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Edits - Works in the cutting room Edits - Rewrites Edits - Changes a life sentence? Edits - Works with words Edits - Makes the cut? Edits - Blue-pencils Edits - Film changes Edits - Time changes? Edits - Prunes, in a way Edits - Tweaks a manuscript Edits - Changes a life sentence Edits - Revamps, in a way Edits - Cleans up, in a way Edits - Reviews and corrects Edits - Revises Edits - Prepares for print Edits - Redacts Edits - Cuts and pastes Edits - Adds and/or subtracts Edits - Rewords Edits - Uses a blue pencil Edits - Works on stories Edits - Polishes for the press Edits - Prepares for press Edits - Does a salon job Edits - Changes made to a manuscript Edits - Makes a long story short? Edits - Revises, as text Edits - Tosses out a line? Edits - Corrects copy Edits - Emends Edits - Prunes, say Edits - Emulates perry white Edits - Touches up Edits - Switches around Edits - Revisions Edits - Works on the second draft Edits - Changes one's story? Edits - Readies for release Edits - Film splices Edits - Cuts/pastes Edits - Does publishing work Edits - Adds or deletes text Edits - Marks up, as manuscripts Edits - Trims to fit, perhaps Edits - Takes some movie scenes out Edits - Polishes a manuscript Edits - Doctors documents Edits - Text corrections Edits - Goes over galleys Edits - Manuscript changes Edits - Gets people in shape Edits - Clarifies, as copy Edits - Textual alterations Edits - Cuts a film Edits - Tightens a piece, say Edits - Changes comodity to commodity, e.g Edits - Polishes, as prose Edits - Uses a moviola, in film-making Edits - Trims, cuts, pastes, etc Edits - Spruces up Edits - Applies polish to? Edits - Cuts, e.g Edits - Gets to work on time? Edits - Tightens text Edits - Changes one's story Edits - Prepares for publication Edits - Polishes prose Edits - Improvements Edits - Polishes an article Edits - Works on time? Edits - Cuts and splices Edits - Gets to work on "time" Edits - Shortens a sentence, perhaps Edits - Works on the books Edits - Changes some clues, perhaps Edits - Shortens, maybe Edits - Puts in a good word for, say Edits - Refines, in a way Edits - Works on a draft Edits - Fixes up, as prose Edits - Works on copy Edits - Magazine jobs Edits - Cuts, say Edits - Does a desk job Edits - Film snips Edits - Takes out of context? Edits - Touches up, as a manuscript Edits - Cuts a line, say Edits - Improves, as text Edits - Puts in a good word? Edits - Fixes copy Edits - Does film work Edits - Works copy Edits - Does copy work Edits - Tends text Edits - Does book work Edits - Tends texts Edits - Rewrites, maybe Edits - To the south the tide comes up if one changes it Edits - Cuts and pastes, say Edits - Revises, as reviews Edits - Does some piece work Edits - Prepares copy Edits - Fixes a manuscript Edits - Works with columns, say Edits - Fixes a draft Edits - Additions and deletions, say Edits - Fixes games, say? Edits - Manuscript markings Edits - Improves prose Edits - Spruces up text Edits - Trims down, say Edits - Fixes text Edits - Text changes Edits - Prunes, perhaps Edits - Makes changes to text Edits - Revises or rewrites Edits - Trims text, perhaps Edits - Does some magazine work Edits - Corrections Edits - Refines, as a manuscript Edits - Proof jobs Edits - Corrects a manuscript Edits - Additions and subtractions, of a sort Edits - Reviews and corrects text Edits - Works for people, perhaps Edits - Fixes a column, say Edits - Cleans up text Edits - Manscript changes Edits - Fixes typos Edits - What microsoft word's track changes shows Edits - Polishes text Edits - Checks copy Edits - Corrects text Edits - Trims, as text Edits - Changes, in a way Edits - Directs newspaper production Edits - Tides (anag.) Edits - Revises the back-end of christmastide Edits - Touches up, as an article Edits - Cleans up prose Edits - Revises, as copy Edits - Checks for typos Edits - Works on books Edits - Tinkers with text Edits - Changes point from which tide turns Edits - Abridges Edits - Polishes in publishing Edits - Deals with drafts, say Edits - Essay incarnations Edits - Cleans up copy Edits - Checks and corrects text Edits - Publishing tasks Edits - Works on drafts Edits - Improves, as a proof Edits - Revises for publication Edits - Cleans up, in a newsroom Edits - Shortens, in a way Edits - Modifies Edits - Cuts, as a film Edits - Copy changes Edits - Minds some p's and q's Edits - Anciennes lois Edits - Lois promulguées par un roi Edits - Cleans up recording Edits - Cuts recording Edits - Bends and shapes recording Edits - Changes the subject, maybe Edits - Drops a line, maybe Edits - Tightens a manuscript Edits - Tweaks text Edits - Cross-outs and others Edits - Proofer's suggestions Edits - Trims to fit Edits - Prepares to publish working diets Edits - Works with word, maybe Edits - Trims to fit, say Edits - Reduces the word count of, say Edits - Changes, as puzzle clues Edits - Does film splicing, say Edits - Alters (text) Edits - Touches up, as text Edits - Corrects Edits - Revises a manuscript Edits - Makes more readable, perhaps Edits - Proofreads Edits - Things thsi cluee needs sevaral of Edits - Alters team turning on time Edits - Polishes before printing Edits - Preps for print