Irony - Nonliteral humor

Word by letter:
  • Irony - Letter on I
  • 1 - st. word I
  • 2 - st. word R
  • 3 - st. word O
  • 4 - st. word N
  • 5 - st. word Y

All questions by word:
Irony - "gift of the magi" device Irony - "gulliver's travels" feature Irony - "oedipus rex" literary device Irony - "seinfeld" specialty Irony - "the gift of the magi" device Irony - "the gift of the magi" plot device Irony - "the twilight zone" plot device Irony - "the wizard of oz" device Irony - 'bitter' humor Irony - 'hipster handbook' subject Irony - 'the gift of the magi' feature Irony - 'the twilight zone' plot device, often Irony - (words) inferring the opposite of what's actually said Irony - 15-across with a twist Irony - A fire station burning down, e.g Irony - A literary incongruity Irony - Adolph coors iii's allergy to beer, e.g Irony - Alkaline trio "agony & ___" Irony - Apt twist of fate, in literature Irony - Arch writing Irony - Bitter humor Irony - Caustic remark Irony - Certain humor Irony - Certain literary device Irony - Choking on a life saver, e.g Irony - Common literary device Irony - Device commonly used in "the twilight zone" Irony - Device of the wryly humorous Irony - Double-edged humor Irony - Double-edged literary device Irony - Dramatic device Irony - Dramatic __ Irony - Dry humor Irony - Elemental sarcasm Irony - Employment agency layoff, e.g Irony - Feature of many fables Irony - Figure of speech Irony - Figure to press young beginner Irony - Firehouse catching fire, e.g Irony - First person caught leaving intimate, insincere statements Irony - Form of sarcasm, e.g Irony - Form of satire, like fe Irony - Gentle sarcasm Irony - Hard situation showing incongruity Irony - Hipster's sartorial tool Irony - Humor element Irony - Humor not for dummies Irony - Humor with a twist Irony - Humor with a twist, perhaps Irony - Humorist's tool Irony - Humorous literary technique Irony - In theory, drops the sarcasm Irony - Incongruity Irony - It can feature a twist Irony - It features a twist Irony - It may be dramatic Irony - It may be tragic Irony - It might mean to make y flat, or mean the opposite Irony - It's lost on some people Irony - It's not to be taken literally Irony - It's not what you'd expect Irony - Jane austen specialty Irony - Jonathan swift specialty Irony - Kind of sarcasm, sounds metallic Irony - Like metal that was first used in greek tragedy Irony - Literary device Irony - Literary device much used by o. henry Irony - Literary element Irony - Literary incongruity Irony - Literary sarcasm Irony - Literary style Irony - Literary surprise Irony - Literary technique Irony - Literary technique involving incongruity Irony - Literary twist Irony - Man bites dog, e.g Irony - Mean to be the opposite of metallic, perhaps Irony - Mild sarcasm from press gallery, ultimately Irony - Mockery Irony - Much-misunderstood writing Irony - Nonliteral humor Irony - Not metallic, certainly meaning the opposite Irony - O'henry forte Irony - O. henry device Irony - O. henry forte Irony - O. henry literary device Irony - O. henry specialty Irony - O. henry technique Irony - O. henry trademark Irony - O. henry twist Irony - O. henry's forte Irony - O. henry's specialty Irony - O. henry's twist Irony - O. henry-esque twist Irony - Often-missed humor Irony - One among life's little ones from hardy? Irony - Overused humor technique Irony - Paradoxical sarcasm Irony - Particular use of language in club secretary's conclusion Irony - Plot twist Irony - Press unknown to show sarcasm Irony - Press, at the end of the day, produces sarcasm Irony - Robbery at a police station, e.g Irony - Roy in upset for sarcastic wit Irony - Sarcasm Irony - Sarcasm from the club youth leader Irony - Sarcasm, e.g Irony - Sarcastic humor Irony - Sarcastic humour Irony - Sarcastic talk brings club to untimely end Irony - Sarcastic use of praise Irony - Sardonic humor Irony - Sardonic humor, e.g Irony - Sardonic literary device Irony - Sardonic literary style Irony - Sardonic literary tactic Irony - Sardonic style Irony - Satire Irony - Satire device Irony - Satire feature Irony - Satire, perhaps Irony - Satire, sarcasm Irony - Satire; sarcasm Irony - Satirical speech form Irony - Satirical use of words Irony - Satirist's literary device Irony - Satirist's specialty Irony - Satirist's tool Irony - Scornful wit Irony - Seinfeld specialty Irony - Slice of wry Irony - Slice of wry? Irony - Smooth variable sarcasm Irony - Smooth youth leader's brand of satire Irony - Smooth youth leader's words not to be taken at face value Irony - Socrates used it like a metallic element Irony - Socratic method of discussion Irony - Sophocles skill Irony - Stephen colbert forte Irony - Stinging surprise Irony - Subject of an alanis morissette tune Irony - Subtle humor Irony - Subtle sarcasm Irony - Subtle satire Irony - Subtle twist Irony - Subtle twist, in literature Irony - Swift device Irony - Swift specialty Irony - Swift strength Irony - Swiftian device Irony - The fire station burned down, e.g Irony - The use of words which is the opposite of what they say Irony - Tongue-in-cheek humor Irony - Tongue-in-cheek quality Irony - Twist at the end Irony - Twist at the end, maybe Irony - Twist ending feature Irony - Twist in "oliver twist" Irony - Twist in a tale Irony - Twist of a sort Irony - Twist onstage Irony - Twisted humor Irony - Twisted wit Irony - Twisty writing? Irony - Type of twisted wit Irony - Unexpected outcome Irony - Use of words to convey the opposite of what they normally mean Irony - Use of words to imply the opposite of what they mean Irony - Very strong, ultimately filthy style of humour Irony - Vonnegut device Irony - Vonnegut literary device Irony - What "as clear as mud" demonstrates Irony - What air quotes sometimes indicate Irony - Word from the greek for 'feigned ignorance' Irony - Writing style with a twist? Irony - Writing that features a twist Irony - Writing with a wry twist Irony - Wry humor Irony - Wry literary twist Irony - Wry literary twist Irony - Wry twist
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Nonliteral humor (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - nonliteral humor. word on "I". 1 - st. letter I. 2 - st. letter R. 3 - st. letter O. 4 - st. letter N. 5 - st. letter Y.

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