Roots - Heritage

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  • Roots - Letter on R
  • 1 - st. word R
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word O
  • 4 - st. word T
  • 5 - st. word S

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Roots - They may need coloring at a salon Roots - Tv event of january 1977 Roots - Hair-dyeing job Roots - Heritage Roots - Tv event of 1977 Roots - Genealogy Roots - 1976 best seller that starts in gambia Roots - Haley opus Roots - Alex haley miniseries Roots - Alex haley chronicle set to film Roots - Underground growth Roots - Haley best seller Roots - Haley novel Roots - Memorable tv miniseries Roots - Hearts Roots - Alex haley saga Roots - Origin Roots - Legendary miniseries Roots - Cheers (for) Roots - Bleach-blonde betrayers Roots - Book and miniseries Roots - Family origins Roots - Winner of nine emmys in 1977 Roots - Hometown ties Roots - Underground growths Roots - They're visible after a dye job Roots - Unseen parts Roots - Haley's chronicle Roots - Alex haley best-seller Roots - Miniseries that won nine emmys Roots - Alex haley opus Roots - Underground network Roots - 1976 best seller that opens 'four days upriver from the coast of the gambia' Roots - Origins Roots - Best-seller subtitled "the saga of an american family" Roots - Alex haley book Roots - Carrots and beets Roots - Lineage Roots - Miniseries whose final episode was the 3rd-most-watched show in u.s. history Roots - Memorable miniseries Roots - Kinte kin saga Roots - Anchors in the soil Roots - Gray location? Roots - Genealogist's discovery Roots - 1976 best-seller that spanned three centuries Roots - They're put down Roots - Shows team spirit Roots - Below-ground plant parts Roots - Alex haley bestseller Roots - Underground plant supports Roots - Family beginnings Roots - Ancestry Roots - Digs like a pig Roots - Levar burton miniseries Roots - Tv phenomenon of 1977 Roots - Historic miniseries Roots - 1977 miniseries Roots - Tree part Roots - Haley book Roots - Cheers for a team Roots - Haley tale Roots - Tree anchors Roots - Miniseries whose final episode was the third-most-watched scripted show in u.s. history Roots - Underground parts of plants Roots - Beginnings, origins Roots - Parts of plants that are underground Roots - Supports the team Roots - 1976 best seller Roots - Origins, of plants or people Roots - Digs like pigs Roots - Genealogical study Roots - Goes bad with nothing in the undergrowth Roots - See 10 Roots - Cultural origins Roots - Underground parts of a plant Roots - See 1-down Roots - Origins of underground organisation Roots - Natural life support system Roots - Sources Roots - Alex haley classic Roots - Underground plant parts Roots - Saga with chicken george Roots - Antecedents Roots - Chronicle of kunta kinte's kin Roots - Underground anchors Roots - Origins; cheers (for) Roots - Radical stuff from wesker Roots - Shows enthusiastic support for a wesker play Roots - Cultural origin Roots - Hall where southend are at home Roots - Everything but the girl's debut chart album Roots - Searches vigorously for such authentic music Roots - Southend hall Roots - Sources, rummages Roots - (family) origins Roots - Searches for one's ancestry Roots - To find ancestry, goes off round the world? Roots - Origin of wesker Roots - Origin of marsupial, way back Roots - Beginnings Roots - Every second of prog rock confirms its esoteric background Roots - Hamburger left them in the air Roots - Koestler noted those of chance Roots - Fundamental notes, like 4 and 8 of 64? Roots - Carrots and turnips, basically Roots - Origins presumably of allotment Roots - Eg parsnips Roots - 1968 album by the everly brothers Roots - Back in nurseries to order plants Roots - Kunta kinte's story Roots - Cheers Roots - Regular journeys -- according to report they go underground Roots - Original environment Roots - Beginnings of twisted torso Roots - Reggae genre Roots - Tv phenomenon of january 1977 Roots - Alex haley epic Roots - Hair and tooth parts Roots - Carrots and turnips Roots - Alex haley novel Roots - Plant parts Roots - Alex haley's chronicle Roots - Things to put down Roots - Alex haley blockbuster Roots - They may be dyed at salons Roots - Off the top of my head, they're embedded in the plot Roots - It isn't part of risotto from homeland Roots - ___ reggae (genre) Roots - Rancid "___ radicals" Roots - Alex haley work Roots - Writing is overly revolutionary for school in fatherland Roots - Items dyed at salons Roots - "phrenology" legends (with "the") Roots - Limited series emmy winner of 1977 Roots - Ash's anchor Roots - Tree's support system Roots - They may reveal one's true colors Roots - Things teeth and hair have Roots - Character of milne and eliot family Roots - Parsnip and rutabaga Roots - 'the tonight show' house band, with 'the' Roots - 'the tonight show' house band, with 'the'
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Heritage (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - heritage. word on "R". 1 - st. letter R. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter O. 4 - st. letter T. 5 - st. letter S.

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