, carry on lawsuit Plead - 'how do you ___?' (court query) Plead - Argue, as a court case Plead - Claim, as insanity Plead - Offer as an excuse